Friday, December 14, 2018

The Art of observing

Art created with the red tail wing in mind.
Art by Judith Parsons Art 2018

There is a red-tailed hawk in the city. He comes around every so often, and sits upon the railing of the fire-escape. He is looking for breakfast, very still and observant.

I will leave you with Jamie Sans and David Carsons wise words:
“Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant, to look at your surrounding. Observe the obvious in everything you do. Life is sending you signals.
Life is the initiation. Right now a clue about the magic of life is being brought to you. This magic can imbue you with the power to overcome a currently stressful or difficult situation. The test is your ability to observe the nuances if power lurking nearby. Is power the talent you have and are not using?”
They go on to say: “Hawk may be bringing you the message that you should circle over your life, and examine it from a higher perspective. From this vantage point you may be able to discern the hazards which bar you from freedom of flight.”

I hope the hawk has helped you see life with a clearer perspective.

Being aware of your emotions, allowing yourself to feel them. Letting the tears flow, so that the released fears can be seen. Assess and evaluate where you are. Are you content in this space in your life?

If so congratulations. If you feel you need more out of your life. Then make a list of what is it you want to achieve. Then question what needs to be learned in order to reach that goal.

When I walk to the kitchen and see the hawk majestically sitting there. I stop. I can’t help but stop. And nod a hello to the beautiful creature. I thank God for the messenger in my life. I smile-and blow a kiss…

I look forward to moving back to the land where red birds are prevalent and hawks are a regular sight.  Life is magical! There is so much art to be made!! Woooooohoooooooo!!! 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Clay Forever Trees.

My daughter teaches art at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in New Orleans.
These are ceramic Christmas trees that her students made.
Her photograph- my composition.

My daughter and I were talking about the ornaments you see here.

If you have even fired a kiln, and especially if you have had children's ornaments inside...then you know how tense the firing can be.

She had the children make a paper cone and then drape the clay worms around the paper cone.
The paper burnt out and what is left is extraordinary incredible pieces of art.

The feeling of relief was immense as she opened the lid of the kiln.

The shapes are fabulous and Dr. Suess like- they defy gravity in their unbalanced shapes.

They are INCREDIBLE!! Standing ovation to Margaret for her students work!

Now that we have the praise passed around let us get on to the real subject at hand. Christmas tree ornaments. I have heard from people over the years who have my ornaments upon their tree. The medium has been glass, clay, leather, and mirrored acrylic.

The lovely thing about Christmas is the fact that it only happens once a year. It isn't seen everyday. So pulling out a memory is special.

Then clay. Think of the medium. It has been fired. It has been put through the test. Those folks shifting through ash in CA- they are finding China and ceramic pieces of their past. They probably are finding ceramic ornaments.

Make something in clay, put it through the test of fire, and go hang it upon a tree. Think of it like this: the ornament you made your mom, will be passed down to your grand daughter. She will turn it over in her hand and she your name and the year you made it. She will smile, holding apart of your energy in her hand.

Art- it is am amazing gift. Let me help you make ornaments for your wee ones. Much Love Sweet Luvs!