Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Swirling time plants.

Flashback in time: 40 years ago.

The station wagon rambles down the pine tree highway somewhere between Tallahassee and Savannah. Mom cries out: “Bays stop! Pull over, pull over.”

Dad: “Good Lord Annette, what is it?”

Mom; “Turn around, there is a plant along the road, that I want to use in my garden club flower arrangements.”

Dad would huff and puff, and groan about having to turn the car around. But, he turned around. I remember my mother digging the rose clippers (secretaries-for you UK friends) out of the glove compartment. She took off toward the field of warped dried swirly plants. 

Mom cuts a bushel arm load of those strange curly swirly plants. Every garden show, she used those incredible plants to win awards. 

I have not seen that plant for 40 odd years. Until today.

I was watering the roses in Anita’s garden and came across the same swill curvy plant. I stood there watering the plant sobbing. THIS was a sign from the universe that I am on track.

Who remembers crazy memories like that? My mother thought the plant had a fungus, to give it such a lovely curve. It was that unusual shape with the flat stem that stayed with me. 
FORTY years later, it shows up. It raises its lovely head and says: “I am with you.”

KNOW. Know that we are all more connected that we will ever begin to understand. 

The realms of time overlapping, the energies swirling like crazy momma plants.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

THIS is where life begins!

Original art created especially for this blog by the writer of this blog. Pretty awesome huh?
Art by Judith Parsons.
The highest self is above the foggy layer. THIS is where LIFE begins.
When metal is melted and ready to be poured into molds, right before the metal is poured -- the top layer of the metal is scraped off, so the purest metal flows into the mold. Life is a crucible of molten metal waiting for us to be strong enough to pour our best sculpted selves.

Life is the heat of the fire, we are the liquid metal. It is up to us to remove the impure layers from the top, to scrape it off. Discard the mess.

For me, the additives that fogged my mind were the negatives. I used those impurities as an excuse to be rude. I used the foggy realm to hide away from the truth. Oh how glorious it was to hide in that foggy non-reality layer. There I could spew negativity. Then the next day- I could use that perfect excuse; “It was the drink talking” to explain away my rude behavior.

I didn’t always feel that way about taking a drink. At first it was fun, it was a way to release from the reality layer. We all want that? Right? An escape form reality?

Having been without drink for only a month straight. I am not an expert on reality. However, it takes courage to not drink and to change your reality so that YOU are happy.

I understand the happy thing. I know…I know… You do not want to hurt the other person. Then I met a friend who said: “Go find your happiness.” 

NOW that is a brave soul.

Just think about that for a moment. If someone truly LOVES you…then they want you to be happy. Right? You get it, don’t you?!?

So you pat them upon the head- kiss them upon their forehead and send them upon their way. 

The last thing anyone wants is someone using them as an excuse to drink and be unhappy.

Tell the person who wants to hide away in the foggy drink or foggy pill existence to go away, to go find themselves where ever they need to be. Stand tall, strong backbone, pack them up and send them away. Chances are they will spend all their cash upon the drink or pills in the first week and then find themselves alone, with their sober self.

Don’t let them back in. Challenge them to scrap off the impurities, to believe in their highest self.
Do it alone.
When they are are alone, there is no one responsible for their mess…but themselves.

Believing in yourself, without any additives, is self actualization. Liking oneself, straight up. Liking oneself alone, when there is no one else to blame; is an amazing place to stand.

I can see the pour of the crucible into my mold. I can see the design. 

My daughter, Margaret, always said: “Just make yourself into art.” I get it, I truly understand the process.

The quest is to love yourself. To find your highest self…to become “high” with out the additives, without the impurities. THAT is the ultimate challenge.

The quest is to remove the fog. Climb above it, soar above it. Find your highest self. Let the best you come forward, the strongest you wants you to step up and take charge.

The highest purest you wants you to find your happiness. 

You can do it. I believe in you.