Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Swirling time plants.

Flashback in time: 40 years ago.

The station wagon rambles down the pine tree highway somewhere between Tallahassee and Savannah. Mom cries out: “Bays stop! Pull over, pull over.”

Dad: “Good Lord Annette, what is it?”

Mom; “Turn around, there is a plant along the road, that I want to use in my garden club flower arrangements.”

Dad would huff and puff, and groan about having to turn the car around. But, he turned around. I remember my mother digging the rose clippers (secretaries-for you UK friends) out of the glove compartment. She took off toward the field of warped dried swirly plants. 

Mom cuts a bushel arm load of those strange curly swirly plants. Every garden show, she used those incredible plants to win awards. 

I have not seen that plant for 40 odd years. Until today.

I was watering the roses in Anita’s garden and came across the same swill curvy plant. I stood there watering the plant sobbing. THIS was a sign from the universe that I am on track.

Who remembers crazy memories like that? My mother thought the plant had a fungus, to give it such a lovely curve. It was that unusual shape with the flat stem that stayed with me. 
FORTY years later, it shows up. It raises its lovely head and says: “I am with you.”

KNOW. Know that we are all more connected that we will ever begin to understand. 

The realms of time overlapping, the energies swirling like crazy momma plants.

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