Monday, March 11, 2019

Family Beliefs

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2019
The hexagon and the fish were cut using digital laser technology.
The hexagon is wood and the fish is leather.

There were many magical moments this past week with my children. I am blessed to be closer to them. Admittedly, I flew to San Francisco to do me. To "own me." To get another degree under my belt, for a million reasons. But this blog isn't about that.

This blog is about the mother children connect. And how incredible life is being around my children.

This week I hugged my son and his girlfriend! Then we all clinked and cheered glasses as we raised our eyebrows in grinning delight for the future yet to come!

A glorious weekend seeing and being with my flesh and blood. I can't help but grin at the sparkling eyes that looked across the table at me.

As my first week closed and it was time to head back to Covington, Margaret and I did what we love to do, we shared out favorite songs. We were driving across the Lake Ponchatrain Causeway. The sun was reflecting like diamonds on the water and we were grinning like idiots at one another.

She played her favorite song about being real. She explained she loved it so much because she was trying to live her MOST REAL life, in the way she created her art and the way she teaches her children in elementary school. It was a fabulous song as I felt she was trying to explain to me her process for living in the moment. To be as honest as she could be. I love that facet of Marg. She does herself 100%.

Then I played my song, which was most appropriate after the "Womb Room" art opening the night before.

Melissa Etheridge: “Slowly we row.” It is a mother daughter song. One of the lines is; “Tell me what I should believe.” In my imagination that line swirls in the middle of the water. 

The reflection of me, my daughter and my mother and even my grandmother. Look back at me. The mirror of my women. My grandma with her white hair- much like mine- her hand upon my shoulder. My mother’s face on the opposite shoulder, and my daughter and son's face under my chin.

I reach up in my minds eye and caress my mother’s face and grandmother’s face. They can see the tears dripping from my chin, the tears leaking. That family relationship is precious. 

Try and use your voice with your mother. I never did. I thought of her as a pain in the rear for most of my life. I felt she wanted to clip my wings. I don’t want my children thinking the same thing about me. I want to help fling my eagle children into the sunlight and watch them soar.

I believe in the mirror reflecting the mirror. Change and transformation is inevitable. I believe in learning how to ground myself so that I can plant the seed of new beginnings. I believe in Love. 

Lots of incredible connections are happening. Loads of love abound. Let us continue to dance, (smiling) lets play our tunes for one another and shake our hips and be ALIVE with love. (Hugging you all- thank you for stopping by.)