Friday, April 29, 2016

now the work begins

Now the work begins.

Now, the work begins.

Now the work, begins.

I move the comma around pausing and trying out the way to say the sentence so it slides comfortably upon my skin. Like a silk robe that was made just for me.

The sentence has been waiting for me to show up.

I have walked around it for decades. Before time began the words knew I would search for them. I can see other writers grabbing a pen and jotting down my thoughts…as we all know now in this time and age…nothing is original.

It is all hashed out over and over. In illustrator the image is traced and tweaked a wee bit to make the original shape different enough, not to be full out plagiarism. Heaven to Betsy, we just can NOT do that.

Yet, we do.

Yep, I have.


I wonder about the French painters with their one-point perspective grids. Did they think they were copying another’s trade secret? Interesting to think what others might have seen and improved upon. The boxes that held relics. How many artist saw the original design and thought: “Hmmmmmm…I could do better?”

After being at graduate school for 3 years I am ready to dance with the idea of truly perfecting my skills. I have some tricks up my sleeve. And am pleased to have the extra time to create some magnificent work.

The puzzle pieces are all falling into place. The complicated 3 dimensional mosaic of me is taking me higher.

The steps and the woman of words is all coming to-get-her.

I was going to create a long and involved illustration…but then thought better. I would ask the words to fly into my hand. The 4 different winged creatures would alight upon my palm. The butterfly, the dragon fly, and the humming bird upon on hand and the hawk upon the other. I would kiss each one then lift my hands above my head.

The wings unfurling and the possibilities endless. Expect miracles-- sweet Loves.

It is time to get serious about working. Are you truly giving it your all? Are you playing about at it? Are you spending hours upon games and waiting until the last minute to complete the tasks that needs taken care of?
Only you know. Only you can answer with the ALL of your being.

I have been learning how to work. I have been learning how to concentrate. And even learning how to play. One must decide when it is time to take it all to the next floor up.

From one hard working soul to the next…We can do what needs to be done.

Let us get to it!!


You know the last word: “S-o-a-r-i-n-g!!!!”

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Expect Miracles

Morning Sweet Luvs!

Yesterday was a huge day to get past. I have turned a corner…and have “lift off”.

We all want to soar, to feel the wind in our hair…to be doing our passion.

I am one of the lucky ones…I took a huge chance and leaped back into art school. Yep, I will have debt, but you know what, I AM WORTH it.
And so are you!! 

There WILL be an art school for mid-life aged folks to attend. And their will be scholarships for people who are over 31 years of age. Yep, we do not age discriminate…like some national art societies do.

Yes, I love the computer and all the Adobe software that makes designing perfect. However, there is much to be said for creating something that one can touch and feel.

You will become stronger as you create art. It happens when you least expect it. Your arms start having biceps, your legs that trembled after 8 hours of standing somehow can go 12 hours standing. Your hands will become muscled. No scrawny fingers.


You will tire of the desk job, you will tire of sitting all day at a computer screen and your body will YELL: “I want to create with mud!”

And then you will soar.

I love you all for reading my blog, for following my art journey. I have a year left to get my ducks in a row…to find land for an art school and find funding for my art school. I have artists and an architect interested in collaborating.

WE are soaring…Loving that feeling of the wind in our hair…That same feeling of heading out of town to your vacation location…the holiday becomes real life. Passionate art is calling!

Rambling about my love..heading to school! The photo above is me. White haired. See? I am past 50 years and going strong! The graphic I created in photoshop...playing. Life and creating is playing!!

Come play with me!!

Life is amazing!! Believe in your dreams! Expect miracles!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Soar It!

Original art created especially FOR this Judith Parsons Art 2016
There is a lovely energy in connections.

Facebook connections are interesting. People I have never met are becoming a part of my daily routine. There are healers, seers and Reiki masters keeping me grounded. There are artist friends and loves that I follow and run beside.

There are regular hard working folks that get in their truck and drive all over the United States delivering merchandize. I keep up with his posts because I want to make sure he is safe on the road.

There are friends who have moved since we first met, and I am following their existence. Trying to keep up with their movings. Wondering if they have found the perfect job, or found the perfect home or perfect love.

Then their are the two BIG energies, Deepak and Oprah, who have given so much of their time and resources toward helping us connect. I follow them and wonder what their day is like.

And now I have a friend who is entering my peripheral thoughts. She is researching me, I can “see” her as she struggles with her life. She is making a big turn in her existence and is about to slide down a marvelous new journey of golden light. 

We all are on a quest. We want to connect to smiling upbeat energies and be filled with light. Sure, in every life a little rain must fall, however it is how you respond to the rain that makes the big difference.

Do you dance in the rain. Do you grab your loves hand and pull her into the rain..and kiss?

(smiling sigh) THAT is how you handle rain. You go make love in it!

(chuckling) LIFE is amazing!! Woooooooohooooooo!!!


See life from the eagles perspective…see the whole picture from the birds eye view. Be objective—be eagle eyed!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Italy will wait.

I adore arches and boats.  I was excited about seeing Italy, the arches and the boats.

I love the way the arch is a boat...(smiling) See it?

I have figured it out...I have decided exactly what the arch and the boat are to me. As I am the third element... Me, the ampersand.

My personal "Trinity".

The arches are my sacred geometry God space, I adore architecture, studied it as my focus as an undergrad.

The boat, well...the boat is me. It transports folks from one place along the watery rivers to another port.

My daughter Margaret, always pushed me to create me. She hit the bullseye with that suggestion. Going back to art school as a middle aged woman was proving to myself that I still could create and magically produce incredible art.

I love figuring out how things work, I am thrilled with the new laser digital class!! I am learning how to shape and bend acrylic. I am using it to make a really awesome sculpture now.

I know what I will be drawing for next semesters art project. It will be involved and very complex.

Like has multiple facets. I am complicated. Sure I could be more fit and more this or more that. However, I am learning to "own" me, or to like me...Warts and all.

Italy…will have to wait.

I am sad and disappointed that the class I was all excited about taking, is not being offered because of low enrollment. (sighing)

One keeps paddling, or swimming, or pushing the boat along the river of life. It is what one does. All-in-all…it has CHANGED my whole year…Instead of finishing my course work in December, I have 6 more months in school.
Adjust…change…keep flowing.

It gives me more time to create a fabulous business plan and get all of you on board. (grinning) There is no time to dilly dally. There is work that needs to be done, art work that needs to be finished.

We keep swimming, soaring, shining…We keep doing the best we know. It is all we can do.

Please do what ever you want to do, with p-a-s-s-i-o-n!!!
Have a fabulous day sweet Luvs!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life is a snake!!!

Snake art created especially for this blog.
Created by Judith Parsons Art 2016
Life is the snake.

It is for me, right now. The snake has bitten me so many times, that we have become friends. Its poison is not poison at all. The poison is honey and I am all the sweeter for it.

I have heard a ca-zillion times: “It is a choice how you respond.” And this week the snake bit and I FINALLY responded objectively — even with a smile upon my face. I can’t say exactly what happened. But after I responded, without breaking down and becoming a sniveling cry-baby about it, I felt amazingly good!
The snake teaches us that every single thing in life is the same. 

According to Jamie Sans and David Carson: “ It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and those things which might be experienced as poison can be eaten, ingested, integrated and transmuted if one has the proper state of mind.”

Art school is not for sissys. It is a tremendous amount of time and energy to create perfect precise stunning art.

I am the snake and the hawk. I am both. I am the food for the hawk and the snake that bites. 

We are all universal beings with the fire of passion in our hearts. I dream big and create big. I love people who are charismatic and powerful. I love being in the company of snakes…You aren’t afraid to take a bite out of life!

On that note…there are children that are waiting on their swimming instructor…(I am a fish too!) (Grinning) Skipping out the door.

Be powerful and courageous. Sign up for an art class…You will be smitten!