Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello Sweet Friends,

It has been one BUSY semester. I thought I would have time to blog and write and la-dee-da. (sighing) 

I just emailed my final paper to a professor am ready to snuggle-snuzzle around the fire light in my minds eye, and cuddle next to all you howling wolves! (grinning)

I know I have been busy because I haven’t noticed the moon. Forgive me moon for ignoring you. If you know me- then you know how sacred the full moon is for me. As I howl at it- I know you are howling as well!!! (grinning)

I am happy to report I am settled in a lovely apartment, with a lovely apartment mate and we are settling into the energy. It is a lovely place, roses along the back fence, I can light candles and the windows are large and expansive allowing much light in. We are learning one another and life is fine.

I saw the movie “Transcendence” over the weekend. It was nice to hang out with fellow artist and get to know them a bit more. It was hilarious to even take the wrong train. (Waving and laughing- you know who you are!)

The movie tied in directly with my Crossing borders class. It was a glorious example of media art and helped me explain my own sense of sacredness with art and how it is born.

Everything truly is a lesson/blessin. I am learning to communicate and balance life. It is a glorious dance. I am blessed to have the love and support of so many wonderful friends.

Go see the movie…Let me know what you think. (smiling sigh) We are in a wonderful age of technology- the information we share is instant- the love we share is incredible!

Keep soaring, singing, shining and smiling. I love you all.

Bare with me…as I learn to communicate. Don’t give up on me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Creating out of nothing!

I was reading a newspaper article- a British pianist stated his love for composing, because he was creating something out of nothing. I use that line a lot. I understood his perspective. It is the nicest thing about the artist- creating something... from nothing.

I love facebook because we are creating relationships from nothing. I do not know your family, or we aren’t reading one another’s poetry because our children attend the same school. 

You don’t have to give me one second of your time, because really- you are NOTHING to me…and I am NOTHING to you.

It is IN that nothingness that we “see” one another’s spirit. 

There are certain people that post, and when I see their names, I can not help but smile. They have walked into my energy- and I give them my time, by reading and when I respond to them – even if it is only a thumbs up---I am giving them my energy.

We are creating a space- a gap of energy in the interaction between us.

I love taking photos of shadows, they are nice when they appear upon the brown tan door. I see all sorts of faces and people looking back upon me. 

I wonder if the light entities know –I know- and they rush to stand in the dappled light…to say good morning to me.

(sighing- smiling) Okay…(chuckling) I admit- I have just revealed the crazy part of me… and there is another crazy muse inside of me…

When I speak about creating with clay- the body of clay- when I speak about how “she” reduces in her volume – when she is fired…how she knows she is breakable---I can “see” her in my minds eye. She sits naked- with long legs crossed- she is smoking a cigarette in one of those long holding 1950’s cigarette holding thingy ma-gigy ..and she is nodding her head- grinning- agreeing with me. She is composed by my imaginative mind and comes from nothing- she like my art is born from nothing…

She- you- me… It is a glorious thing- US out of nothing….

I help her with her wings today!  I grind the rough spots off! I assist in securing the wings upon her back.

Today we FLY!!!

Come on babe…unfurl your wings…Let us laugh above the clouds…In the glorious "nothingness" of the golden sun!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fixing Time!!!

Original art -created by Judith Parsons- just for this blog...(grinning)
Last week Mr. Time and I played hide and seek. (grinning) 

I was moving things from a hotel room.  I figured every day for 5 days I would pack the last bits and pieces of my clothing- medicine cabinet etc. and take it upon a bus, then upon Bart to my new residence.

In the back of my mind was the “FIX TIME KIT" I had ordered a month ago with Amazon.

 I have a gorgeous watch- which my sister gifted me, and I wanted to figure out how to change the battery on my own.

You see, Mr. Time is smiling, because He- likes that I am trying to fix Him- all by myself.
(grinning) Are you understanding the crazy way I think?

I was on auto-pilot. Going to art classes, focusing upon the wings that needed to be finished, focusing upon the clay that was whispering to me in my sleep- to come to her. I was aware that Mr. Time was invisibly walking beside me.

The old me would have grabbed Mr. Time by the shirt collar and had a thing or two to say to the dude. The old me would have demanded he slow down. 

The new me felt Him, walking beside me- his hand against my lower back- as if dancing. 

I felt the warmth of Time, that somehow it would ALL come together. It would all get done.

So back to lugging stuff across town. (laughing) I left my last load of luggage and my New Orleans pillow at the hotel. The front desk was nice enough to allow me to leave it waiting behind the front desk - for a day.

I explained to the hotel clerk that I was waiting upon a package that was not in yet. I gave him my number and asked him to please keep his eyes open for it.

Then I went around to the back room to collect my last over packed luggage. And Lo- and behold the package to fix time was sitting upon my suitcase.

Time was waiting for me to come get it. (grinning) I have it now. I have the ability to FIX TIME.

Mr. Time is grinning beside me- he is grabbing me by my shirt collar and pulling me upon my tippy toes..and he is kissing me upon my forehead…and laughing.

God knows- I love Mr. Time!!!