Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today I rang away the year. 

My Beloved Reiki Priestess, Anita suggested we start the new year off right by joining in a long standing Japanese tradition. Once a year, the Asian Art Museum lets guest strike a giant temple bell, 2,100 pound bell which leaves behind any unfortunate or regrettable experiences.

We rang the bell and went to have lunch.
I looked at my Beloved across the table and said:

There are thoughts
That float
Upon Leaves

Of the water
Of your mind

There are thoughts
Like silt
That slowly

Filter to the
bottom ocean
Of your mind

Then there are people
Who are
the leaves

That help hold the thoughts
That make you

I must thank Anita for holding me together. I have changed sooo many times in the past year that my life is a blur! I also want to Thank my sister Lynn, she astounds me with her wisdom! She is an angel! She has kept me laughing when I felt like crying! I am blessed to have such incredible family!

I have many regrets. I left many things broken and torn asunder. There is no way to leave – one must turn on ones heel and walk toward the door promising more growth.

The bottom line is simple: TREAT others the way you want to be treated.

I will do better in the New Year.

I hug each and every one of you! 

I hold you close and I cherish the light and love from your eyes. I believe in “US”- as we weave one another closer. Becoming stronger each day as we support, love and challenge one another.

There is no fear- no anger. It is the past. It serves no purpose.

It is time.
Time to take FULL responsibility for who you are –NOW.

It is a scary place to stand- and at the same time incredible exhilarating- to know you can SOAR! WOW!! Just wow!!!

No one- but you can make –you happy.
If you work hard you will succeed.
If you believe in your dreams- they WILL come true.
IF you persist- AND ALWAYS work toward your dream – THEN YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!

 I believe in each and every one of you!

May we all be healthy! May we flourish and be abundant!
May we not take any of it for granted!

I love you!


(I just read this to Anita- and she said: "Be gentle with yourself- don't beat yourself up!" God knows I love her!)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Margaret Parsons

Art by Margaret Parsons. Her art is just as intriguing as she is- a rich
depth of color and flowing fluidity- Beautiful- like her!
My daughter has been nice enough to invite me into her world. She is sharing her bed, her home and her friends with me. 

Yesterday I got a glimpse of her at her work, all dressed in black. She is an elegant woman. I am in awe of her, she commands attention when she walks into a room. People smile and say “Hello Margaret!” She radiates happiness! I am blessed to have this magical woman as my daughter!

Can you see me grinning from ear to ear?

I am a firm believer in things crossing our path when we are ready to learn from that object. God, or the Universe, of whatever or whomever you believe, weaves these lessons for you- is waiting for you to dream, sing and read to find your passion.

If you are a dreamer, then chances are you will dream about things that excite you and give you “ah –ha” moments. If you are a lover of music then chances are a song will play on the radio, that brings to you a new thought, that will take you the next step along your journey. Or if you are a reader then you will stumble across words that become birds and uplift you into the stratosphere of enlightenment.

I have picked up a book from beside my daughter’s bed. And I admit, sheepishly, I am skimming her words, I am interested in what she felt was important enough to underline.

My children know I blurt out my thoughts, I say whatever comes to mind and do not apologize anymore for me. I have no fear anymore about words or what I am or what I am lacking. I am finally getting to that place of not needing to justify myself to anyone. The most important person (I am happy to report) that I am not justifying myself to- is MYSELF.

I have Anita Boyle, a Reiki master to thank for that. She has endlessly coached me about “being gentle with myself”. She has giving me affirmations so when I look in the mirror I smile at myself- verses the earlier scolding of self. Thank you Anita, for "getting me" and helping me learn to love myself.

The book beside Margaret's bed is deep, it asks lots of questions about learning, love and what is the purpose of life. As I skim the words- I smile at my daughter’s under lined words: “look in the mirror, just observe what you are and move on”.

I am in awe of my daughter, she is so mature and centered. She is the eye of the storm- the quiet place of knowing. The vortex. She has no idea what energy she spins about her, she is passionate about her art, her life her path. I could not be more proud of her!!!
She smiles, she nods, her eyes sparkle and she is one incredible young lady!!

Can we all agree on one simple statement: There is no need to justify anything to anybody.

Period. The end. The person you have to make happy is you. That’s it. (grinning and pulling you into a huge hug)

Do what makes your heart happy.
Seeing you smile- makes me happy.

I love you!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Hand of NOAA

Now I am visiting my daughter in Portland for Christmas. My son is visiting and I admit I miss my ex-husband. (sigh) It is not complete without him. However, life moves on, we all move on and we live and we learn.

I was astounded when I cam upon the huge sculpture down town. It is called “Portlandia” it is by the artist  Raymond Kaskey. It is the second largest statue in the United States-after the Statue of Liberty. It is 34 feet tall. Wow!

He also created this incredible piece: “The Hand of NOAA” Wow!! We are all more connected than we know. I am not sure if I will ever create art as magnificent as Mr. Kaskey- however, I sure would love to try!
Standing at the bus stop, I noticed these little circles laying upon the sidewalk. It looks as if someone’s necklace broke, and the chain was walked upon leaving these random links.

I walked around and found 8 little pieces. Like a crow who likes shiny objects, I kept walking around feeling that eight wanted to be found. 8- turned upon its side the infinity symbol. Eight a special number to be sure. 5 children in my family, 2 represent my parents and one represents my grand mother.

Just rambling thoughts, connecting to you and wishing you some peace this season. I wish divine serenity to you all. It is a choice to wrap yourself in loving thoughts. Be gentle with yourself. Sip a warm beverage and smile. Let the warmth of that smile spread through out your back, shoulders and spine.

Feel my arms hugging you. A sixty second hug, feel my hands stroking your back, and know you are loved.

Enjoy the holiday. What ever your beliefs are. Take the time to wrap yourself in a hug. You are loved. (smiling sigh) We are all one Love!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Strong back

This is the half muscle-half skeleton
sculpture from Ecorche.
Yesterday I finished my  first semester at Academy of the Arts University. I was blind but now I see. I created incredible art, and for the first time sculpted a torso that I believed in. She was strong- and sturdy and had a glorious back.

You might have noticed I write and talk about strong backs. I associate strong backs with power, courage and strength.
The was you carry yourself with head erect, shoulders back and a straight elongates back says VOLUMES about your attitude.

You have seen people with caved in chest, they walk with their chin hung down. They look lost, miserable and sad. Be aware of your posture. Pull those shoulders back and be proud of who you are.
(Smiling sigh)
The spine is an intricate amazing glorious creation.  It is a puzzle that fits magnificently into itself. I am forever in awe of the disc and the form fitting perfection. A delicate puzzle for sure.

My “vision” has changed in the last four months. I thought I had pretty good eyesight, however, I was wrong. After handling the clay, the bones and the muscles, after spending tons of hours with dental tools to create the perfect spine and body. I now “see” and know the form from touching every bone and muscle. I know where there is a dimple and where there are pelvic curves. I stand brushing my teeth in the morning and see the planes of my face. I am ready now to start learning who I am- I am ready to draw and sculpt my face.
(slow sigh)
It used to scare me. Heck! Lots of things used to scare me. 

Now, I sigh. I am content. I took the hardest class first. And all my friends, Joel, Rory, Nina, and Aaron ay they wish they had taken this first, as it has helped tremendously in all their other classes! Now I trust that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into glorious place. I stand up straight and tall and grin!!! I am becoming me!! Woohooooo!!! Then I do a little wild Steve Martin dance around the room!! (Grinning for ear -to-ear)

Thank you wonderful Professors!!! I can not thank you enough for your wisdom!!

Let the season begin!! Woohoooo!!! I am singing and dancing to Portland!! Life is grand!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Yesterday I went to Sabbath, I saw a fabulous group of children sing their hearts out. It reminded me of a past life, now- many life times ago. This morning I read the testimony of a friend who is battling cancer. He is so ill so tired and wants to stop the pain. The children and the friend are angels!

They remind us to live fully. And the BEST way to LIVE is to heal others. We make a cycle of love and light and it flows out and ripples back to us.
Let us all be angels for one another.
Today let us all heal one another.

Thank you Eric (waving) for suggesting church and then giving me a ride.  It was a fabulous day at church. I was home. I felt loved by your friends- I felt welcomed back into the flock. (grin)

We all soar- we all have wings- we are all angels.

Imagine your energy- the tingling running down your legs now- “see” it as a glowing light, let us all joining hands and let that light weave into a huge nest. All of us are in that nest- we all ALL one- as we become the nest of pulsing wonderful healing light- It soothes the aching muscles and cures the ailments.

Let us weave this magic and be the nest of love and support for one another.
(Jens Walter) I am waving- and look forward to the day you are strong- and we will laugh and think back to when this day was many life times ago.

Thank you for your brutal honest truth. For having the courage to write your journey so we all can LIVE!! Let us take the bull by the horns and life live with every fiber of our being!!!

Woohooooo!!! Life is incredible. With love we can all heal.