Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breath of Compassion

Sacred Geometry astounds me. THIS is what graduate studies is ALL about.  Falling in love with something so incredible it takes OVER your life.

(smiling sigh)
I am seeing it every where. This is where the question arises: Am I manifesting “Sacred Geometry” into my life because it is new cognitive energy- or- Is it an “entity or consciousness” that is magically presenting all these new incredible experiences?

An example of crazy, is walking to school today and seeing a cardboard tube that is shaped as a equilateral triangle. It laid upon the ground smiling at me, saying:  “You know you want me, go ahead, take me to class.” 

I stood there contemplating picking up this box and taking it to class! I had lost it. 

In class today Professor Mark Reynolds showed us the “Breath of Compassion”. All he had to do was say the name of this shape and I was about to fall upon my knees and cry out in ecstasy! 
Dear Lord! Does it get any better? (grinning)

Art is truly reflecting life and Life is truly reflecting art.

I am not sure which is first, or even if it matters anymore. 

I know when I am in the mist of a master artist. It delights me to no end to study with this incredible professor!!

The art I created looks a bit scrambled. Learning is like that, we need to be a bit unsettled, a little tangled up and confused as we learn. We look to the master, who is divine, calm and serene. We keep copying the masters work, learning and refining.

I am in awe of Mark A Reynolds. He is 70 years old next month and HE is passion! He is ART! He is an incredible artist! Go visit his site and check out the detail and accurateness of his art. What a awesome dude!

I will get there—everyday I become more accurate. I don’t particularly like to use the word: “Perfect”. When I get to that point- I will be in heaven. (grinning) And I am far from perfection…

God knows life is incredible! I am 54 years old. I am a middle aged women on the outside- but a wild 25 year old soul on the inside! Learning at this age IS possible!! Keep growing! Keep learning!!


(Try a little compassion today...Everything is as it should be. Really. It is ALL good.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

She was Vehement

Original art created just for this blog.
Art by Judith Parsons Art 2014
She was vehement 

She grew up in an impassioned home
Anger lightning bolts the weapon
Her mother would run her hands along the weapon

Lightning bolts leaning against the wall 
The passionate electricity 
Waiting to be used

The long elegant lightning bolts
Were used often
She didn’t know 
They were preparing her for now

The energy of intense electricity
Filled her being
Her spine became metal

She was young and zealous
She wanted to take over the world
That was then

Now, she opens the conduit to her soul
She focuses the stream of energy
Into a welding beam of light and love

You MUST protect your eyes
From this gloriously divine 
Transcendent Vehement Welding Melding Love

Monday, October 27, 2014

X Partnership

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2014 
The "X" symbol is the symbol for partnership.

I smiled when I discovered that.

According to Ralph Blum: "True partnership comes with whole beings who retain their separateness. Letting the heavens of wind dance between you."

There is another union with the Divine which is even greater. I am perfecting that union everyday reading the Bible and finding the words which speak to me.

Love yourself HOLY first, then find your perfect partnership.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tree of Life

Tree of Life.

Earth is the cube. Heaven the circle. 

The tree of Life connects the two.

The roots grow into the center of earth
Arms reach toward the heavens
Swaying and swirling dancing with the breeze.

Branches give the feathered messengers a place to rest. 
A place to nest.

Art reflects life. Life reflects art.

We are pulled inward. 

Sacred geometry created Mr. Time.

Mr. Time planted the seed of the Tree of Life.

(Original Poetry and Art-created by Judith Parsons Art 2014)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

River Goddess

Composition created by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Image from Goggle 

It is a process. Becoming the you- you have always wanted to be. I have 2 more years here in San Francisco- becoming the artist- becoming the art- that I have always wanted to be. 

I have to thank my daughter- Margaret, who is the deepest- most incredible artist. She said ages ago; “Treat your body like art.” That was a big life moment.

The other changing moment- is below…I love everything about the river. I love the way it changes and flows and curves…I met a woman who lived beside a river, I didn’t know how to become the river. I do now!
Thank you Anita, for having patience. You have taught me much.

Finding the highest me…Finding the highest witness of me.

I have come leaps and bounds
I have grown 50 life times in THIS year

I have learned a great deal from my Reiki priestess.

She taught me to slow my river.

Years ago- I let the river take me
Years ago- I let the rapid river of life slam me 

I have learned how to stand in the river
I see the rains coming from afar
I see the river rising

I can choose now

To stay
To stand
To control the flow around me

It took many many moons
To let the highest woman of my soul
Come forward

She stands upon the water
Her gown graceful
Her movements controlled

SHE doesn’t let anyone “TAKE” her now.
She is stronger, better, smarter.
She is learning that everything is LEARNING

Finding her rhythm
In the river of Life
Learning the sounds of the flow
Learning the swirls 

Shedding everything
Shedding nothing


Becoming the reflected light of the river
Becoming the shimmering silver movement

Become one with all…

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adopt Art

Yesterday was a disappointing day. As I LOST some art work that was in storage. My son brought the key to me in Savannah before I came to San Francisco. I thought it would be there when I returned. 

I keep gulping because it saddens me so. 

I am writing it out- and this is the last you will hear of it. Art should never ever be trashed. Art for me, is akin to a puppy or kitten. As an artist we want it to go to a home that will love it. We want our art to be in a loving environment that will touch it and smile.

We want our art to be appreciated and loved. Adopted to a good home. 

I learned my art- that was in storage was sold to the storage place, given away, or even trashed. (gulping- clearing throat over and over) It is gone.

I will tell you about birth of 2 pieces of art. The bronze drum ring and the glass wings were born in the year 2000. I created the art while attending San Jose State University.  I was taking a foundry course and wanted to make a huge drum ring that eventually I would add leather or glass to it.

I got a large aluminum round tub basin and took large strips of wax which where 8 inches wide by 18 inches long and got into the hot tub to slowly bend the wax around the basin. We lived in military housing in Monterey, CA. The back of the house was against the woods so not too many people witnessed my making of the art. It was sunny and bright that day. I had on my one piece bathing suit. And I remember laughing and having fun with the wax and the basin, both submerged. I even remember my husband, (now ex) laughing and enjoying helping me. (sighing) 

The glass wings were heavy and large. Mary White was the glass professor and she was kind enough to allow me to cut up huge sheets of clear glass to make the wings. I made the mold off of goose wings. In Monterey, the geese fly in very low over the highway and they are killed. It is a sad horrible thing to see. I was taught by a lovely friend the ways of the Native American. That any animal should be given a proper burial. I also felt God was “gifting me” these beautiful animals to use in my art. 

Professor Welsh was nice enough to help me make a huge mold off of my bird wings. It was a lengthy process but well worth it. She was a enthusiastic wonderful instructor who was happy to help a novice. Then Mary White helped me figure out how to make the wings in glass. She was so concerned with the annealing process that she demanded we leave the wings in the kiln all summer to cool off!

I lost my external hard drive and my old lap top that might have had the photo file images is also dead. So. I guess that means it is time to move forward.

I leave you with a new image created in photoshop. I used a file from the Adobe people. It is not mine, the octagon colorful shape- I added it to a photo I had taken of my daughter Margaret, 4 years ago. 

I thought I had energy to go weld. I do not. I have been looking through old thumb drives, hopeful to find an image of old work. Though, I guess it would be akin to looking at photos of an old love, or a puppy that has long since died. What is the point?
Awe, that is EXACTLY the point, there never has been anything pointed or sharp about me.
(sighing) No points, all curves.

Have a blessed day!

Please, go purchase a piece of art from a artist friend, go and check out their storage- filled with art they think is not perfect enough yet…They will probably give you a great deal.

Love you all!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfect Noble Clouds

Photograph & image by Judith Parsons 2014
I took this photograph while waiting upon my bus to take me to class, this morning. I looked up at the clouds and immediately thought: “Wow- God just photoshopped the perfect clouds!”

It is rare to see clouds in San Francisco. It is even more rare to get rain. I love the photo, the way the eye is drawn into the vanishing point. The road and buildings aid in guiding the eye “Into” the art. The clouds are cotton candy (candy floss) magic that eventually produced liquid magic. 

I wish I had been outside when
it rained 
in San Francisco today.

I let that statement have its space. It is an important sentence, as it never ever “rains” here. Okay. In the past year that I have lived here, it has misted and sprinkled. However, it really hasn’t “rained”-- until today.

The view from the magnificent large windows was exquisite. For a moment I could have been in Louisiana or Florida even. The rain was coming down steadily and evenly. The wind gave it a slight tilt. It was a magnificent occurrence to behold! Maybe it wasn’t exactly a “miracle”…but it was darn close.

Expecting miracles is what life is ALL about. Professor Noble showed us the video about the tapestries that were created for the “Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels.” It was a labor of love for the artist John Nava. Ten years in the making and creating the modern day art of tapestries was a magnificent process to behold.

Sacred space
sacred places…

Art school and Professor Lawrence Noble  allow us to “be”. It is a glorious class to create and learn about my fellow artist friends. Thank you for letting me ramble on about sailboats and children.

I am learning so much about art and most importantly about myself. When we speak, the thoughts that are feathery ethereal gossamer nothings become concrete blocks upon which we can stand. The blocks we keep stacking upward…until we reach heaven.

Thank you Professor Lawrence Noble for making the rain today an enjoyable event!

Scalloped dreams

Images from google.
Composition by Judith Parsons 2014
The composition I created this morning was inspired by that scalloped wall. When I saw it I gasped and said to myself- “Judith you need to make a million little shells like this and create scalloped art.”

(smiling) I must give credit to Kelly Rodriguez, it came from her blog, I just stumbled upon it in google images. 

The person walking with pants rolled up could be my son, my nephew or any male friend. I love the sense of the photo. The horizon line combined with the reflections of the sunshine make it a DREAM photo.

Come sit beside me upon the sandy shore of my mind. And lets discuss dreams. You tell me your. I will tell you mine.

I would love to have a place at the beach. A school would be nice, to teach my friends art. I would love to see the satisfaction in their eyes when they accomplish creating something. I want to “Wooohooooo!” along beside them as they grin and smile at their art.

It would be nice to take care of women friends. I have so many women friends who are alone out there. I worry about them. I want them to grow stronger and better with time. I want them to give art a chance to make them stronger.

I can see a group of women with welding masks on. They are all centered around a huge project, all working on it. Then when they take their welding masks off- they are all white haired magnificent wild women!! (grinning) Isn’t that a marvelous sight to imagine?

I would love a place where we could cook and clean and BE there for one another. A place where family members and friends can come to make art.
I would love to show them all that I know.

We would have an outdoor shower, we would have bon fires on the beach and we would laugh and learn together. We would grow stronger and better everyday!

These are my dreams. Maybe they are yours as well.

Soaring beside you all! Loving life!! Loving you!!

(hugging you)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Preparing Art Balance

Original art created by Judith Parsons
Me- grinding away the triangles in the disc.
This weekend was amazing! 

Between the welding and the gift I received  I was thrilled with the messages I was receiving. 

I spent a tremendous amount of time carving or cutting equilateral triangles into metal pipe ends. It was a “face up close” experience and  becoming comfortable with sparks. 

After the 8th one I was becoming comfortable with the heat and sparks of my project. I love sparks! 

I was happy creating as the sparks remind me of celebrations with family. The sparks remind me of my children and friends and the Fourth of July! (Waving at the Sneed and Mettler family!) So I was happy as could be- grinning and remembering who and what REALLY is important.
Amazing how welding art connects me to my life!

I am making a sphere with the metal disc and inlaying the center with bronze. Everything takes time. Drawing the lines upon the disc took time. I kept reminding myself, prepare it perfectly so it will be easy to bring the lines away. Everything takes time. Which brings me to the paper that sits behind the bible.

Thank you Eric for the beautiful gift! (Waving) I have never been given a bible from another person. I was astounded by your generosity! It is a gift that stays connected. 

The paper the bible was wrapped in has time motif upon it. The clock looks like my grandmother’s clock. THAT tidbit of information is not lost upon me. It is most definitely a sign that I am on the right track. Eric- how totally cool. You wrapped up the bible in images that connect me to my family, specifically to my grandmother, who I loved dearly! My middle name: “Ethel” was from my grandmother. I can own it now- proud to have that name.

Today I work upon the sculpture. There is always art to be done,

I am happy growing and becoming an artist. It is a constant “being born” over and over again we transform and birth ourselves. Constantly transforming!

Wooohooooo!! Life is amazing!! I love y’all!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Own Your Journey

Art created with images from google.
Composition by Judith Parsons
I know some folks who have done a pilgrimage. They traveled to another continent, they prepared for months to become better. There was something magical "OUT there" and they were determined to trek the same walk many others had traveled.

They were upon their own "journey" to find themselves.

Take that journey and transpose it upon your life.

Awaken with your sacred space and give some moments of time toward your highest self.

Pace yourself throughout your day, think of your steps to work, to the grocery store, taking the trash out as your own special Camino of the soul.

I would love to travel to Spain and do the "real Camino"- but for now every art piece I create is akin to the reward.  While others travel and wish for a hot bath and a good meal. I wish for my art to come alive.

When you use your voice.  Own what you say.

Be aware of your actions. Own what you do.

As I walk my path I am aware of relationships. How fragile a heart is. How we all yearn and ache for a "real connect". I have many friends who I love!! (waving and hugging you all) Many of you I have not yet met.

I would LOVE to walk with y'all! I would love to look you in the eye and see your soul! I would LOVE to grow strong and better with each of you!!

This weekend take a moment and say a little prayer. We are all woven into one another. Let us journey in love and light-as one.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Woman suspended-head bowed

We are all very connected...

For some unknown reason a friend rummages through my old art. And I find me again. And older crazy me. A flippin insane me.

It is a perfect time to access me. As I tend to put all my feelings upon the art. Art captures the essence of that time period.

It was a complex time of struggling. I was leaving one relationship and in the middle of another.

When I look at it. I recognize the conflict. Love that wasn't serene. I look back on the tumultuous time and wonder how the heck I made it to where I am now.

I would love  for all of you to be able to make art regularly, so you can look back at art from 3 years back and say: "Wow!"

That was intense!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Margaret-The Art Priestess!!!

My daughter is sooooo beautiful!! She is an exquisite woman in EVERY way...She is an incredible energy that is chilled, patient and kind! When she get into the art studio- holy moly- her passion for her art is INTENSE.
Don't mess with her when she is in the middle of a painting! You will be wasting your breath!
I was playing with her face in photoshop..just playing..Hope you don't mind Marg...Love you Darlin!
I am sooo proud of you and all your accomplishments!!!

Ready to start an art school? Italy maybe?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mermaid ART

Original art created by
Judith Parsons 2014
I am just playing with my favorite subject- mermaids. Doing one of my favorite things- drawing in photoshop!!

I love mermaids - they represent my mother! She was happiest when she was in the swimming pool. My favorite memory is her swimming at Travis pool. Y’all from Garden City probably remember that pool.

My mom swam so gracefully and elegantly. I suppose thats why I feel madly in love with the water. I figured it would make me as happy as it made my mom. I could always find a job life guarding or teaching swimming. It was a great summer job and I could stay after and swim.

I have taught swimming in Seaside, Virgina Beach, Savannah, and Newport, RI. There are lots of adults and children that have earned their fins with me…

Marion- are you still teaching?
Who else out there LOVES the water?

A glorious place to soar. Free! 

Keep swimming! (grinning) Love y’all!

Hot air balloon passion!

Finding Your Passion

I was speaking with a friend this morning about passion. She is an incredible writer and is passionate about writing. (waving at you) And she would like to discover other things that she is passionate about. 
I warned her about opening the “Passionate box” it is like lifting the lid open and a huge hot air balloon inflating. There is nothing you can do about it. Forget about shutting the lid. Just get in the basket and let the passion take you where you need to go.

I worked with metal yesterday. I like puzzles- I like fitting things together. I worked with metal discs and used a great little cut off wheel to put designs into the metal. (sighing) I got side tracked and did 3 other projects while going back to the main project.

I smile thinking about how “all over the place” I am. I am learning to go with it- flow with it- to not judge myself harshly. Eventually the main project got done…(grinning) I am definitely NOT linear in the way I think or create. And Its cool. I laugh at myself- like there is a law book of how an artist “should” create…I have to laugh- and let myself just be -and just do- and just create!!!

While I was working on a very detailed piece, I had pliers holding the metal, and the grinder in the other hand, my face was in close to see the lines I had marked upon the metal and sparks where flying under my arm…At that moment- the “highest me” whispered; “Good job.”
It made me smile, it was a slow motion beyond time sort of moment.

I must becoming an artist. I hear that it is normal- artist hear voices. (chuckling) And they are a wee bit insane. I am good with that…
Back to the main theme here. Passion. Don’t fear it, open the box up. Let the hug balloon inflate, jump in- and if you are lucky you will have a Love that will jump in with you. 
Come on Anita, ready? Lets see where the wind takes us. Life is pretty darn incredible.

Wooohooooo!!! Soaring!!! We are all growing stronger everyday!

Together we can have a art school- art camp- art whatever you want to call it.

We are growing stronger together!! Better everyday!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mask...Tis the season

A new self portrait. Playing in photoshop. 

Who are we really? When I was young people talked about wearing different hats. 

Personally, as an artist I think we wear different masks.

The work mask, all professional. Never revealing to the boss that you hate him for driving a mercedes and you catch the bus. He pays you dirt and you take it. You want to move up in the company, but you never finished college. Dang it. 
The mask is hot and sweaty and by the time you get out of work and on that bus, you are ripping that mask off.

All the other bus peeps. Y’all smile and wave. You see them everyday. Same bat time, same bat channel. You have a different mask for them. The “Hey- I am a llllll right. Everything is cool mask.”

Then the boyfriend mask. Before you get off the bus- you are slipping it on. Wondering how big a smile to plant upon the mask. Too much isn’t good. It has to be confident and suave. When deep down inside you feel like crying, coz she isn’t what you thought she would be. But God knows she loves you. And thats enough, isn’t it? It is better than being alone.
or is it?

If you were alone, would you wear the mask? Who would you be- ALONE?

When you look at yourself in the mirror- are you wearing a mask?

Hmmmm..Just rambling.

Tis the season for masks.

May you find your perfect mask!