Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time Memory

Original art created by Judith Parsons!! Just a few moments ago!!
Feel free to contact me - if you need a photoshop Queen!
Mr. Time is an amazing entity!

Ooooooo how he swiftly moves and swirls and gulps away the day when good memories are being made!

Anita (waving) and I were discussing the phenomenal energy of time. When I am doing art- lost in it- hours go by in a blink of an eye.

It is most disconcerting to the ones waiting on a telephone call. When we are doing something we LOVE- we look up and say: "Oh My God- Where did the time go?"

Mr. Time laughs and chuckles. He has had his arm around our waist and has been dancing around the room with us.

Isn't that interesting- the word- waist. Maybe when the word was invented- whomever invented it- Knew I would write this blog. (grinning) Mr. Time swirls us about when we are in our element. All the other "things" etc...are wasted energies.

I have a ka-trillion marvelous memories. Sailing with soul sisters and laughing our asses off! Getting stuck in the sand bar- when one certain friend (waving- you know who you are) I made the girls go jump up and down on the bow to help rock the keel. WhewWeee that was a glorious memory!!!

Howling at the moon, while sitting around a bon fire. Blue duck nights with my adopted families! Ooooh how I miss those candle lit nights! How I miss gazing into the fire and settling with loved one. Walking along the woods, picking up branches and marveling at the beauty!!

Mr. Time shows up when we are making Divine memories!! LIVE fully in those memories!! Taste them with ALL of your senses!! Let Mr. Time take you in his arms- and swirl you about on the dance floor of life. Oooooo I so Love a man who can dance!!!


Soaring beside you all!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Determination Art

Todays original art created in photohop- By Judith Parsons!
When you care to create the very best art!
Today blog is sponsored by determination and honoring the work.
I am determined to learn perfection of my craft. I am like one of the monks from the "Book of Kells"- determined to honor the work- to make it the best it can be.

This art - that you are seeing took 3 days to accomplish. Twenty hours worth of creating a grid- creating 203 layers and 101 paths in photoshop.

I am using the arch, the stairs, the trinity symbol, the cat, water wave shapes to connect to the spiritual side of me.

I am all of those things.

I looked out my window this morning and below was a gentleman doing his morning exercises with a silver metal sword in hand!! Oooooo I can not wait to create some art that depicts this.

Art reflects life! Fight for what you love! Believe in what you love! Dreams DO COME TRUE!
(oh- and honor the work- You know I have to add that tid bit! You know you will feel soooo good when you know you have done an excellent job!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A dance of health!

Graphics created by Judith Parsons- When one cares to create the very best.
Art is life. Life is art.
 I am creating in photoshop because I do not have a studio at the moment to create sculpture in. So we do what we can- with what we have.

I have been walking around the words: “Become stronger.”

The words are animated they are female bodied letters with curves. (laughing) Tomorrow maybe I will create what they look like in my minds eye-with photoshop.

(I have to interject with a commercial for how crazy art is...there are ideas standing in my mind. All the art is giggling and laughing- nodding- waving- as it leans against the gray wall of my mind. Oh the art- how she wants to be born!)

Sorry –back to the blog at hand. (smiling) I have been humbled. I have move to San Francisco, moved out of the city and back into the city. The universe will help you become what ever it is you desire. Even if it is moving boxes all over town. (laughing)

I hesitate to continue asking this of the universe.  I would rather become stronger upon my own. Strengthening my body –mind –spirit  by honoring the work required to achieve my desired results. I am getting there!

I am looking out my window this early morning- and there is this gentleman doing his morning exercises. I am mesmerized by his movements. They are slow- precise- a dance of health.

I could follow his moves every morning- looking upon him. Copying his flowing arm movements- his careful placement of foot.  It is right there…Outside my window. Saying pay attention!

I am blessed. I am in awe of the universe. Ask and you shall receive. My spiritual quest is incredible. Every single day I am in awe of the world.

Expect miracles…they are there- ready to be scooped up.

I have a friend who told me of her mother’s dream- ages ago. (Waving at Greta!) It has stayed with me. Her eyes were sparkling, like the diamonds her mother dreamed about. People and lessons are multi-faceted diamonds!! Life is filled with glorious diamonds- waiting for you to pick them up!!!

Okay- this is starting to sound preachy. I will stop rambling. The art I created is in honor of the Trinity. In honor of the man- outside my window doing his morning exercises.  
Life is amazing!!! Keep dancing!!
Shine- smile- sing- S-O-A-R!!! Wooohoooooo!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou has died at 86, prolific American author, poet and civil rights activist. There is a huge energy gap that she has left upon earth. She is the kind of person that you see as a forever soul. She is too strong a spirit to die. (sighing)

One of my favorite stories about her is how she wanted to work on the San Francisco trolley street car. This was a time when black women weren’t hired. However she was not deterred at all. She was determined to get the job, she sat outside the mans office for two weeks. Eventually the man hired her. A tenacious young woman.  I love everything about her.

My friend TJ Bozeman wrote a great tribute:

The world lost a voice today
A voice for civil rights
A voice for women
A voice for our humanity.
She gave us hope
and understanding.
She believed in wisdom
and passing it on 
and down to those
we raise.
She taught us
that knowledge doesn't 
always come a school
or organized learning
but from life.
She showed us 
that life can be ugly 
and brutal
but beautiful too.
She was grace
and beauty
and a woman with class.
She was a lady.
She wrote words
that touch our hearts 
and moved our souls.
Now she is at rest
but she is someone who
will never be forgotten.
Her words will live on
She will live on.
Thank you
Dr. Maya Angelou
American Author-Poet
tj bozeman 5/28/2014

Thank you Tj!! Beautiful!

I imagine they have trolley cars in heaven!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Super Powers

This blog- brought to you by: “Three pieces of art created by facebookian friends”

A poem by Perry November Gorman about a new enlightened love, Skeletor upon the back of a kitten by Shaunna Tunstall and a glorious sunset by Alma Delacruz Gossman, toooooo pretty to not show you.

I went to the you tube videos to refresh my mind. All I could recall was a muscled blond man running about with a sword. The introduction to “He-Man” brought back the memories. He introduces himself as Adam and he acquired magic powers when he found his magical sword. I love the idea of raising a sword and claiming the power of the Universe. It just makes me smile. Perhaps we all have a little warrior inside of us wanting released! (grinning) Thank you Shaunna!!!

There is much power in the written word- a form of art that secretly seeps into your mind- without you really being consciously aware of it. What a glorious magic it is!

There is a facebook post circulating –Words are powerful! (When we are learning words- it is called “spelling”) Smiling!

Perry’s poem was so lovely. It was as if I was the tail of his kite. I was riding the breeze with him- -content to relax back upon the soft sweet enlightened words.

(Perry forgive me for removing my favorites ;-) Waving)
Here are a few of the favorite lines from his poem:
“This love I know
Kneels in humble….
This love is the greatest
Teacher of lessons Learned….
This love I know shadows me beautifully…
What I once couldn’t see before, I eventually
Got to know me as me.”

The energy of his words are deish!!! It is like slipping into a warm Jacuzzi. Oh- the words soothe and heal me! Thank you Perry!

If you know me- then you know what a total nut case I am about the beach. And what a nutcase I am about the sun setting. Then to combine them both! Wooohooooo! Then I become that crazy coo coo nut crazy bird- zinging all over the place HAPPY! Thank you Alma!!! Lordy mercy woman you have the eye- for finding glorious photos!!! (grinning)

I can see myself with my hands over my head in a yoga position. My arms stretched above my head- and my palms place together. I can feel the words of Perry soothe me- trusting in his vision of love, which soothes and heals me. And I smile at the wonderful photograph of Skeltor riding the kitten.  Deep down I am that warrior Adam!

There is so much incredibleness in the world! May you resonate in the sunset of soothing Love. Have a blessed day sweet friends!


Monday, May 26, 2014


God- Spirit-The universe, what ever you call the higher power is laughing at me!!

I know that I will use THIS blog as one of the most important images to reveal to my professors how I “see”.

Everything is art, art is light, and light is spirit! It is ALL connected in a wonderful connect the light dots. If we are willing to “see” it- the art will give us lessons.

The image you see, is my curtain. (It really is a sheet I rigged upon my window.)

I was upon the telephone speaking with a fabulous friend-that I have known my whole life- when the “LIGHT SNAKE” appeared…I picked up my phone and took the photo you see.

The window is open a few inches and the breeze blows slightly moving the fabric…I was astounded and in awe- because the “Light Snake” was doing this fabulous little dance for me- it was “light animation!” Oooooooh I so wish I had taken a video of it- to show you!!!

(grinning) Maybe I will catch it tomorrow for you. One “Light snake” waiting to be captured. (Please see me standing with light bag and light hook in hand. (totally laughing now.)

I know that I will show this as my mid-point review. (Waving at professors) I have been settling into who I am as an artist. I believe there is a dimension of light/shadow art waiting to be born! I totally believe art theorist, Walter Benjamin as he believes art comes from a “sacred ritualist place!!!.”

Michael Foucault believed one must investigate the systems, or schemes of knowledge. Jaques Derrida also supported that language changes upon its context.

The Native American way of  life believe that God will speak you to you in what ever way you are ready to learn. For them the lessons are in animals. The book “Medicine Cards” written by Jamie Sams and David Carson is a guide I use to learn these lessons.

The light snake crossed my path this morning. It has been crossing my daughter’s path recently too! (smiling-waving) The snake means:  “Transmutation.”

The lesson is about life-death-rebirth cycle. The shedding of the skin exemplifies this. “It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is knowledge that all things are equal in creation…”  (Sam and Carson, p.61)

Art is life, art reflects life, life reflects art and life is art. Art is waiting to be “seen”.

Woooohoooooooo!!! A glorious day indeed!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Love Warrior

I spent the day creating this piece of art.

One of my professors suggested I learn the muscle form. So I pulled up the anatomy art- and layered muscle shapes..and played with the shapes.

A great day for art.

A friend said during one of my critiques, that one can leave some mystery to the art.

I kept him in mind as I created this art.

This would be what my muse looks like. The light and shadow contrasting- the swirls in constant movement.

Instead of doing doodles upon paper- I am going to work in photoshop- build up my portfolio.

If you would like to purchase my art- Please- email me-

Keep soaring sweet friends! Wooohooooo!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014


Original art created a few moments ago- by Judith Parsons


My love...
(sighing smile)

Amazing, isn't it, when we are in love how much better we take care of ourselves?

It is easier to love another and take care of our bodies. We go to the gym- we work out- we dress better...all because of this other significant person in our lives.

Yet- when there is no one significant around- we lapse into not caring about our bodies- we sink back into that lazy place- of between. Or- at least I do.

I have a couple of friends who are in this place of desperation. They want to be loved soooo badly they accept crumbs. When they should be holding out for the whole glorious cake.

I admit- I did that. I accepted a compartmentalized love. I thought I could handle it. Thought I could live upon crumbs. It gets old. Oh Lordy mercy--me oh my...Waiting around for someone to love you.
Waiting for them to call.
Waiting for them to give you the time of day.

Don't do it...walk away. Turn on your heels and leave.

I didn't intend to preach. I hate people that do. And here I am doing it- God help me.

I have been looking at me lately. Trying to evaluate if I like me--I am not ready to ask myself if I love myself...So we will start slow. I am making a list. Upon one side is what I like about me- the other what I loath.
Thank goodness the like side is longer.

I am ready to access and evaluate - ready to put some time into me. Dare I say it- It is time to Love myself.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Last year I took a art class with a man who has light wings! You know the type of person I am talking about. They almost walk upon their tippy toes- they have a bounce to their step. They fly so high upon happiness they rise above the muck and mundane mess of reality. They refuse to get sucked into the negativity.

That is what makes him: “A REAL artist.”

I know- Pinnocchio, the wooden puppet becoming a real boy comes to mind. (grinning) Joel has a certain na├»ve charm about him. Oh, I so hope- the harshness of life doesn’t wear it away. I think- I used to be like that. Maybe that is the core element to being an artist- having that inner child like wonder.

This gentleman’s name is Joel Ford, sadly- he does not have a web page yet- most of us are working on that aspect. You can follow him via facebook!! I imagine he would be more than happy to include you upon his friends list.

 You see the glorious photograph displaying his charm. He is like that all the time! He smiles easily and genuinely. I couldn’t help but grin and smile when I saw his profile photo. We used to call moments like these: “Kodak” moments.  What a photograph! Esmeralda Ruiz captured this magical moment in time!! Thank you Dear.

I asked Joel why he felt he needed to acquire his masters degree. (His illustrations and three dimensional characters are off the charts insane good!!!) He said he needed to prove to himself and to his family members that he could do this. No one else in his family had acquired a master’s degree.

He said: “I wanted to take charge of the opportunities life gave me to make my life better now and for the future.” BRAVO!!! Job well done Joel!!! (standing ovation)

Stay connected to the people across the room that smile and laugh! I expect great things from this artist! Follow him!  I will be following him! I imagine him creating incredible three dimensional characters- bringing the impossible to life.

Congratulations Joel!! It is an incredible accomplishment! Securing a MFA- Masters in Fine Art!!!! Woooohoooooo!!!