Saturday, May 24, 2014

Love Warrior

I spent the day creating this piece of art.

One of my professors suggested I learn the muscle form. So I pulled up the anatomy art- and layered muscle shapes..and played with the shapes.

A great day for art.

A friend said during one of my critiques, that one can leave some mystery to the art.

I kept him in mind as I created this art.

This would be what my muse looks like. The light and shadow contrasting- the swirls in constant movement.

Instead of doing doodles upon paper- I am going to work in photoshop- build up my portfolio.

If you would like to purchase my art- Please- email me-

Keep soaring sweet friends! Wooohooooo!!!

1 comment:

  1. Judith,

    I love this piece on the cover. It is amazing what you can put together. I have see your sculptures which are amazing, and your graphic designs remind me of sculptures, wow you have talent in photo shop. You should do lessons on-line with this talent! Sharon Spencer