Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hello Sweet Luvs! Transcend,,,
That last blog, hmm, well…it didn’t work out. I thought we might be able to let the waters settle. I thought we might let the words become silt and let the higher energy rise. However, it is time to move on again.
I spent many day – hours one end looking for a place to resettle in San Francisco. And I ended up calling the group I first rented with. Latitude 38 housing.
Tony jumped through hoops to help me…Dear Lord I am blessed to know Ping and Tony!!!
They have come to my rescue yet again.
I am in a new place that I can see the Coit Tower and the Trans American building…as well as my favorite red neon YMCA building. (I have taught swimming for adults---for evvvv-er!)

Everything makes us stronger. Everything IS a lesson to learn from. I smile and wave at the woman that was so sweet to let me reside in her place for a while….She had taught me MUCH! Thank you Janice!
We all grow stronger…better…happier!!!
Soaring beside you all…a glorious wind upon our faces- as we fly into the sun!

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