Monday, April 28, 2014


Hello Sweet Friends,

It has been one BUSY semester. I thought I would have time to blog and write and la-dee-da. (sighing) 

I just emailed my final paper to a professor am ready to snuggle-snuzzle around the fire light in my minds eye, and cuddle next to all you howling wolves! (grinning)

I know I have been busy because I haven’t noticed the moon. Forgive me moon for ignoring you. If you know me- then you know how sacred the full moon is for me. As I howl at it- I know you are howling as well!!! (grinning)

I am happy to report I am settled in a lovely apartment, with a lovely apartment mate and we are settling into the energy. It is a lovely place, roses along the back fence, I can light candles and the windows are large and expansive allowing much light in. We are learning one another and life is fine.

I saw the movie “Transcendence” over the weekend. It was nice to hang out with fellow artist and get to know them a bit more. It was hilarious to even take the wrong train. (Waving and laughing- you know who you are!)

The movie tied in directly with my Crossing borders class. It was a glorious example of media art and helped me explain my own sense of sacredness with art and how it is born.

Everything truly is a lesson/blessin. I am learning to communicate and balance life. It is a glorious dance. I am blessed to have the love and support of so many wonderful friends.

Go see the movie…Let me know what you think. (smiling sigh) We are in a wonderful age of technology- the information we share is instant- the love we share is incredible!

Keep soaring, singing, shining and smiling. I love you all.

Bare with me…as I learn to communicate. Don’t give up on me.