Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fixing Time!!!

Original art -created by Judith Parsons- just for this blog...(grinning)
Last week Mr. Time and I played hide and seek. (grinning) 

I was moving things from a hotel room.  I figured every day for 5 days I would pack the last bits and pieces of my clothing- medicine cabinet etc. and take it upon a bus, then upon Bart to my new residence.

In the back of my mind was the “FIX TIME KIT" I had ordered a month ago with Amazon.

 I have a gorgeous watch- which my sister gifted me, and I wanted to figure out how to change the battery on my own.

You see, Mr. Time is smiling, because He- likes that I am trying to fix Him- all by myself.
(grinning) Are you understanding the crazy way I think?

I was on auto-pilot. Going to art classes, focusing upon the wings that needed to be finished, focusing upon the clay that was whispering to me in my sleep- to come to her. I was aware that Mr. Time was invisibly walking beside me.

The old me would have grabbed Mr. Time by the shirt collar and had a thing or two to say to the dude. The old me would have demanded he slow down. 

The new me felt Him, walking beside me- his hand against my lower back- as if dancing. 

I felt the warmth of Time, that somehow it would ALL come together. It would all get done.

So back to lugging stuff across town. (laughing) I left my last load of luggage and my New Orleans pillow at the hotel. The front desk was nice enough to allow me to leave it waiting behind the front desk - for a day.

I explained to the hotel clerk that I was waiting upon a package that was not in yet. I gave him my number and asked him to please keep his eyes open for it.

Then I went around to the back room to collect my last over packed luggage. And Lo- and behold the package to fix time was sitting upon my suitcase.

Time was waiting for me to come get it. (grinning) I have it now. I have the ability to FIX TIME.

Mr. Time is grinning beside me- he is grabbing me by my shirt collar and pulling me upon my tippy toes..and he is kissing me upon my forehead…and laughing.

God knows- I love Mr. Time!!!

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