Sunday, October 28, 2018

Distorting and pulling apart

Composition by Judith Parsons Art
San Francisco 2018

The computer realm of creating give us infinite possibilities. We can create something and distort it until our heart is content.

We can pull and stretch it apart.
Over and over again.
We can turn down the opacity so the layers become transparent.

Wouldn't it be nice in life- to see the transparency of another person?

We push things, we test boundaries. We are like toddlers wondering how much we can get away with. Until finally the other love says; "No".

Lately I am obsessed with the five point star. Five is my number. So - I create with that in mind.
This particular shape started out as a star. Then I morphed and twisted and distorted the star to come a wave shape. Then I took that shape and rotated it again to create what another star.

The pendulum has swung to the point of distortion. The balance is out of whack. People are looking to technology to save them.

When the hurricane hit - my sister and I spoke about how people in their neighborhood came together. The electricity was off. Social media was no an option. The coffee maker and microwave weren't working. The neighbor was real, every one walked out into the street to check on one another and connect.

Right next door, they all stopped and looked up from their devices and helped one another. Life is twisted. Horrible things are happening in this world. I don't know what the answers are. It is like we are all lost. Maybe we need some guiding stars.

It is too bad the nut cases who are out killing others aren't distorting art on computers or playing games instead of doing it in the physical world. Now with video games and social media so available we tend to look at our devices more than we look at one another.

I have no answers.
I wish I did.
I am going to play in photoshop and illustrator and create more distorted stars. That is exactly what we all are.
Distorted stars. Still shining. Every single one of you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Original art by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018


It was the first three syllable word I learned to spell. I remember asking a blond headed boy in secondary school how he got A's on his spelling and he told me to break the word down into smaller bites.

He said: "Like the word- together- to-get-her"

It was a moment that stayed with me forever. You know how flash type memories get filed away in your memory.

To get "Her" I talk with my therapist I see all the females in my life, the mom, grandmom, sisters and aunties who have influenced me. Even the older moms who laughed and enjoyed their children- Lauren, you were that for me. A happy mom.

I didn't know one could be happy as a mom- until I met you. So I was determined to laugh and enjoy my children. Thank you for being a good parent. You have amazing daughters- (waving- Molly and Nai.)

Then I met a "her". It was someone outside of myself. Someone I wanted to understand, someone I wanted to capture.  "She"- a magnificent woman, clever and good with her hands. She fixes things easily, took it in stride that she could research it, take photos with her cell phone and figure out the details. I went searching for clever females.

Females have been traveling an interesting path as of late. All the scrutiny about us, how we trick and treat the males in our life. It is an interesting cross roads to be. All in all I admit I drank more than need be. As a young woman, I didn't like being a military wife, I hated the fricken moves. Just as soon as I found a cool as heck family to love, (waving Myers family) it would be time for us to move again. I hated that every hurricane season my husband was needed upon the ship, and I was left alone. Enough of the hate talk. The past is the past.
Let bygones be bygones.

Now, I am figuring out the "her" within me. What makes me happy, what makes me excited, what moves me to cry. I am learning that being a mother of two children is a glorious role to wear. It is a super power to have children. Sure, in this world more than ever- it is a tough trick to handle working and raising babies. However, more than ever, with internet and instant technology it is easier than ever to work from home.

I would stay up at night and layout magazines on my computer and awaken blurry eyed with my babies. I did. We can do it. And if you decide not to have babies then maybe you can become an "Aunty" to a friend and support her babies.

All-in-all we are together in this. It seems we need one another more than ever. We all need to our tribe of friends. People we can be silly and crazy with. Even drunk with- if you need to. Bit own it, take responsibility for your drinking. Maybe even give fair warning to your family that you are going under the spell of the foggy realm of drink.
Together we can become stronger and better.

If you know a military wife, take her under your wing, she REALLY needs you. On that I will sign out, I adore you readers.

On Friday I am doing a coronary angiogram, so please keep me in your prayers. It seems the heart needs a little fixing maybe. So we gots to figure it all out.

Oh- I have some glasses I have made a Saints Star. It is an original design. I have a friend in New Orleans who is laser etching the glasses. $75. for 4  or $125. for 8.

Email me.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ride the energy. Dance.

Original design by Judith Parsons Art • 2018 San Francisco

This art is made from five fleur-de-lis. I have taken the art and swirled and distorted its shape.

Dancing is a great activity I wished I had learned. Whilst growing up they had “Arthur Murray Dance Studios” in Savannah, Georgia. I always yearned to have a man who knew how to swirl me around the dance floor.

It is an incredible talent to be able to dance. I never found someone who could place his/her hand against my lower back and pull me effortlessly around the dance floor. Wait, wait, wait…there was one person. And it was a taste of what being moved around the dance floor should be like. It was a “let me show you how its done” sort of 5 minutes. And I will never forget the powerful feeling it was- to be moved so persuadably.

Now I just dance to the music that is being played around the pool. It makes me silly, as I goof about and ask the children to dance when they need a silly break from swimming laps. All in all moving feels good.

I don’t think I am alone as someone over 50 years old, and closer to 60 than I would like to admit. We are still riding the wave of energy. We still have 35 year old hearts beating and wanting more.

I had 30 minutes today where I could float and enjoy the sound of my heart beat in my ears. I only took 10 minutes to let the energy of the fluid calm me. It is rejuvenating to allow oneself to be buoyed by the water. Rest. Close your eyes. See yourself in the ocean moving along the surface of the water. Be relaxed. Exhale. Let those shoulders drop.

There is no point here. Well- on the art composition there are points- as limbs moving about…however, we are dancing into another season soon. 

Red into purple. 

Like leaves falling, changing becoming what they need to become. Fall. A good time to rest.

Let the squirrels busy themselves with gathering and preparing for hibernation. We have the wood and goal ready for our hearth. The winter months will be upon us soon enough.

The hearth will be the place to create a nest. 

For now soak up the last of the Indian summer. Find a warm place in the sun to melt. Breathe in your luxuries. Your car, your many roomed house, your back garden, your balcony, your own bathroom, these are not small things to people who do not have them.

All things change, evolve and move on. (sighing)

Walking along the beach, I pick up that piece of drift wood. I imagine it will produce beautiful greens in the coming winters fire. 

Keep dancing…
on the water
on the flames of future wishes
on your dreams.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The heart with teeth in it.

Original one-of-a-kind art
By Judith Parsons Art
San Francisco 2018

I redrew the fleur-de-lis, I took the arms of the symbol and made sure the shape was a crescent.

The curve was made by over lapping two perfect circles. Then the band which goes across the center was changed to represent a heart.

I let the tips of the crescent arms dip down into the heart.
The tips resemble teeth. It might be hard to see in this graphic.

Though when we mature and grow, we realize that that young innocent love. That naive love, HAS to be naive.

If anyone knew from the start what they were getting into -they would fricken run away screaming- with their hands up in the air.

Love does require reciprocation. It is a two way street. It requires acquiescing and backing down from a huge argument. Someone has to break the silent frozen tit for tat zone.

Yeah. Relationships can be a pain in the ass.

Yet. They can also be a comfort. Someone to snuggle against. Someone to cry to.

You have to constantly weight out- does the bad out weight the good and vice versa. Constantly you have to hold up the mirror and say: “Did you just say blah blah blah…”

When we are young and are starting out on the relationship path- we WANT someone to rescue us.


I admit it. It want a place to run away to without stress and strife. That first place, that white beach place eventually turns cold. Seasons change.

One can understand why people flock to the southern white sandy beaches in Florida. It is a Panacea. A cure all, and yes, there is actually a beach called “panacea.” It is gorgeous too.

That is enough rambling on for the day. The older I become the less I know.

Yesterday, whilst floating in the water, awaiting my next private lesson to arrive, I let the water talk to me. The water knows me, it buoys me. It supports my grand life wish for all people to be as comfortable resting in its liquid. I felt whole (holy) yesterday.

Enjoy the fleur-des-lis design...If you want it, pay me for it...

The heart has tiger teeth in it. You LSU know you want it.

Keep swimming, shining, singing...Love y'all!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Writing Love

Original one of a kind art created by
Judith Parsons Art 2018
San FranciscoWe do what we love.

Look at what you spend your day doing.

There you have it.

That is what you love.

Sounds simple.

It is.

I create in photoshop and illustrator almost every single day.
It can't be helped.

Creators create.
If I had a studio I'd be creating in clay or with a digital laser cutter.

For now- all I have is a lap top.

Writing. It is a hobby of mine. Sometimes I have great ideas and wonderful wisdom. Most of the time I write to download the thoughts about poetry from friends.

I am excited because I have a pen pal. I look forward to spending 30 minutes writing to him. Even if it is only- "I have nothing to say." It helps to have someone respond.
(Waving) Thank you Rex for being a friend.

The art actually says "I write Rex." It is abstract...however it is readable.

Go ahead and do you. Write- create- paint- build- repurpose old stuff.

Break old china and make mosaics.

The tune "Sentimental journey" is in my head...and I am singing do-do-do along with the tune.

Have a blessed Sunday Sweet Luvs.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Don't Wait

"Do not wait until pain has become a friend."
Original artwork created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco

I don't know if this has occurred to you. You are in a new relationship and everything is going along fine and dandy.

Then you start disconnecting. Something has gone wrong. You are looking around trying to figure out how to plug back into the wonderful beginnings.

Something has changed. There could be a zillion reasons, however, something has shifted.

You keep telling yourself: "I can keep loving this person."

So you do.

Whew. You got over that bumpy place.

Then you hit another snag, another huge pot hole along your journey. And you keep patching it, you keep apologizing and trying to get along.

How long do you do this?

This is a hard cold mirror reflecting the way we are in life. There might be a kazillion reasons why things aren't as smooth as they once were.

However, the pain is settling in. In fact, you tend to see yourself standing knee deep in hot boiling water and you keep putting on frozen ice boots to get through it...but they melt.

What the heck is happening? How come you are hurting? How come the water is so hot?

That is what the art is about. I read poetry by Joe Wilson. He is a fabulous writer in the "Serious Lovers of Poetry" group in facebook. He actually wrote about becoming friends with the pain. It made me gulp. I thought -holy moly, this is what you used to do Jude.

The key word is "used".

And then I wanted to run around to all of the people I love and cherish and say: "Do not wait! Stop the pain! Don't become friends with it."

So- there you have it.

Thats all I have got. Don't become numb. Don't dive into the foggy realm of drink and drugs to numb yourself. The pain is there to tell you to CHANGE something.

Thank you Joe Wilson for writing your poetry! Thank you Joe for throwing this amazing pearl into my waters!

We need one another. We are connected on so many incredible levels. Keep loving! (And if you are the person CAUSING the pain- stop it. It is simple. Be nice. Support and encourage.)

That is all.

Keep smiling, soaring, shining, singing and sashaying!
Love you all!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

3 into 1 The other side of the camera

Two weeks ago I was on the beach with Anita. She is my long distance, half way around the world girl friend. I try to get over to Ireland regularly and we are figuring out the details of the relationship, but that isn't what this is about.

This is about being on the other side of the camera.

She is the photographer and I am the person who takes the images into photoshop and illustrator and plays with them.  It was a fun morning taking photos of painted rocks. The sun was bright and the beach deserted.

A lovely morning to play and be crazy upon the beach. I combined 3 photos into one. Her head is down and moving upward. As we fly through information these days. This way you see her laughing and and lowering her head in her fit of uncontrolled laughter.

Truthfully I was telling her to "work it" like fashion photographers tend to do.

Bless Anita's heart for putting up with me-- half way around the world. She is an incredible compassionate woman who loves a crazy-off-the-wall artist. I am blessed to have her love me.

I shake my head, why on earth would she put herself through me. Doesn't she know I am ricocheting  off the wall right and left with a kazillion project ideas all the time?