Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ride the energy. Dance.

Original design by Judith Parsons Art • 2018 San Francisco

This art is made from five fleur-de-lis. I have taken the art and swirled and distorted its shape.

Dancing is a great activity I wished I had learned. Whilst growing up they had “Arthur Murray Dance Studios” in Savannah, Georgia. I always yearned to have a man who knew how to swirl me around the dance floor.

It is an incredible talent to be able to dance. I never found someone who could place his/her hand against my lower back and pull me effortlessly around the dance floor. Wait, wait, wait…there was one person. And it was a taste of what being moved around the dance floor should be like. It was a “let me show you how its done” sort of 5 minutes. And I will never forget the powerful feeling it was- to be moved so persuadably.

Now I just dance to the music that is being played around the pool. It makes me silly, as I goof about and ask the children to dance when they need a silly break from swimming laps. All in all moving feels good.

I don’t think I am alone as someone over 50 years old, and closer to 60 than I would like to admit. We are still riding the wave of energy. We still have 35 year old hearts beating and wanting more.

I had 30 minutes today where I could float and enjoy the sound of my heart beat in my ears. I only took 10 minutes to let the energy of the fluid calm me. It is rejuvenating to allow oneself to be buoyed by the water. Rest. Close your eyes. See yourself in the ocean moving along the surface of the water. Be relaxed. Exhale. Let those shoulders drop.

There is no point here. Well- on the art composition there are points- as limbs moving about…however, we are dancing into another season soon. 

Red into purple. 

Like leaves falling, changing becoming what they need to become. Fall. A good time to rest.

Let the squirrels busy themselves with gathering and preparing for hibernation. We have the wood and goal ready for our hearth. The winter months will be upon us soon enough.

The hearth will be the place to create a nest. 

For now soak up the last of the Indian summer. Find a warm place in the sun to melt. Breathe in your luxuries. Your car, your many roomed house, your back garden, your balcony, your own bathroom, these are not small things to people who do not have them.

All things change, evolve and move on. (sighing)

Walking along the beach, I pick up that piece of drift wood. I imagine it will produce beautiful greens in the coming winters fire. 

Keep dancing…
on the water
on the flames of future wishes
on your dreams.

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