Sunday, April 28, 2019

Moving art and starting over. (Yet again)

Original one-of-a-kind art by Judith Parsons Art 2019
Hey Sweet Luvs!

It is been awhile. I am writing from my original location. For 6 years I lived in San Francisco, securing my Masters In Fine Art.

I packed up and discovered Amtrack will ship luggage and boxes of books across America. It CAN BE DONE.

( I swear I will write about Amtrack and what I learned in another blog.) Thank you Mark and Lisa and Sara. (hugging you all in a huge group hug) I hope you all connected and made the art switch off.

The photographs to the left are my art. I work with digital laser acrylic, glass, clay and graphic design composition.

   Swimming is keeping me fit and happy! I adore the children, especially when they have their "Awww-Ha!" floating holy moly moment. That is what I live for right now. I believe God gives me a feather for my angel wing every time a child learns to float. I believe I am saving a life.
I work at PAC in Mandeville. The club is posh and glorious!! They have a jacuzzi and steam room too.  Come visit and give me a hug!

I am working with Jeanette Murray (waving) creating clay sculptural pieces which I will be slumping glass into soon. SO watch for some new art coming soon.

I am applying all over the place, for an art teaching job in the fall.

I love you guys! (hugging you tight) It is good to be home.