Friday, December 30, 2016

Riding my dragon!

Original illustration by Judith Parsons
There is much magic to be had. It is right in front of you when you truly live the power of now. Sure, we have all read the book, heard all of this before, however, being totally present in the moment is what life IS ABOUT!

 Being completely aware of every savoring and satisfying moment truly blows away all of the fears and foggy static of nothingness. I am learning how to love life straight up, no drugs impeding my senses. It is the most honorable thing to do in life, live it without the blinders and fogginess of drugs.

I live most of my life alone. I have learned the ultimate lesson about life, whilst living alone. I can not blame my life on anybody else. What my life is, right now, here, in San Francisco is what I have created. If it is a mess, then it is mine that I have made. If it is good, it is also because I have worked on creating this space of positiveness.

I blamed other people for a lot of my life, for why it was the way it was. Then I decided to go out upon my own, and “OWN” it. Good or bad, what ever was out there for me to learn was going to be what I did.

Go live alone. Take yourself AWAY from every person out there. Make it on your own. THEN, and only then will you gain the self confidence to stand straight and tall upon the mountain of life and unfurl your wings and soar.

Sure, I get it. It is scary out there. Yep. And you might have to work 2 jobs to figure out how to make ends meet. But chances are, you WILL figure out how to pay the bills, live within your means and become the independent person you have always wanted to be. When you become YOU, all alone, with no one else to blame for your success and/or failure the your dragon will appear.

THEN, the real work begins. 

Right now I am blessed beyond measure, I am soaring beside a magnificent dragon of a wild woman. She totally blows me away with her ferociousness for life! She has shown me that other people are incredibly important, and while she is here…I need to ride her to infinity.

You see life is short. Live it without additives of foggy drugs. Live it wild friends, become untamed and howling mad. 


Friday, December 23, 2016

Reflecting infinity in Maggie

Original one-of-a-kind illustration by Judith Parsons 2016

I am back home, in Savannah for the Wise man season. Where the women proudly wear their momma’s pearls and their raggedy jeans. Yep, the gorgeous peaches know how to work it! 

Tonight my sister and her daughter sat at the kitchen table looking through old photographs…remembering who we were way back when. God knows I looked good! (grinning) We all did!

You see, I grew up thinking I was always fat. I didn’t have great self esteem. I learned that from my mom. Perhaps we all took upon us our moms attitude - without really “knowing” what we were doing. If she was social, we became that. If she was always hiding from the camera, we did that too. There certainly is much to learn from our mother’s behavior.

As we continued through the photo albums I found photos of my ex-husband. I stomped my foot in regret. I took photographs of a strong gardener, a happy man. It brought back floods of memories, like a storm to the desert. It reminded me of who I was- way back when.

My sister and her daughter know me inside and out. They have witnessed my crazy Jekyll and Hyde moments, my overly emotional cry baby moments and they have loved me through it all. My niece connects with me, mainly because her mom and I have ALWAYS talked. At least once a week if not more, for 35 years. 

Admittedly, I was not a great daughter when it came to calling my parents. My ex and I moved all over the place, and well, I didn’t have much to tell. NOW, I get the whole- “pick up the phone and just talk”- and say nothing..just connect. Who knows what silly conversations will arise?

Because today, I sat next to a mom with a 2 month old baby. My heart was thrilled to be next to such young WISE energy. I wished I had been more connected to my mom and dad. Then maybe- just maybe my babies would be more connected to me.

All too often we push our children out of the nest. We want them to unfurl their wings, and soar. Yes, yes, yes…we do. Then they do. And we have to figure out what to do with the next years.

The illustration started out as crazy wings…and look more like palm trees. (laughing) My southern beach Goddess showed up…

Do yourself a favor- call your mom, let your baby girl see you happy talking to your momma. One day, she will be me, wishing she had been a better role model.

Thank you Maggie and Lynn…Such WISE women!! Woooohoooooo!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time…

There lived a tree climbing girl who loved singing to the birds. She never felt very smart however she knew she was clever.

At the time she didn’t know she was logical. At the time she only knew she could “figure things out”.

She loved following her dad about his shop. He would fix things and she would stand under foot and make him crazy.

She had a great friend, Danny, who came over and they would try out all of her dad's tools. They would act like they knew what they were doing. But they mostly laughed at the silly things they made.

She loved the old churches with their arches and curved ceilings. She could sit for hours looking at the lines that created the cathedral churches.

She didn’t think she could ever be an architect. There was too much math involved.

She grew up and decided to give auto-cad a try. Randy, the wise instructor laughed at how she would draw hands with the wire frame program, instead of measuring and completing the assignment. He was happy and a lovely friendship grew.

As the young lady became an older woman she kept learning. She fell head over heels in love with architecture and secured her bachelors degree from the university of CA, Santa Cruz.

She taught students, sold lots of art and still yearned to continue her studies. 

The only advanced degree she could strive toward in Louisiana was in Special Education. It was there that our artist met the wise wonderful Ph’D Cindy. Her heart was awakened with the plight of the struggling challenged students. This realm of learning was indeed special as the majority of the world tends to look away from these special children who need attention and guidance. 

Our artist ends her story here, in San Francisco. While looking for a college, she decided upon Academy of the Art University, as the head of the department, Lawrence was connected to Star Wars, and the "force" guided her there. She decided it was time to be courageous and take those “masters of fine art” classes. She could do it, she was clever. 

She kept the famous mantra in the forefront of her mind. “Persistence is omnipotent.” She kept working and working at perfecting her art. She learned that clay and metal were fabulous to work with and lovely materials, yet the precision wasn’t there.

Then she stumbled into the world of digital laser cutting. The master instructors in this realm were Gordon and Kelly.  Here they saw Judith’s potential. Here the cathedral of limitless art could be made and created.

It was here that she felt she finally could connect the artist that was clever with the now wise patient woman that knew the magic of Adobe Illustrator. 

Here is where the fun really begins.

Once Upon A Time… is now. THE magic of miracles begins!!

Wooohoooooo!! Life is amazing!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

The powerful female.

Playing in photoshop. I love Adobe products!
Original one-of-a kind art by Judith Parsons Art. 2016

The complicated multi-faceted diamond that women are. The sun reflects a million rainbows of hope from her.

She, the female. 

We are all born into this world from a female.

SHE has such incredible power when she is young.

What if she stopped having babies? 
In a few years the preschools would be out of business, the pediatricians would have to switch to another field. 

In 6 years the diaper companies would go out of business. No sense having diapers if there aren’t any babies, wait, we have adults who need diapers now. So — I guess they would remain in business.

The power of the woman who still has a menstrual cycle is incredible.

The catholic church knew what it was doing when it placed Madonna at the central figure. We all are born.

Just rambling thoughts…no sharp corners. Nothing but curves and soft thoughts.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Untethered LOVE!

Original one-of-a-kind art, by Judith Parsons. Incredible art!

Another poetry friend wrote this line:
"Yet for anyone who walks alone untethered”

Relationships of the past were all about being tethered. The rope was a huge massive cord of wrapped metal that was strong enough to hold a massive metal freighter to the dock.

Today marriage and children are something many 20 year olds and 30 year olds are deciding NOT to do. 
They ask:

“What is the point to marriage and having children?” We all know it takes both parents working to raise a child. So who is raising the child?

Think about it. THIS. THIS is going to change us all. 

Decide to live beside a parent. Let the grandparent help raise the little one. You might not agree with everything the grandparent says. However, you know the songs that your mom and dad know. Changes are when your child starts singing, the family song will be a nice thing to share.

I taught a baby swimming class yesterday and it was amazing. The little babies were everything they needed to be. They were filled with every emotion. Fear of the water, fear of a person they didn’t know. Anxiousness about the temperature. Shyness about me. Then the happy learning emotions that come with becoming comfortable with me and the water. And then the crying, because they didn't want to leave!

It was great to be around new little fishes. It is lovely to give yourself to new people in a new energy way. No, I am not tethered to them in a huge metal way. I am giving up on the heavy ways of connecting. I am tethered with a smile and a little baby staring into my soul.

Yes, I saw me in that baby. It was infinity.

Go do something good for someone. Its okay to put other people first. It is okay to stop staring at your naval and making life all about you. Just do it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kiss me in the rain...

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2016.

Tonight’s blog goes out to perspective. 

It sure is extra nice to experience something you don’t regularly have in your life. Perspective and rain are two that pop up tonight.

Tonight I visited with another artist and we discussed one another’s work. I love the way she sees the mistakes in my work, and the way I see the mistakes in her work. We have discussed it before. It is funny how the eye tires and stops Seeing.
The whole “see it from fresh eyes” is true.

Then the rain, seeing it is lovely, and at night— not seeing it is not so lovely. As in stepping off a curb and filing your penny loafers with water. It awakened me for sure!

The photo you see is tonight in the rain. The red light was incredibly extra ordinarily vibrant reflecting from the watery surface.

I sat at the bus stop, watching the colored lights of cars go by. The light moved in the rain drops.The colors were magically slow motion strokes of blurs. 

We are blessed with the rain. Most of you folks get tons of rain. Here, in San Francisco, we beg and plead God to give us rain. We don’t take rain for granted. It is the sort of thing that makes us wild with wanting! It is a grab your mate and  “run out under the rain, raise your face to the rain and kiss one another” sort of happy!!

Next time it rains in your neck of the woods, grab the one you are with and kiss them—out under the rain…enjoy the way it make you young again.

Night Sweet Luvs…enjoy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alone Art...Slow motion

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2016
It is time to put the world into slow motion.
Take time into the passionate level of creating, where every weave of the fabric is placed with certainty. It is a place of knowing your tools so intimately that your precision ability comes to the forefront.

It is an intense place to be. One can not sustain the place of highest precision for long. When that space and place is found, it is moved through in an slow motion matrix sort of savoring.

It is an alone place. I am comfortable finally with this one space of making art. It is not a place to share. 

Visions, thoughts, dreams, static all spin around us in a very fast hurricane of movement. KNOWING exactly where you need to be, knowing what needs to be done, and standing in that center of the storm…where all is eerily quiet.


In this space of underwater silence I meet my highest self. “She” the queen of me, pulls me into her and through her…as I emerge through the other side I can see the tasks that need to be done. I can see my final gallery show for my thesis. I know exactly what needs to be done.

There is much work to be done.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Isolation mode

For the past three days, I have been engineering art using Adobe Illustrator. The drawings are going to be used to cut out a sculptural form using acrylic. It is a precision ability. Truthfully, I never thought I would be one to fall in love with the perfecting of puzzle pieces…however, I can’t get enough of it.

I have created with clay, metal and glass none of those mediums really lend themselves to perfection. Its more of a: "close the kiln and pray to the kiln God" that it all comes together. I shake my head and laugh at this whole process. I have one foot placed firmly in the sculptural messy hands world and one foot in the incredibly precise digital laser technology.

As I have been drawing the layers of arches which have a “Trinity” symbol upon them the Isolation mode was something I used a lot. If you use the Adobe Illustration software, and are an intense artist, then you know what I am talking about.

The “mode of isolation” ability allows the user to change one element that resides within a group of elements. I can’t help but laugh at the title of this helpful mode. For three days I have been seriously focused upon this drawing. You are only seeing the layers placed upon one another so I could test the footing and the balance of the pieces. 

It is a dimensional puzzle celebrating the Trinity of Life. All of us are upon a quest. Your highest self is flying beside you, wings unfurled. Circling you and thrilled you are aware. The sun shines bright, the breeze is perfect, you have your walking stick in your minds eye. I’ll meet you high up, on the pinnacle.

Keep creating, keep loving…the mode of isolation helps us get the things done we need to accomplish. Whew. Intense three days of drawing. Art takes hard alone work. 
Appreciate an artist, purchase some of their work. It does your heart good. You know you want to!

Love you!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Snake snake snake...

Original art created especially for this blog
by Judith Parsons Art
If a snake bites you, you run. Initially, you get the heck out of dodge. Then you assess the damage. Was it a poison snake? You google your rear end off trying to find the snake, making sure you aren’t going to pass out and die in 20 minutes.

After you realize the seriousness of the situation you are either at the hospital or going back with a weapon to kill the snake.

Pretty simple right?

So, what if the snake is a negative person? What if the snake strikes at you, leaving you wondering, what the hell did I do, to deserve that?

It happens, a lot. 
Some people ignore it, and laugh it off.

Some people run away and contemplate what the next move is.
Some people keep taking that negative bite. Over and over again.
Some people kill the snake.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

 This is a test of the emergency blog cast system...If this had been a actual blog then you would see better art.

However, this is a teaching keep going.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Not my body...

The art started out as 5 triangles centered over one another. I start with the triangle thinking of “Body, Mind and Spirit” it is a theme I am closely related to. I believe we should have balance in all areas.

Then I objectively stepped back and looked at the reality. Ken Robinson, said during a TED talk, “that most of us think of our bodies as something to hold our brain”. It is true. The body generally gets left behind when there is work to be done. 

Not my body… Yep. The body gets left on the sidelines. 

I personally have the swinging pendulum approach to my body. I generally don’t do anything for it, until my waist line gets tight and then I pay attention to what I am eating. Though, the reason I started teaching swimming was to make sure I got my rear end into the pool regularly.

Swimming is the only exercise I can tolerate. I do abhor sweating. Swimming is the outer space realm on this earth. Though, the point of this write really is to throw a pebble at a long Facebook friend and tell him: “Love yourself enough to put some time into your body.”

Okay I have said it. One must love oneself enough to work upon the body. It really does make you feel good when you can climb 5 flights of stairs and not pass out at the top.

The mind and the spirit get loads of exercise. Take the body out on a date, give him/her a little swim, a little rumba, and a little love.

Just saying.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Two great small insignificant things

We all have experienced the street light coming on as we walk by. Or maybe it turning off. If one is “aware” the slight small “sign” is not lost upon us. These little aware moments make us smile.
Magical energy is swirling all around us, waiting for us to notice.

Two great small insignificant things happened today. I know—a strange way to put it…however, once one knows…one can not “un-know” this awareness…

At swimming one of my students told me he loved his life, after I showed him how to do a kneeling dive. It was a simple thing. No big deal to me. However, to him, he was thrilled with his accomplishment.
I loved his grin, the way he looked at me. It was a lovely perfect “teacher-student kodak moment”.


Tonight as I was walking home from the movie, the wind picked up a plastic bag just as I walked beside it. It hovered and swirled around me. I stopped for a second, giving the energy a “hello” and continued on. There was a man video taping the street scene. I told him “magic” and laughed. The bag continued to move upward as I walked on.
It was a lovely moment. The man continuing to video the bag flying in the wind. 

I love my life.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oh the stories...Be brave!!

The original photograph was taken by Anita Boyle, in Ireland.
I played with it- to add text.
Graphic- by Judith Parsons Art 2016
Anita took this photo looking out her back kitchen door. The glorious mountain is a sentinel, the tree to the right of the photograph is aways looking at the mountain, as if they are conversing as long time friends. It is a glorious thing to have a tree with a man’s face in it, looking after your back garden. It is even better when rainbows come to visit and people show up in the clouds.

One of the incredible things about Ireland, is how people let you tell your story. They do not care how far-fetched and insane it is. They attentively listen, and add bits to the story to help it along. One of the things my sweet girl-friend says is; “It is not my story to tell.” She respects the other's story. We all know, each family member, will remember the story form their own perspective. Every single thing in cognitive processing is based upon previous knowledge. THEY get it, in Ireland!  There isn't a family member saying: "That is not how I remember it."

Take that in.
Let it sit upon the surface of your liquid mind. 

It makes me smile. I have a brother, Alex (waving) who loves to tell fabulous incredible fish stories. It is who he is, he really should write a book! I really never appreciated his stories until I fell totally head over heels in love with Ireland. And then, my twin brother Jack, who has a million stories to tell too! I just shake my head at his life and what he has been through!

There is another brother, Paddy, who I start chuckling about as soon as I write his name. While visiting this summer, he told me that if someone asks me a question that I might not know the answer to, then: “I should make it up — and be as convincing as hell!” 

You see, it is in the confidence of the story teller that makes or breaks the story. I am grinning at the memory! Boy-oh-boy, can that man make me smile!! Thank you Paddy for your stories and your incredible LOVE! There is something wildly exciting about people telling their stories, not knowing if there is any truth in the telling. 

stop and grasp the whole hawk eyes perspective, 
look at the whole distorted crazy life we all live in.
These days nothing is believable. It isn’t about the stories. It is about the doing.

Because really, when it is all said and done. It is not talking the talk. It is is doing the walk. It is being brave enough to believe in your dreams and accomplishing them.

Back to the photograph. We all know the “Lucky Charms” cereal commercial, and I imagine the Irish cringe at it. However, as a “Yankee” (as your mother puts it Anita) we grew up on that nonsense. And the magically delicious part of Ireland is you, Dear Anita.

You have driven me all over Ireland, showing me artifacts, showing me the history, and finally revealing the magical river behind your house. The gold is in the sun as it reflects of the rocks and ripples of your river. The gold is your heart, which amazes me, and your energy which wraps around me when I need it most.

The three, brothers need to meet! They all really know how to tell a story! I can not wait until that day! Alex and Jack meet Paddy!!

What a fun time that will be! Lets find the gold at the end of Anita’s rainbow!

I am grinning from ear-to-ear at what the future brings!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Build confidence!

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2016
When you need the perfect art...
This note is for all of the parents who want their children to be the best in the class.

As a teacher, this weekend I witnessed a horrible event. One student was passed and pushed into a class, where he didn’t belong. He was not on the same level with all of the other children. When I assessed and evaluated his level of performance, HE KNEW he couldn’t do what I was asking, so he broke down and cried. He was embarrassed.

I felt horrible for the boy. He didn’t have a clue— how to do what I was asking him to do.

So this note is for the teachers, DON”T pass a child who isn’t doing the work. 

Parents, let the children learn the work. 

Swim instructors, keep the children at the level —until they build up confidence in that level. 

Swimming is a life transforming ability. Let the child have fun!! Play games!! 

Another thing: Parents, get in the pool with your children!!

End of rant.

Thank you!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Harvest moon tickles...

San Francisco Harvest Moon.
Photograph by Judith Parsons 2016.

What a magical day!

First thing, I awakened and was beside the river with my Love! Oh my, the world is an incredible place with technology taking you to the soothing sounds of nature half-a-world away! 
Then to my favorite pool to have fun and assist in the evolution of humans into fish. Then a moon that wrapped around me and whispered truths that only “She” could tell.

This isn’t a long blog. Life is about getting up and getting out there. What ever you do don’t sit alone. 

Go swimming. Find a pool. Float and let the water seep into your ears, let the muffled sounds sooth you. All day long I was telling my swimmers, “I know, I know- you can't hear anything. I know, it feels funny.”

Sometimes it take a little while to get used to something. That is how life is, new things take a little time.

Today, a little boy came into swim. He was crying when he walked into the building. I told the mom to pull up a stool and let him cry. She could hold him on her lap. I wasn’t going to force anybody to do anything they didn’t want to do. That isn’t my style.

Then 5 minutes before class was over, I gave the little dude a hive-five and told him I would see him next week. I looked him in the eye and nodded my head, and said as happily as I could: “ I will see you next week.” He then decided to sit down and join into the last 5 minutes of the class.

You have to smile. Life is like that. Just when you think- “Na-w-w-w-w-wh” It surprises you.

Go sit by the water, a lake, a river, and or the beach. and let the ripples and waves talk to you. Maybe, if you are lucky, and it is a warm climate, you might even immerse yourself into the water. Let it tickle you…(sighing)

It tickled me!

Oh- the photo is from my window. A glorious harvest moon for new beginnings. Added text in photoshop. Hope you like.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Expect miracles!

Original one-of-a-kind images
by Judith Parsons Art 2016



Being extremely aware of signs

Porcelain by Moby • Driving in the car, singing with Margaret • Jedi abilities • Looking in the directors eyes and “knowing” • In the studio with Sarah, Michael and Samira • Finally we gel • Learning about a dad who builds a bucket list item • Wanting vision for a Queen • Praying as the sun rises for VISION!!!

If I took all those bulleted words and threw them at you, it would be a shot gun explosion of energy. So I will leave all the energy sitting in its paragraph box.

The energy is gathering Dear Loves!! The miracles are rising to the surface!
The golden light matches our dreams, as it catches the edges of the wonderful wings of the geese. You can hear them in your minds eye, you can see them in formation, calling to the wildness of your heart.

The photo you see is a photo from Anita’s river. There is clearly a wolf in the water. She used the wolf as her photograph for ages upon facebook. Truth be told, I fell in love with that wild wolf. It did not matter what her physical appearance was, it was her energy, her wildness, her enthusiasm for life and her wonderful craic that pulled me to her river.

GO to the water, find some water to sit beside. A river, a lake or a beach. Listen to the sounds. Close your eyes and breathe in YOU. Sara video taped the sound of the water and waves. There is much magic in the release of all those energy bubbles. 

Today we see again. 
As an artist, learning TO SEE, is the most magnificent ability!! It sounds strange, however, there is a level of seeing that transports one higher. Once you see, you can not go back to not seeing.

The morning sun takes on a whole other light as it gently flows over the bed. The godliness of the golden illumination tells me more than I could ever convey with words. You will have to trust me, today is going to be a day for miracles!!

Wooohooooooo!!! I believe!

Pulling you into my arms for a huge hug. I am so happy for you. You can see.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Please Time

This image created especially for this blog
by ONE-of-a-kind ...Judith Parsons Art 2016

If you embrace him, then you will benefit greatly from HIS experience on the subject. He and I have had great conversations about HIM and we have agreed on very important facts.

First you must be open minded. Unzip you mind, and see yourself like my friend Sarah with her sculptures. Just open yourself to time where you can sit with Mr. Time, and contemplate life. He has agreed to join you, like he does me. He told me to tell you not to worry, he has much time to give, and is happy to do so.

Then you let the pressing issues, the things you know you must do, rise to the surface. Let the bubble of time go. The balloons will rise, that need to rise. Sit and watch the situations bubble. Just watch from a distance. Chances are, if they REALLY are BIG horrible issues…they will raise a wee bit and float..hovering…waiting for attention.

You and Mr. Time can look at these “issues” objectively. Like looking at a caged lion. You and Mr. Time have all the time in the world to access and evaluate what needs time and what does not need time.

Mr. Time is nodding at me and wants me to tell you about “gathering”.  Gathering time is something you can not force. You can try and gather it, like scooping beach sand upon your lap. But, alas, by the time you make it a few feet, most of the sand, or time, has slipped through your hands and lap. Don’t even go there. He says: “Leave it to the professionals.” 

Mr. Time leans over to me and says;”We know when you are ready for the event to happen.” 

I raise my eyebrows and ask;”You mean when we are kids, and we are waiting and begging for Christmas? Then we become adults and we abhor how fast Christmas seems to come?”

Mr. Time grins, I swear I could slap him. He chuckles and says; “Yep!”

Okay…let me step in here and scream….Because we have all felt this a ka-zillion times…Don’t you just want to shake the life out of him?

Back to the conversation… Mr. Time is rocking in his porch rocker with a beer in his hand. 
“I see, you’ve made yourself comfortable. You have found the refrigerator and bottle opener?”
He smiles, takes a gulp and say replies; “I even found the lime on the counter and put a slice in my Corona.”

I smile and sigh and ask about this gathering of time phenomenon. He explains that as we mature, we step further away from the source of energy, unless you are like me…where I bug the man Mr. Time to death. Then, he laughs, saying he can not be killed.

The best we can do is learn how to rise with Mr. Time, we can grab him as he flies by, or we can slow it down a bit and breathe. I like sitting upon the front porch of my minds eyes and enjoying his sense of humor. He winks at me as I write this.

“What else you got?” I ask Mr. Time.
“Energy is a flow. We can build it up by eating right and sleeping more. When a big emotional event hits us, the energy is like a tire with a slow leak. We need to patch it and build up the energy again. It takes time.”

We cheers our beer bottles together, making eye contact like Sara taught us. We both laugh. We like her in our lives. She seems to understand Mr. Time too. (waving and smiling)

Mr. Time stand up and hugs me. He wants to walk on the beach alone. I understand. Sometimes we all need a little TIME.

Hope is our Holy.

"Hope is our Holy" words from a poem by Amrita Valan.
Art created especially for this blog by
Judith Parsons Art 2016
We are all more woven together than we know.

Todays art was inspired by a friend who I have only met through a poetry group. Amrita Valan, is her name and those four words, inspired today’s art.

There is something very special about trusting others enough to tell them your dreams. Poets dream, they are continually putting themselves “out there.” Always speaking (writing) their highest truth. To write your sensitive feelings for the whole world to see is an incredible ability.

Personally I write to help download all the ideas and thoughts banging against the inside of my mind. If I didn’t write or blog, I would probably be locked away in a white rubber room. As I age, I know these things about myself. 

The poetry group has become a family. It is a new sort of relationship this Facebook family, familybook would be a fabulous name for how we have all become closer because of our words. The words carry energy and uplift and buoy us along our river of wonderful teary eyed words.

We have had deaths in the group. One member and then relatives of the members have passed. We build rafts of words and help carry one another when the world becomes too heavy. When we become concrete and sink and drown under the weight of death.

THIS is a new love…

Thank you Facebook for teaching me about new love. Thank you Facebook for allowing all these magnificent people into my life. This social river is ALIVE and well. I am thoroughly enjoying knowing my friends better because of this familybook.

“Hope is our Holy” thank you Amrita for writing your beautiful soul!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Throw it away!

Original art created for this blog.
You know the saying: "let it go...if it comes back it was
meant to be...if it doesn't come back, it wasn't meant to be."
Okay...You know what I mean.
Art by Judith Parsons Art 2016

It is true that one must clear their surroundings to make room for new energy.

We need to release the old, give it to someone who needs it, or just plain ‘ole trash it. 

This weekend I am clearing out a bunch of old molds and old art. SO I can make room for my final year of art.

There are a few pieces that I can not throw away. They mean too much. However, I realized as I was organizing my tools, that I have learned a great deal upon this “Masters Quest” while in art college.

I can weld metal, I can sculpt clay and I can make incredible acrylic three dimensional art out of a flat material, albeit acrylic or leather.

I can weld metal and fabricate anything on the fly. Robert, my side kick in art, has assisted me every step of the way during my art quest. HE is a wonderful example of what unconditional love is. (Waving) We will have a LED light project to make this year. And I look forward to working side-by-side with him again.

I have a dragon skeleton I am sculpting now, and I am so jazzed about it I can hardly contain myself. I will be making a skin/crown for it in leather. I am pleased to OWN the new engineer in me!! I am thrilled to know how to fix and make things. Anything can be done.

The last piece will be another waist-coat/vest. I have learned the terminology between the UK and America is very different. It will be made using acrylic. That about sums up my next year.

I threw away a bunch of crappy art, art that was not perfect enough to receive an A grade. Admittedly, I feel a million time lighter without that art on my studio walls. CLEAR out the old, just throw it away. Make room for the new energy!

Thank you for reading. I swear this blog has saved my mind, in this lonely town. You guys reading it has made life better. I really appreciate your support.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Are you sure?

When we start deciding what we want, the universe really asks us “Are you sure?”

Then the universe, God, the source —or whatever you name it tends to throw a million ideas and opportunities at us, especially when we are unsure. 

Maybe I need a shrink to be discussing this huge place…

Generally speaking many of us know what we do not like. It is easier to cross things off a list than it is to make the list. 

Ursula (waving) asked me, “What would you be doing if you had all the money in the world, and you didn’t have to be making money?” 

THAT is a great place to start. Being a graduate student now, creating full time and teaching swimming on the side is really a great life. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. Truthfully, when the academic quest ends, it will be a sad day. As I really love working with other artists and creating all day.

So, there. I have sort of said it. Creating with students, sparking them onward. Creating a program where students can prepare their portfolio knowing when they apply to art colleges they WILL be ready to enter through those academic doors ready to SOAR.

Yep, that sounds right…I think. I will keep fine turning the asking of the universe. 

Playing the music, dancing and creating art. 

LIFE is amazing…love soaring beside you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


An original illustration created JUST for this the
writer/artist Judith Parsons Art (Jp Parsons) 2016
Many of my friends experienced a hurricane on the east coast. I have checked that horrendous box, lived through the devastating New Orleans Katrina and was changed forever by that storm.

We moved, and moved and we tried to rebuild a home, that never seemed to get finished. Then I moved on. I was looking for myself in all the wrong places. Other people and other loves. I decided to go back to college and find the “real” me. 

Storms happen for a reason. To knock the big old dead oak branches out of the tree that no longer grow. To knock some sense into our heads. What ever was happening, just wasn't working anymore. We grow, we change, we evolve. 

May you see the storm objectively. 
Congratulations on surviving the storm. I hope it was just a plain ‘ole thundering sort of rain. I hope you are better for it.

We keep flowing, we keep growing…we just do.

Play some music today. We all have things that need completing. Time to get the job done!

Might as well dance about while doing it!

Love you!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Coffee elixer of the God's!!

Playing in Adobe Illustrator...You know how it is, when you
have REAL homework to draw, and well, you play.
Original art created by Judith Parsons 2016
Just for this special blog.

I was pondering the difference between having coffee in Ireland and San Francisco. 

First off, it is really true love, when someone awakens earlier than you to put the water on to boil and grind the coffee beans to make coffee. THAT is really the first thing I miss, thank you Anita for making coffee almost every morning for me.

The sun is golden this time of year. Coffee and golden light! What incredible things to rejoice about! While standing at the kitchen window, slurping my coffee in Ireland I was very aware of the color of the light. Everything changes when the light changes.

I will restrain from going off the deep end about the color of the light. But it changes how you see everything. 

Earlier in the summer, the light was a crystal clear light. Think of the water running through a river, the mud makes it hard to see the rocks upon the bottom. Then after a few days of no rain, (YES, that actually happened) the water runs crystal clear. The rocks are plainly visible. The light seemed brighter in July, it matches my melancholy with fall approaching and the cooler months upon us. The light is not as white now.

Here in San Francisco, I have no view from the kitchen and immediately I think of a book by that title. Lucy and George are the main characters, but I am trailing away from the main theme. I stand at the kitchen sink, stirring my coffee into my french press container and wistfully see Anita’s back garden in my minds eye.  I turn and walk back to my one small bedroom, which is where I do everything. Eat, sleep and tons of illustrating upon my laptop. The golden light lays upon my bed, a strip from the sunrise runs up Sacramento Street.

In Ireland, I would walk to the dining table and sit looking out the window at the roses in the front garden. The roses would sway in the morning breeze and all was well with the world. I would open the window and inhale the fresh air and slurp my coffee. Anita’s mom would walk in and there would be the customary good morning greetings. God knows, I miss that woman!

Ask her if she slept well and her answer will be: "I always sleep well." (grinning) I started asking it, just to see if she would waver from those four words. Nope. She always answered the same.

Smiling and sighing.

There is much to be said for companions along your quest. Someone to smile at, someone to hug, someone that makes coffee for you. 

Oh, I must mention, Fannie Graham. She was a magnificent woman!! An incredible story teller!! I remember sitting at her feet as a child. Her stories and the way she moved her hands when she spoke was enthralling! I accidentally hit a key that ejected the CD that Gena Varn sent apparently Fannie wanted me to mention her. We are ALL more connected than we will know! (hugging you tight) Thank you Love!

Enjoy the golden light sweet Luvs! It really is a magical phenomenon.

Tomorrow the golden light from a fire.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Image created by Judith Parsons Art. 2016
Golden wheat field photo by Anita Boyle!!
That is me, waving!! 

It is my sister’s birthday! 

Happy Birthday Lynn!! 

(hugging you tight) I hope your secret birthday candle wishes come true! 


It is the First Day of School!

Lots happening today!!

I was up early working on my on-line class! I am soooooo excited! I wish everyone would go to art college. No, it doesn’t have to be this one, but, Lordy Mercy—it is a fabulous school!!

You newbies, hit the ground running. The biggest tip I can give you is simple, start early on your project!!! The first model is to learn on, the second model is to perfect the messy parts and the third model will make your professor HAPPY!!

Now get out there and conquer your art projects!!


The red logo is what this year will be about for me!! I am going to eat, drink and sleep my final thesis!! 

I expect big things this year!! Dream big!! Create big!! Create exquisite art!!

I need to run to school…skipping down the street!!

Love you sweet friends!! Thanks for reading!! (hugging you tight)

P.S.: In June I will be available for employment. If you want an incredible artist— lets connect!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Warriors Unite!!

Art created by Judith Parsons Art.
Castles on the beach, women hitting the bullseye.

Good morning my Dear Sweet Warrior Friends!!

Picture me with bow in hand, I am wearing my leather warrior woman art and we all have leather arm bands upon our forearm. We are going to learn about strength today and have fun shooting a bow and arrow.

If you have never done it you are in for a treat!! it is exhilarating to hit the target and even more exciting to hit in the yellow.  There is much to be said for upper body strength. Being an artist and slabbing clay, I have an advantage over most of you all. It has taken me 3 years to build up my arms and torso muscles, but anyone can take art classes. Anyone can have fun with mud/clay.

First, lets review some safety points. 
One, don’t shoot anyone.

 I know, I know, you came here with your partner and she is really competitive. And there are moments when you just want to inflict a wee bit of pain, because hells bells, your partner drives you insane. (Shaking my head) It is NOT a good idea, remember you sleep beside this person, there is no telling what she might do to you in the middle of your slumbering.

(Grinning) Okay. 
Thats it. Go find a place where you can take classes. Google it. 

Your fingertips may get really purple and sore. Mine did. There are cool little finger tip protectors one can wear...(It makes you really feel like a warrior.) Though, truth be told, Anita’s didn’t. God knows, is there anything that woman can not do perfectly?

Poking you with the tip of the arrow, go on you. Go be a warrior for me. You know, you really know how I love strong fierce people. 

Whistling and skipping out the door. I am back in the studio today sweet Loves!!

Life is a-a-a-a-amazing!

Oh Dear Sweet Karen Young, YOU are an incredible Warrior Woman!!! (hugging you tight)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Time and Silence -- Falling in Love!

The last night I was in Ireland, Anita and I sat out under the stars in the arms of silence. Silence becomes a cuddling cradling love in Ireland. Silence wraps her arms around me when I am hanging the clothes upon the clothes line. Silence kisses my cheek and stands behind me at the kitchen sink as I look out at the sheep and cow behind the house. Silence caresses my jaw line as I rest upon the garden bench after trimming the hedge.

I fell in love with Silence this summer.

I brought her back with me to San Francisco. In the middle of the night, Silence comes to me and pulls me against her bosom. I sigh and open my eyes thrilled to have her beside me for a few hours. She wanted me to tell you about the magic of Ireland. She wanted you to stop and invite her magical love into your life.

There is scientific proof that being near water can heal, be it an ocean or a river, I totally can believe it has healing powers. Then combine the water with the magic of silence. No music, no chatter, no static…just divine silence.
Serenity in silence.

Then Mr. Time walks in and sits down.  He picks up the glass of water and takes a few gulps. “Thank you for letting me come sit beside you. I am not as young as I used to be.” 

We both laugh at his comment. He raises his eyebrows and tilts the water glass toward Miss Silence in a cheers sort of way. Even Miss Silence breaks out with laughter. It is divine.

I breathe and smile at Miss Silence and Mr. Time. They are forgotten these days. Technology moves so fast, we are all awake connecting to the other side of the world.

Mr. Time; “Will you be going into your studio today? It is one of the few places I feel truly appreciated. When you create with clay I can rest and slow down, even stand still for a few moments.”

I smile, and stand up beside him, I reach out for his hands and help pull him to his feet. His hands, they are like my father’s hands. I caress the back of his hands with my thumbs. 
“Awh, you see your dad’s hands in mine?” 

I look up at him, blinking back tears.
“Yes,” I barely whisper, afraid if I talk I will break down into a million tears.

He smiles and sighs, “ Miss Silence and I are thrilled to have you embrace us. We have found a home. Thank you.”

Mr. Time leaned forward and kissed me upon my forehead and with that, he turned on his heal and flew. I could faintly hear him say; “See you in the studio!”

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Healing well.

Photographs and graphic created by Judith Parsons Art. 2016

This story involves a woman in Los Angeles, a woman in Ireland and a wishing well. The impetus to travel and see the cemetery was a tip from an incredible woman whose family was buried next to the Killeavy church.

Not only were the family resting there, the grandfather owned the quarry and he and the two uncles carved the inscriptions and put up the stones. As an artist it was awe inspiring to visit. Most of us never ever contemplate the stone that marks a family. The last piece of art created for someone. The Mulholland families grave stone is gorgeous. The remains of the church and convent connect us to a past that make me believe in giants. Although the church is in ruins, each stone was hand placed carefully to erect a wall. It is a lost art.

It is easy to imagine the families standing beside the grave, paying respect. The love of the past softly kissing your cheek upon the gentle breeze. I thought of my dad, and my father-in-law, who just recently passed. It is a lovely place to meet others in your minds eye. It "see" them healthy and whole.

After Anita and I had located the family plot, she wanted to visit St. Moninna’s well. It is the white cross that is in the photograph to the left of the image. The well is magical and can heal people. There is also a tree where people leave energy pieces to make wishes come true. Anita took two go-go’s, (or cloth cover rubber bands that we pull our hair back with) up to the tree. 

We started walking down the path toward the well and tree. I looked up at where the well was upon the mountain and immediately asked; “Can’t we drive up there?” It was straight up a mountain. I mean UP-UP-UP!!! And honestly, I admit, I didn’t have it in me. My legs were numb from moving boulders the day before in the river.

I decided to stay behind and watch my mountain goat love run up the mountain. And if you know Anita, then you know how stubborn and determined she can be! She took off and I followed her with my telephoto camera lens. She was a dot upon the side of the mountain. 

She gathered water from the well to place upon her mother’s eyes, and she placed the go-go’s upon the tree and made her wishes for us. She came down the mountain grinning and happy as a toddler tasting chocolate cake for the first time.

While she was walking to the well I took photos of the surrounding area. The homes dot the countryside with its patches of different green. One feels like they are on top of the world here.

I look forward to making the trek to the well. I will make sure my legs are rested next trip. We are all healing well.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Secret place to heal.

I am back to San Francisco after being in Ireland for 2 and a half months. WowWeeeee what an incredible summer it has been!!

Visiting castles and beaches, talking and holding owls and hawks, walking up rivers, weaving seaweed, hiking up mountains where you can see forever, and visiting cemeteries and special ruins that were built 5 thousand years ago. That can’t be right? Right!!!

I became a 12 year old little girl again. I slashed through brambles and built a path. I moved stones until I felt my arms were going to fall off of my body. I collapsed and slid in a river and laughed at how incredibly cold that icy water was. I became a little girl again, I built a fort out beside the river. 
A dream come true river secret place to heal.

The photo with the hawk is one of my most favorite memories from Ireland. Perhaps it was my white hair, or the blanket wrapped around my shoulders with little owls upon them, maybe I looked very wise or very Native American. I am not sure why the man running the show took a liking to me, however, I was thrilled he did. He let me be the first to feed the hawk. What a treat!!

It was exciting to be so close to the birds, it was a moment of complete slow motion REAL living. The hawk has incredible eyes, when he looks at you it is as if you are looking into the eyes of God. It transforms you, the energy connect…perhaps I was a Queen a million years ago. I could believe it in that moment.

I was forever changed. In that moment. I believe in magic more than ever. It is the smallest things that transform us. The golden lock of hawk eyes upon your soul. That moment when YOU know you are in the exact place you need to be, when all the tiny puzzle pieces of energy are perfectly aligned and you SOAR.

This summer I learned zillions of lessons. I learned I am not anywhere near perfect. And I also learned to accept myself as is. Over sensitive and over emotional and yet clever and strong. Perhaps THAT was the best lesson of all, I finally started LOVING me, as is…faults and flaws.
Sure, I am not perfect. But dang it I can transform a over grown brambles garden and create my own path down to the river of me.

Wooooohooooooo!!! Transforming and taming something, seeing the changes and being totally thrilled with it all. This is living!!!!

Life is what we make it. One can talk all day long about the magic, then one can go and make the magic come true.

Dear Sweet Lovely Anita, imagine me hugging you tight. Thank you Anita for letting me push and drive you crazy. Thank you for playing in the river and taking a chance on becoming a young girl again. THAT trek up that overgrown river, was the best little trip up the amazon river!!! Falling in that mess will always stay with me. We needed to fall, so we could mark the journey. If we had not fallen it would have been a regular forgettable walk.
It was a fabulous day for finding the young you, the you that sat up in the tree, thank you for taking me there. For allowing me to "see" the innocent wild little Anita!!!

  (Squeezing you tight) Breathe deeply this embrace and grin!! Miracles are happening!!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Born in Ireland!

Photo taken by Judith Parsons.

This summer I have been hanging out with incredible women from Ireland. The healing powerful energies of Reiki masters, the healing powers of the rain and the healing love of friendship have wrapped around me in a cocoon of love. I am leaving Ireland in a few days stronger for the love I have experienced here.

My cocoon of transformation this summer has been kissed by gentle rains. The rain here has not been the rain I knew in Louisiana. The rain here is soft and gentle. It falls in a “come out and kiss me out under the rain.”  The rains in Louisiana and Georgia are the rains that blind you, the harshness so extreme and exhausting. Not so here, the rain whispers its wants and are easy and enjoyable. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rain here.

I said goodbye to a man who visited me in a vision. A man I loved and will continue to love, now that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that spirits can visit us and come to the place that we hold sacred in our minds-eye. It was a magical vision that changed me and gave me a life line to heaven. I know the ones we hold dear can visit and I will continue on this thread another time with another blog.

I have met lovely energies; Ann, Ursula, Christine, and Aoife. The light from these women are incredible. They have towering energies and immense luminous beacons that reach to infinity. Each of them bringing lessons for me, that have left me in awe. Lessons of a life lived through trials and tribulations, leaving us all stronger for it. 

I have stood upon mountain tops with arms out stretched screaming my crazy “Woooooohoooooooo!!!!” and laughed until my belly ached beside the sea shore. I have looked into the hawk’s eye and heard his wants for me. The messenger always prevalent in my life. I have drunk wine with exquisite Loves and slept with a grin upon my face so amazed that this summer has been given to me. 

I have learned how to let go of the serious side of life. To hang out the worries of the unknown upon the clothes line of love, letting the wind blow away the unwarranted fears of the future.
THIS summer I grew up and I became a child again. 

I learned how to digest others fears, and how to look at life from an objective perspective. I finally figured out that I can only cure me. I can cradle and hold another, soothing them, however, it is up to that individual to heal oneself. This lesson being the most magnificent. It is a freeing place to stand.

I glance toward San Francisco, I am returning rejuvenated and ready to create magnificent art.
What an amazing summer!!!

Riding the waves and winds toward heaven!