Monday, August 29, 2016

Time and Silence -- Falling in Love!

The last night I was in Ireland, Anita and I sat out under the stars in the arms of silence. Silence becomes a cuddling cradling love in Ireland. Silence wraps her arms around me when I am hanging the clothes upon the clothes line. Silence kisses my cheek and stands behind me at the kitchen sink as I look out at the sheep and cow behind the house. Silence caresses my jaw line as I rest upon the garden bench after trimming the hedge.

I fell in love with Silence this summer.

I brought her back with me to San Francisco. In the middle of the night, Silence comes to me and pulls me against her bosom. I sigh and open my eyes thrilled to have her beside me for a few hours. She wanted me to tell you about the magic of Ireland. She wanted you to stop and invite her magical love into your life.

There is scientific proof that being near water can heal, be it an ocean or a river, I totally can believe it has healing powers. Then combine the water with the magic of silence. No music, no chatter, no static…just divine silence.
Serenity in silence.

Then Mr. Time walks in and sits down.  He picks up the glass of water and takes a few gulps. “Thank you for letting me come sit beside you. I am not as young as I used to be.” 

We both laugh at his comment. He raises his eyebrows and tilts the water glass toward Miss Silence in a cheers sort of way. Even Miss Silence breaks out with laughter. It is divine.

I breathe and smile at Miss Silence and Mr. Time. They are forgotten these days. Technology moves so fast, we are all awake connecting to the other side of the world.

Mr. Time; “Will you be going into your studio today? It is one of the few places I feel truly appreciated. When you create with clay I can rest and slow down, even stand still for a few moments.”

I smile, and stand up beside him, I reach out for his hands and help pull him to his feet. His hands, they are like my father’s hands. I caress the back of his hands with my thumbs. 
“Awh, you see your dad’s hands in mine?” 

I look up at him, blinking back tears.
“Yes,” I barely whisper, afraid if I talk I will break down into a million tears.

He smiles and sighs, “ Miss Silence and I are thrilled to have you embrace us. We have found a home. Thank you.”

Mr. Time leaned forward and kissed me upon my forehead and with that, he turned on his heal and flew. I could faintly hear him say; “See you in the studio!”