Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Open 2 miracles

Art created for this specific blog
by Judith Parsons Art 2017
Life after graduate school.

I am taking today slow. Checking my emails, lining up swimming classes to instruct, because swimming keeps me young and strong.

My love has returned to Ireland and it is back to quiet stillness. Time to make lists, time to clean out a studio. Time to figure out the future steps…Where next?

Where? It is a glorious place to be. At a cross-roads of potential miracles. 

I am writing down the things I KNOW I love.

Creating in Adobe Illustrator.
Using the above software to create wonderful art.
Glass, specifically “Bullseye glass” 
Glass blowing and slumping and fusing.

The YMCA and what they do for the community. The awesome people at the Chinatown YMCA!

Rivers. One specific one - in Ireland.

Monterey, CA…the white sandy beaches. Close to friends from the Monterey Herald.

Writing blogs.

Playing with art. Playing with digital laser epilogue heaven.

My imagination steps in:
I walk to the river’s edge. 
The boulders along the river make a lovely place to sit. The sun is warm upon my shoulders. I smile at the diamonds sparkling upon the waters surface. 
I have on flowing white fabric. I roll up the pants legs to keep the hem out of the water.

I step into the cool water and suppress a yelp. The water is icy cold. 

I step upon the warm dry flat rocks. I find my way to a large flat rock, it is big enough to lay back upon. The warmth from the stone combined with the warmth from the sun is glorious. I let my fingertips drape into the water. The coolness combined with the sun and stones warmth is heaven upon earth.

The voice inside my head tells me to rest for a day or two. There is no rushing to be done. Relax and let the love gather itself back in.

Let the river run crystal clear.

I reflect upon my daughter’s words. “Mom, you can do anything you desire. It isn’t about a job anymore for you. You found a job for 30 years moving and moving again. Do something you adore. Do your passion. Awaken every morning grinning with wanting to start your day-with wanting to rush to work-because you are making art. DO what makes you feel you are part of a bigger picture.”

She suggested I open my own gallery back in the south. I glance that way- toward the beaches and wonder if she is right. Sighing. I shall keep making that list. Any graduates want to join me? Open a gallery? 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Last sculpture

Using acrylic cut hexagons, treading
acrylic rod through the hexagons.
Then using glow in the dark rods in my
hot doddle melting making magic art!!
One of a kind by Judith Parsons Art 2017!
Today you are seeing the last sculpture I created as a student at Academy of the Art University. I will never be the same.

Forever changed.

Four years in San Francisco and I earned my wings of courage and objectivity.

There are a few women I would like to thank for supporting me along my Art Priestess Journey. 

First Anita Boyle, when I moved into the city, you would talk me through the streets. Turn left here, right there toward my destination. YOU helped me find my bearings, you helped me find my way over and over again in a new place. Thank you Love for your constant love and support.

My sister, Lynn and my instructors, Margaret and Anne! All three of you have been running along— trying to get the kite of me up and flying. Eventually the wings lifted from the kite. Finally I found the words to defend my self and my art. You were the women that created the currents of wind that I soared upon!
(Hugging you all)

Then, the one woman who quietly stood in the shadows. Her hand in my lower back, Lindsay Chan. You seemed to know exactly when I was drowning and seemed to have the perfect words and perfect smile to keep me creating and traveling along my Art Priestess Quest. Thank you Lindsay.  (hugging you tight)

Two men stand with their arms outstretched. I see them from the eagle eye height. Gordon and Tom. You stand with your arms joined, clasping one another’s forearms. The eagle of art you both allowed a safe place to land. The talons sharp ….when the eagle lands upon your clasped arms the talons become soft paint brushes, the wings become glass. The ultimate mirror glass.

Thank you Gordon and Tom, your joining forces helped me finalize my Art Quest to find myself. This blog was a huge part of my graduate degree.

I reflected, wrote, edited and re-edited myself. I have my Masters of Fine Art- I am the Art Priestess!

Thank you readers, thank you Soul Sisters. I am walking through the huge Gothic massive doors. I stand upon the foyer of life, looking upward. Unfurling my wings, chest uplifted, I am free beginning a new journey!!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sailing San Francisco

Photographs by Anita Boyle!!
Thank you Anita!!! YOU are amazing!
It has been eleven years since hurricane Katrina, since I have been on a Cataline 32 sail boat. Ben, my nephew asked us out sailing.

I have been driving on the bridge looking down upon the sail boats wishing I was on a sail boat - and finally my dream came true! It was a magical day! The sun and wind perfect.

Sailing is the perfect spiritual activity! God’s breath is moving you along upon the water. The sound of the water against the hull is divine. The wind in the sails mesmerizing. Then as the sun turns golden, everyone upon the boat turns into golden Gods and Goddesses. 

It truly is heaven on earth! Thank you Ben for letting me find myself again. I have come full circle.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sacred Geometry Trinity

Original art by one-of-a-kind artist!
Judith Parsons Art
This is one of my last sculpture pieces that I have created using digital laser cutting.
The matt board is thick and stable so the pieces fit in and are snug. I am standing next to it.

Your art priestess who is trying to look nonchalant about it all. When really I am very proud of this incredible piece of work. It has taken a year and a half to finally figure out the backwards upside down thinking of spatial art- from a 2 dimensional place.

Anita, (waving at her) was nice enough to bring in her camera and take the photographs. I am astounded at her abilities! Thank you Anita for capturing this image. It means the world to me, for you to come over and spend hours helping me set up this complicated art. 

THIS piece of art got into the Academy of Art Spring show. It is a huge deal to me. To have work in the Spring show. I love Adobe Illustrator and I adore designing complex engineering blue prints- that become art.

When I am designing I am thinking backwards. The dyslexic mind sees the over-all design then takes it apart in order to “see” the puzzle pieces. Thank you complicated mind for working this way. 

Thank you Anita for helping me bring it all together. You are very patient and kind. I could not have made it through school with out your total support and guidance. You were the anchor that held me tight. You were the winds when I wanted to be wild and leave the dock. You are the water that buoys me up constantly!

Part A is the real deal. Me beside what I love to do. Part B, is that sculpture played with using Photoshop -twisting it- duplicating it- creating a abstract diamond of sort. Art for the sake of art. Playing with art. It is what I do.

I wonder…If I made prints…in all sorts of colors. Or if I gave you a Andy Warhol collage…would anyone want to purchase it? Just wondering.