Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Open 2 miracles

Art created for this specific blog
by Judith Parsons Art 2017
Life after graduate school.

I am taking today slow. Checking my emails, lining up swimming classes to instruct, because swimming keeps me young and strong.

My love has returned to Ireland and it is back to quiet stillness. Time to make lists, time to clean out a studio. Time to figure out the future steps…Where next?

Where? It is a glorious place to be. At a cross-roads of potential miracles. 

I am writing down the things I KNOW I love.

Creating in Adobe Illustrator.
Using the above software to create wonderful art.
Glass, specifically “Bullseye glass” 
Glass blowing and slumping and fusing.

The YMCA and what they do for the community. The awesome people at the Chinatown YMCA!

Rivers. One specific one - in Ireland.

Monterey, CA…the white sandy beaches. Close to friends from the Monterey Herald.

Writing blogs.

Playing with art. Playing with digital laser epilogue heaven.

My imagination steps in:
I walk to the river’s edge. 
The boulders along the river make a lovely place to sit. The sun is warm upon my shoulders. I smile at the diamonds sparkling upon the waters surface. 
I have on flowing white fabric. I roll up the pants legs to keep the hem out of the water.

I step into the cool water and suppress a yelp. The water is icy cold. 

I step upon the warm dry flat rocks. I find my way to a large flat rock, it is big enough to lay back upon. The warmth from the stone combined with the warmth from the sun is glorious. I let my fingertips drape into the water. The coolness combined with the sun and stones warmth is heaven upon earth.

The voice inside my head tells me to rest for a day or two. There is no rushing to be done. Relax and let the love gather itself back in.

Let the river run crystal clear.

I reflect upon my daughter’s words. “Mom, you can do anything you desire. It isn’t about a job anymore for you. You found a job for 30 years moving and moving again. Do something you adore. Do your passion. Awaken every morning grinning with wanting to start your day-with wanting to rush to work-because you are making art. DO what makes you feel you are part of a bigger picture.”

She suggested I open my own gallery back in the south. I glance that way- toward the beaches and wonder if she is right. Sighing. I shall keep making that list. Any graduates want to join me? Open a gallery? 

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  1. I agree with precious Margaret! Pray for insight, wisdom and decernment Judy.