Thursday, June 1, 2017

Smudge me

A graphic original inspired by a painting.
Thank you Stephanie for the inspiration.
Judith Parsons 2017
Here a smudge— there a smudge.

A little smudging here and a little smudging there.  The colors are pulled into one another.
Smudging is a photoshop tool to use to combine pixels of color digitally. A glorious tool that I love playing with.

These days with fake news and no facts to be believed the smudging reflects our reality. One color running into another. If it were wet paint it would gray into an ugly color. Creating digitally one can turn the colors into gray muck, however- it takes a bit longer. 

Funny. How digital designing is so fast in one regard, as opposed to pasting the strips of linotype upon the page. Then with smudging it is a slow pulling of pixels. 

There is another smudging technique. Dried sage is set on fire, then blown out so the gray smoke is present. A medicine technique from Native Americans to clear the old energy from the vicinity. 

The smudging of a room or new house is something one does, when they are moving in to a new place. The smoke is an earthy smell, it sinks into the corners of your mind.

The resumes are going out, the ear rings I promised will be going out. I created leather fish with the Trinity symbol design.

Today dance with your smudging, the women are graphic pixels blending into one another. They dance for the moment of now.

May you life pull you into your own soulful reality. Smudge yourself. Time for new energy.

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