Monday, June 12, 2017

Skinny dip...take risks.

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2017
Created using Adobe illustrator and photoshop.
Shirley Maclain’s movie: The Last word was good. Surprisingly good. (Spoiler alert, if you keep reading you are going to know what happens in the film.) I needed to see the movie to get a kick in the rear-end, a kick that helps one re-align priorities. 

One of the best parts of the movie is about taking risks. One simply must move out of one’s comfort zone and be courageous. Sure, you might fail. But that is the fun part, the failing and learning and growing part. Try and try again. 

Risks are what memories are made of.

She did something in the movie she had always wanted to do. She loved it when she was a young lady and had forgotten it. Then she took a chance and found her old love. I think one can go back in time, with our creative side and rekindle that passion.

I have a few things that really bring me to life. Teaching swimming is my favorite job in the world. I am blessed to have the YMCA as my community love. Though blowing glass was something that made me fly into the sun. It was scary and crazy and wonderful!  I have 2 metal sculptures that would be perfect for blowing glass into. It is time to get back to the wild me. Time to remember the crazy Art Priestess.

The memory that stands out above all others is skinny dipping. Yep. There is something fabulous about swimming at night- with nothing between you and the water. It is exhilarating and one can not help but laugh while doing it. 
Especially in moonlight. I am grinning at the thought! 

Family. Family is well family. They are the people we love to hate. Because we can’t do anything about the situation. More often than not, there is always one sibling that yanks our chain. There must be a law of sorts, “one family member is determined to get under your skin.” Then we age and it doesn’t matter so much anymore. Smile and shrug off the family drama, they aren’t going to change, neither are you. So just let it go.

Aging is the great equalizer. Packing things away, going through things. Trashing mess because it is collecting dust. Less is more now. A minimalistic room is the way to flow and grow. 

I am sending out resumes, if anyone has a perfect “Art Priestess” career in mind for me- please message me. Love you guys!

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