Friday, June 9, 2017

Art Priestess Glowing

Glow in the dark art.

I am renaming my blog, “Art Priestess”. The first art in the new name glows in the dark. It is made with acrylic and inside is a white ceramic arch. The ceramic part doesn’t glow like the exterior glows. Which is fitting since, no one see’s our inside vulnerabilities. That topic is another blog.

We connect here, in this social  incredible WORLD, and we weave our energies into one another. So much so, that I could pick up on another friends activities. I guessed a good guess and hit the bullseye. We are all intuitive. Yes- even you. Aww, I see that smile. You know deep in your heart your energy can pick up on other’s. You’ve been doing it your whole life. 

One minute before the telephone rings and you know so-n-so will be calling. You smile when you pick up the phone, sure enough, it was exactly who you thought would be calling.

The fish has a melted acrylic woven over its exterior, in a checker board sort of pattern. It took a long time to create it, lots of practice getting the movement correct. However, the end result is sort of spider like. A nice wall piece for you- if you are interested. Email me with your bid price:

I will let you know who the highest bidder is.

When I was a little girl I had a small piece of glowing acrylic that was a small girl kneeling and praying. It comforted me as a little girl. I put it under the light beside my bed and let the plastic charge up so it would glow when we had to turn out the light for bed time.

There is something magical about it. The way the light fades away. Sighing. Smiling.

I was just playing with the sculpture. More than ever “Playing” seems to be the way to go and glow for me with art. My room is very crowded with boxes, of future art projects to make. It truly is time to start an artsy on-line account. I can tell you want to purchase something to put on your tree for Christmas.

I will get right on it.
Smiling…Happy you all are in my glowing light world!
I love you guys!

(Pulling you into my arms for a huge hug) Thank you for reading!! YOU are amazing!

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