Thursday, January 29, 2015

Glitter of God

There is magic in this photograph. THIS is the sort of photograph that speak a thousand words. THIS captures a million stories.

The snow is blowing off the mountain, it is so light in weight that the wind can carry her. “She” the glitter of God can be whispered upon the wind. 

The mountains reach up to kiss heaven, they arch and stretch their peaks forward wanting as much of heavens light as they can capture. 

The heat of the earth, creates the fog and mingles with the white wispy glittering snow.

The valleys are jealous in their dark places, wishing to be kissed with God’s glittering magical snow.

We walk our spiritual paths, questing out on journey’s with love in our heart. The passion starts so immense, the wanting to reach the summit so extreme! It take a courageous heart to keep going and extreme physical stamina to transcend to that heavenly place.

The world of earth reaching and wanting the other world of heaven. It shall always be the two places that never meet. The winged one above the clouds looking at the rooted ones below. Two separate worlds. Captured magnificently!

Many of us walk the path. The higher we walk the more alone we become. Perhaps it is a journey we MUST take alone. No one to debate our thoughts but ourselves. We count the foot steps higher toward the peak of passionate perfection where the white whispers  of God’s glittering magic might kiss us.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wooooohoooooo!!! Hang on babe!

Crazy pieces of art..No sense art...Original mess
By Judith Parsons 2015
Help me Lord

I go into photoshop to draw one simple thing…stairs….You know—stairway to heaven.  Walks in a hurricane of ideas and thoughts —they are flying off that vortex of magical light- spinning and swirling and flying in my face.

I put my forearm up over my eyes, like I can protect my eyes from all the ideas flying at me. Then as I see this image of myself walking into the vortex of crazy flinging flying ideas I start laughing…I go crazy with photoshop..I start drawing and drawing and playing with sacred geometry…I will not reveal all of the ideas—here…if I did you would think—“Yep—she has cracked—gone off her rocker.”
(Picture porch rocking chair on its side- and crazy laughing woman curled up in fetal position laughing her ass off.)

We might as well laugh!!!

Crazy is just one more word upon the roller coaster ladder of life. That was another drawing. The ladder is like a rope ladder..and that is the magical thing about it all…YOU see? The ladder twist and turns and becomes this DNA double helix mad house ladder…and we are climbing and laughing..and then it become an animation —the image of rungs and supports breaks apart...the rungs and supports become jungle vines..and there you have it we are back at square one…Tarzan and Jane.

Happy to be eating bananas….(grinning)

Rambling—that is all I am doing. I am being selfish…and I need to go get some bubble wrap and get some stuff in the mail…Sorry sisters, brothers, and daughter…I swear I WILL get your stuff in the mail..ummmm soon. (laughing) If I say today..then i jinx myself..sooo (picture my lips pressed tightly here) I will go get the bubble wrap NOW…

No rhyme or reason—no making sense today…just skipping down the road…Enjoying the heck out of life—-enjoying the way ALL of you love and support me—and my art…Love love love the heck out of this crazy social tribe family I have….

When I win the lottery—-or when I get a great job teaching college…I would love to gather all of you for a huge night of laughing and loving in candle light!!

Life is too short to limit ourselves….Wooooohooooooo!!!

Soar sweet loves!! S-O-A-R!!!

 I love you!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Love

Chieftains Love.

I have always wanted to pursue my passion of creating transcendental art, however, until now, I never was able to. My family wanted me to bring in the money, to do a trade that helped support the family. For 30 years I did graphic design. Admittedly I always had some sort of dimensional art going on in the back ground. 

I wasn’t making money off of my passion until now. And honestly, the muse of the artist has blessed me with a plethora of ideas for future magnificent art, and I can not help but create. 

Remember the archetype story about the little girl with the red shoes who could not stop dancing? That is how it is as an artist, when we open out hearts truly to what our passion is.

The passion is like a river rapids. Once the flood gates are open, there is no stopping the creativeness that is flowing through!

I am posting one of my first glass pieces that combines ceramic with glass…It was a tricky piece, but I am pretty sure I know how to combine them now. The clay pieces are long delicate needle type elements. The glass is over laid to look like a chieftains  breast plate. 

I met a woman from Tampa FL ages ago, Chanta Ishta (waving-if you are seeing this) and I fell in love with her spirit!! There was a strength about her inner light that was captivating. I didn’t intend to fall in love with her. However, her spirit knocked me off my feet. Like a flash flood I was sweep into the passion of her spiritual magnificence.

That was way back in 1997…the art was created in 2009. We carry people with us, they change us, and if we are lucky enough they drag us under their waters into their passionate love.

There are no points here, just curves of underwater bubbles. Old loves flow through every now and again. Life goes on.

Love you.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Each wing--a new friend

Original Art created just for this special little blog--by the
Queen herself, Judith Parsons...You need summin special...
Write me!
I created this graphic to illustrate the ying and yang of friends…the abstract wings that represent 2 incredible new people in my life. 

I didn’t know how much I missed having friends to hang out with and to share a meal with -until today.
It is as if I have stepped from a deep dark tunnel into the light. The friends are the light. 

It is an interesting phenomenon —making friends.

My experience has been this…and NOW I understand my children’s feelings about us moving all over God’s creation. 

When you move to a new place, and are starting a school—most of the people in that school ALREADY have friends.

They probably grew up and went to kindergarten with those friends. 

Enter the new kid on the block. (sighing) She walks into the room smiling, then places her hands into her pockets…and finds the empty seat at the back of the room.

Who makes friends with the new lonely kid? Probably other lonely sad lost kids. If she is lucky. Chances are she is alone…

Take all that information and translate that to a 50 year old woman—-(okay I am revealing my heart here) she has white hair, she isn’t trying to be a cool hip young artist…SHE is what she is.
She is becoming herself.

Today, was a marvelous day- because I have been in San Francisco for a year and 5 months and haven’t found—UNTIL today friends that really “clicked” with me…One is 30 years old- and a reiki level two light and one is 25 years old—and is “naughty” and they are both WONDERFUL!!! (waving and grinning)

They are new to the Academy of the Arts University—and they are both in my jewelry class!! I am soooo excited to find other passionate—light minded souls!!
What out world!! Wooohooooo!!! Wonderful incredible ART is being made—by 3 wonderful wild warrior women!!!

Wooooohooooooo!!! I am SOARING NOW!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oprah Winfrey...back to innocence...

Words taken from an Interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Graphic design: Judith Parsons 2015
its gonna be okay...
Coz- we know when we fail—
we are not in alignment...
when things go crazy...
We need to Get STILL...
ask ourselves: "what is the right next move?"

Failure helps  points into right direction!! " 

Words by Oprah Winfrey!!

I created this graphic- compelled to create another graphic because SHE is spot on target! 
Hitting the bullseye!!!

When I saw this I nodded my head and gulped…

Lordy mercy! The past few weeks have been a struggle. The wrong words said, I reacted instead of responding. I was not making the right “choices”…and we all know the bottom line- is making the right choices.


I believe it is time to go back to innocence…there was a song…Back to innocence. Hmmmm- it is time to look it up. 

I can not keep upon the same path - something has to change. And well- dang it- as much as I would like to blame the past weeks on anything but myself, I have to take responsibility  for my actions.
I am stomping my heels into the earth and not moving forward until the dust settles. (sighing)

I generally love life, I generally am a happy go lucky person. 

Generally speaking- but something got caught- snagged…Like running through a rose bush hedge and getting my clothing torn. I was the one running ahead--without looking...Without thinking- and dang it...I am so sorry I did. And I am sorry I hurt someone Dear to me in the process.

I have to take some time to mend the fabric of me. (and her)  I will use God’s thread…I will put on my best reading glassed so I might mend the fabric as neatly as possible.

Some times we need a little time to regroup. I apologize if things haven’t been smooth and clear. I am not sure what is going on. However, I have plenty of golden thread and I am good at mending. 

I plan to avoid the rose bush hedge. I know now. The compass points in a new innocent direction.

Slow down...find your center. FIND yourself. LIKE yourself. If it takes a year or two...FIND yourself FIRST!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ultimate art being born

I have been scrolling through photographs for many hours. Labeling and filing so I might find them again. My intent today was to get photos gathered so I might have an updated portfolio. (sighing)

Then well, I got lost in all the photos.

I felt these 2 photos captured ART being born the MOST. These tie in my love of the spiritual, the Book of Kells in Ireland, light and love and magic.

I decided to lay down in the church so I could meditate upon the ribbons that cascaded and flowed as if they were liquid light. 

The ribbons danced and became light.

Anita took this photo and I wasn’t aware of it. I was too busy trying to capture it on my cell phone.
The perspective and the vanishing point of the ribbons is a magical transformation of light and movement, the gentle swaying, the curling tips are alive with a dance that is beyond this world.

The cathedral is an incredible testament to magnificent architects that didn’t have the technology we have today. 

Todays blog unites the old and the new. The stain glass windows paint the pews in dichroic magical colors, the pews hold energy of hundreds that have come to pray, the woman laying upon the pew is using todays technology to capture magic. (smiling)
Magic connects me to Ireland, to spirit and to healing love.

Who knows what tomorrow brings. The magic of Grace cathedral is spell bounding, seeing her photographs reminded me of how incredible her “seeing” is. May we all take the time to “see” like this. May we lay back and look upward- and KNOW Gods Grace when we are in the midst of it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Margaret's Birthday!! Pure ART!

Today is my daughter’s birthday and 21 years ago there was an earthquake in California. I remember because my sister Lynn (waving) called while I was in labor asking if we were okay. I remember thinking then that God did not want to release this soul from his heavenly realm. 

You know when you have met an angel. Margaret is an angel of light. Her smile is contagious! She lights up a room when she walks in! Her spine is straight and made of metal, she was born strong and continues to soar through life. When I think of her, I think of her with wings, she is a messenger to be aware of. Her ability to comprehend and convey reality flows from her paintings and animations.

SHE, is a warrior woman of fierce light!

I glance toward the future and “see” flashes of future walks upon beaches, holding hands with lots and lots of laughing.
There are many memories I keep hidden in the velvet pouch of my heart, every year I take them out and glance at them. They shine so luminously that I must wear eye protection. (grinning) God did lose an angel on January 17, 1994. I am incredibly blessed that Margaret made the choice to come to this realm through me.

The best gift ever- was having Margaret. I love you Dearly Sweet Sunshine! 

I will never forget your words: “You are art.” Those magical words changed me, made me believe in myself and my art.

We are art! And I can not wait to see how we flourish and grow!!

(hugging you tight) I love you Dearly!!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

San Francisco 2015

San Francisco 2015

Just a photo to let you know I am alive and well....

My girl friend from Ireland is visiting and we are playing "tourist".

It is sooooo much fun having her around!!

Soaring beside y'all!!
Keep smiling and singing!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Grace being born

(Photograph by Anita Boyle. Do not use without permission)
The men and women that built Grace Cathedral must have been majestic souls. You can not help but feel filled with Grace and awe when you enter. 

When you walk into the nave you immediately feel small and insignificant. 

The photo shown, taken by Anita Boyle, reveals the scale of the columns. I am in the photo- walking away. I am tiny compared the the central columns.

I studied medieval architecture and fell in love with the word “triforium” - it was a level that allowed passage from one end of the cathedral to the other without disturbing the congregation.

The detail of the masonry is astounding. The stain glass is breath taking. The decoration of the ribbons make you lift your face. You can not help but look upward- toward the heavens.
The ribbons flows like liquid light- they twist and turn- swaying swirling reaching downward to entice you toward heaven.

I laid upon a pew. I did...I admit it. I have never done such a thing before..(I made sure my feet were not upon the cushion) I laid there- looking up at the ribbons. MESMERIZED.
I was captivated about everything.
The silence was divine. 

When I am in the church- I believe in humanity. I believe in artists and people who want to create something that lasts so long. The church makes me want to create something as majestic.

May we all find something breath taking today. May you find your passion and love.

Soaring beside you all!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finding San Francisco

San Francisco finds…walking down Market St. looking for a good burger, finding an entire mall within a nondescript building. Wooohoooo!!!
A glorious find!
I am so happy having Anita with me to find great new parts of the city!!
Life is grand!

Friday, January 2, 2015

San Francisco New Years Eve! 2015

Something has changed. The energy shifted. I can’t place my finger on it. It is a higher vibration.

A tingling that feels like champagne bubbles in my soul, an excitement about things coming around the bend. I can’t tell you more than that. Other than, it is making me smile a WHOLE lot! (grinning)

I had my daughter visit over Christmas. It was a glorious visit!! We did a spa visit that renewed my spirit! I had some sweet angels that gave with their whole being and their gifts MADE my Christmas extra special (waving and blowing kisses- they know who they are- and I will make some very special art for them! Winking- grinning)

The day my daughter left was the day my beloved from Ireland flew into town. Lets just say, I haven’t stopped grinning! (grinning)

I adore having a new pair of eyes to see with. It is like that, loving someone one, enjoying the way they “see” ! It is extra special when the pair of eyes gaze into and through me. She has that twinkling, mischievous grin that makes me roar with laughter. It is heaven upon earth to share the next few weeks with her.

On New Years Eve we went up to our roof top to take photos. The red one here was crazy intense…I took hundreds of photographs and only a few were THIS intense!

Most of the fireworks were above the sky line. The photograph shows the cars coming up and every now and again the fireworks were exploding in that small opening. (sighing) It was a lovely vantage point to view the fireworks. I have never been upon a rooftops like this. It was exciting! I was LIVING full on! It was a night I will not ever forget!

I hope you have someone that helps you see. A love and support that you can count on and trust to help you see what needs to be seen.

I wish you all love, laughter, light with lingering touches and lots of learning!! Soaring beside you!