Thursday, January 29, 2015

Glitter of God

There is magic in this photograph. THIS is the sort of photograph that speak a thousand words. THIS captures a million stories.

The snow is blowing off the mountain, it is so light in weight that the wind can carry her. “She” the glitter of God can be whispered upon the wind. 

The mountains reach up to kiss heaven, they arch and stretch their peaks forward wanting as much of heavens light as they can capture. 

The heat of the earth, creates the fog and mingles with the white wispy glittering snow.

The valleys are jealous in their dark places, wishing to be kissed with God’s glittering magical snow.

We walk our spiritual paths, questing out on journey’s with love in our heart. The passion starts so immense, the wanting to reach the summit so extreme! It take a courageous heart to keep going and extreme physical stamina to transcend to that heavenly place.

The world of earth reaching and wanting the other world of heaven. It shall always be the two places that never meet. The winged one above the clouds looking at the rooted ones below. Two separate worlds. Captured magnificently!

Many of us walk the path. The higher we walk the more alone we become. Perhaps it is a journey we MUST take alone. No one to debate our thoughts but ourselves. We count the foot steps higher toward the peak of passionate perfection where the white whispers  of God’s glittering magic might kiss us.


  1. Ohhhh these words. How I have missed them. Brilliant!

  2. WoW for that Amazing Picture & WoW WoW for those powerful Lovely Words