Friday, January 2, 2015

San Francisco New Years Eve! 2015

Something has changed. The energy shifted. I can’t place my finger on it. It is a higher vibration.

A tingling that feels like champagne bubbles in my soul, an excitement about things coming around the bend. I can’t tell you more than that. Other than, it is making me smile a WHOLE lot! (grinning)

I had my daughter visit over Christmas. It was a glorious visit!! We did a spa visit that renewed my spirit! I had some sweet angels that gave with their whole being and their gifts MADE my Christmas extra special (waving and blowing kisses- they know who they are- and I will make some very special art for them! Winking- grinning)

The day my daughter left was the day my beloved from Ireland flew into town. Lets just say, I haven’t stopped grinning! (grinning)

I adore having a new pair of eyes to see with. It is like that, loving someone one, enjoying the way they “see” ! It is extra special when the pair of eyes gaze into and through me. She has that twinkling, mischievous grin that makes me roar with laughter. It is heaven upon earth to share the next few weeks with her.

On New Years Eve we went up to our roof top to take photos. The red one here was crazy intense…I took hundreds of photographs and only a few were THIS intense!

Most of the fireworks were above the sky line. The photograph shows the cars coming up and every now and again the fireworks were exploding in that small opening. (sighing) It was a lovely vantage point to view the fireworks. I have never been upon a rooftops like this. It was exciting! I was LIVING full on! It was a night I will not ever forget!

I hope you have someone that helps you see. A love and support that you can count on and trust to help you see what needs to be seen.

I wish you all love, laughter, light with lingering touches and lots of learning!! Soaring beside you!


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