Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Howling Art!! Happy New Year!!!

Photograph by Anita Boyle Photography 2015
Don not use without permission.
She snuggled up to me and whispered: “I am going to take pictures of the morning light.” I agreed without really even hearing her. I awakened as she dressed and thought to myself- if I were a good Beloved I would be up there with her- assisting her in changing lenses. And I wasn’t that good.
As the door shut I grinned about this New Woman my Love was now. She was chasing the light. We all do it as artist.
And now she was just as compelled to chase light as I am.

God it is so good to know passion and see it in the people you love! (grinning)

Anita Boyle has an eye for that special photograph. She sees “through” frames…she finds them and low and behold an entire story can be written from one such photograph.

I am cropping in on the church steeples to show the clock and the mountain beyond the water. If I panned out of the photograph you would see the business (or busy-ness) of the street- the car tail lights- bright red and the contrast of those dots of red against the one point perspective. The road aligns itself with the church and is a glorious pulling into the photo.

All those words might mean nothing to you. To simplify- we crop or we decide to focus upon certain areas in life. Those areas hopefully make our blood rush and heart beat with passion.

Do yourself a favor…find the things that make you howl in excitement…that push you to the edge of life. 

I am putting the computer away—to go celebrate RIGHT now!..

(grinning) Enjoying the hell out of my last day of 2014…May everyday be wild and wonderful!!


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