Saturday, December 6, 2014

Is art enough?

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Is art enough?

The wind woman smiled and walked beside me as this question awakened me. Jennifer Brookins wrote words that stunned me...they were so magnificent!!! (sighing) Wow!

I live in my head ALOT. I learned to love words from another woman who also wrote stunning words and she lived in a forest of words and a river ran through her.

I love a woman now who “sees” beyond any seeing I know. She knows how to listen to what is NOT said and is lovely like the wind, knowing when to push me and when to swirl around me. Her call is sweet perfume and I know much with her beside me…words need not be spoken. Her caress says it all. Thank you Anita for your exquisite love and light.

Maybe the invisible words, thoughts for poetry grow from the trees...

Maybe the urge to create is mother nature kissing us with her divine grace... 

Maybe creating is just listening to the invisible…

We ebb-we flow-we grow! 5 steps up and 2 steps back, constantly evaluating our progression upon the art steps of life.

I sit upon the highest step, feet dangling over the edge, elbows on knees, chin in hands watching the sun rise…Listening to the wind love the trees in the city…

Watching the arms of the trees dance and sway…and laugh.

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