Sunday, December 28, 2014

Impulsive Compulsive Art!

Photo by Anita Boyle 2014
Sunset on rooftop!
Photography by Anita Boyle 2014
San Francisco Roof top photo

Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Passion art- its what WE are!

Anita came in town with her camera and walked 6 blocks with me. Later that afternoon we took to the roof top and she went crazy good with her camera- taking photos that took my breath away. 

The photography here reveals the Christmas decorations of one apartment. The rest are dark and Scrooge like.

It is nice to see what other people “see” in the city. I am in the woods of the city, we all know the saying- “You can’t see the forest for the trees”…

For me, it is true, when we are immersed in something we might not have the same perspective as an objective outsider.

Anita is that objective perspective, a new fresh look on the city. She is innocent and enthusiastic in her eyes- of capturing light within the frame of a photograph.

I Loved having Margaret here for Christmas as she loves this city and is head over heels in love with San Francisco. 

Now, Anita, my beloved is in town and is so jazzed up about the skyline, the cathedrals, the way the golden orange sun reflects off the buildings.

Yesterday she looked up at the light from my apartment window and said: “The light is changing- I really need to go.”

 I am so proud of her! I know that feeling of impulsive compulsion…ONE needs to rush to get the photo- before the light changes.

She rushed to the roof top to take evening photos! I am so proud of her passion!

I created this art for that INCREDIBLE time--when we rush about- we can not stop- the muse takes over.

Friday evening- the last day of the semester I stayed at school.  I could forge metal-without competing with other students to stand next to the fire. l wanted time alone creating with hot metal. 
I NEEDED to work in metal- all semester I wanted to forge metal- to hammer the softened metal...
I know that feeling of compulsion and impulsiveness...May we all feel it and let the excitement move us to run toward the light...

Soaring and shining in the light!

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