Thursday, December 18, 2014

Daniel- Thank you!!

Created for Daniel - Thank you Dear!
Art by Judith Parsons Art 2014
Tonight a little miracle happened. I am not sure the sequence of events, however my friend Daniel surprised me with a little holiday cheer! 

(smiling - waving) Generally I have become a skeptic, as I have aged I have grown to adopt the feelings: “Show me.” 

Lots of people in the world talk and talk and talk about things they are going to do. It is rare to run across someone who does the action that brings the talk to life.

There are people out there, that might need a little cheer. Ask them what they need. Maybe they will be honest and reveal their vulnerability. Maybe you are suppose the be the giver…or maybe even the receiver.

It takes courage to ask as well as courage to receive. 

As we come toward the longest night of the season, please take a moment to light up someones life a little. With a smile, a thumbs up on their silly post, something…You are clever…You will figure it out.

I created this graphic design with you in mind Daniel. I wanted to thank you for your holiday cheer. Your light is AWESOME! You have instilled my belief that there are indeed people who “walk-the-walk”. (hugs) Your wife is a lucky lady!  (hugging you both)

Soaring beside you! I love the way your soar!

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