Monday, December 8, 2014

Believe in Light!

Art by Jp Parsons 2014

There is an island
Where dreams go
A magical place that holds them
Just so

It cradles and holds you
Tight to her chest
Stroking your face
While you sighingly rest
olidays make us wish more
With the co-o-o-ld harsh chills
To be beside the Love of forever
Where never tears... spill

I wish for you
As you place me upon your tree
That I sparkled and reflect your love
That you hold for me

I can see you hold me
My art, my ornament of dreams
Sighing wishing wanting
Love over flowing its streams

So go to this island
If only in your heart
Feel me wrap around you
It is where the holidays start.

(((Many of you have my ornaments. Silly heavy clay ones…or glass ones. Many of you have me in you home. Maybe what I created broke…maybe you still use it and light candles with me in mind…There will be a day, when we can gather and celebrate art again. I adore all of you. I wish for you Love and warmth. (hugs)

(Please do not use without my permission.

Judith Parsons Art 2014)

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