Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday I was talking with another artist about clay. And I realize I am falling in love with the clay body: “She”

She is the energy within the clay wanting to represent me. If you let those words settle. If you think of energy as a force to create- then LIFE moves to another realm.
The energy is the muse…and there is only one letter – the “t” that changes muse- to MUST.

That “t” is that cross roads where ART is born. IT can not help but be born!!! Art is energy- waiting for you to create- waiting for you to pour yourself into the moment.

I know it sound ridiculous, however, as I work with the clay, I am aware of the feminine aspect of creation. I am taking an embryo of an idea and nurturing it until it is born. The process of caressing and moving and shaping the clay it is as if I am caressing and stroking the face of my Love. My child is my art. My art is my LOVE.

The clay body- “She” wants to be made into art. “She” wants to be beautiful for me as I want her help bring the best of her to life.

I know- I know- You really think –“Jude has spent way way way tooo much time with that clay” (grinning) I have only just begun to create.

I get it now- when folks say : “become one with the moment”…I am!!!

This is all over the place…(smiling) I am all over the place! Ain’t it grand? LIFE is soooo AWESOME!!!

I love you all! Keep shining and soaring!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kabuki Art

I have been gathering the energy to become stronger physically for a while. I love strong fit bodies! My daughter came home last summer and we hola hooped and laughed about becoming stronger. Then I heard about this spa in town here, Kabuki Spa. They have separate days for men to attend and women to attend so you can relax in your birthday suit.

What an incentive for becoming a stronger “younger” woman!! The idea of publicly having others see your body is terrifying. Though- really – it is time for me to step up my game- and regularly  work upon my muscles. No one is going to do it for me- but me.That is a huge realization!

I love the body. I adore people who keep up with their body- they treat it well- respect it- ask much of it- I am becoming sooooo aware of soooo much now!!!

Being an artist – the body REALLY is a temple! I sculpt it with reverence now. The process of art is sacred- the process of turning someone into a piece of art is INCREDIBLE!!!

Think about that…what would you want me to sculpt- if I came over to sculpt you.
Imagine your self fit- strong- not flabby. See it!!! NOW- THAT is the moment of change. Do you want to be a piece of art?! YOU are!!!! Oh how I long to sculpt you!!!

Come on now- first things first- the Kabuki Spa. Please- come with me.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Raku firing

Yesterday the Sculpture class fired our Raku glazed art. Two of my pieces are here. I fired 3 pieces. The piece you see above turned out exquisitely- It isn’t totally finished- there is a tongue part that will be gold- that will extend through the head part and show under the snout. I was just so excited to see the undulating metallic colors…
The second piece shown –at the bottom is flaking off. I smile when I use the word “flake” as I sometimes act flaky. Art reflects life. (smiling)

The last piece I will use the technique Kintsugi on. Yesterday I wrote about it- the gold highlighting the cracks. It was a heart. I placed many small holes in the heart. Originally I was going to weave copper through the holes. Now- I will mend it with gold- and then decide how best to deal with the holes.

The instructor Margaret Keelan said: “It isn’t Raku –if it isn’t broken.” I laughed when she said it. She is right- it is part of the process…

It was like Christmas morning, waiting for the smoke to transform the art. Every time we pulled the art out the class would oooooo and awe over the colors. It was an incredible experience! It is a fun class! The graduate students work hard to make their work incredible. Academy of the Arts University is an awesome environment to perfect and honor my craft!
It is heaven upon earth!
Life is grand!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Cracks and Kintsugi

In pottery and life we get cracks in our vessel. The first part is assessing and evaluating the sort of crack we have. Most cracks happen because one is trying to add wet clay to a dryer clay. Whatever the reason the crack needs to be repaired.

The question are: Is it a surface crack? Is it a foundation crack? Does the piece need to be separated and repaired? Can the piece be repaired with some magical patching?

This is where you learn about “engobe”. The cool thing about this material is it has been fired- it will not shrink- it is a product made especially for placing in the void- in the crack- that needs “rejoining”.

I love that the material works because it has been fired. We learn from the mistake.

Kintsugo, is the process of highlighting the cracks with gold. So the crack become apart of the art!

In life we are tested again and again. As we learn from life’s lessons we go through the fires- and eventually we feel like we have been through the ultimate fire. We have fallen upon our knees, we have a huge crack through our heart and we have not a clue how to repair it.

I love the gold accentuating the cracks! What a fabulous statement about life and art.
Golden Love repairs everything. We need to ask for help and let another repair our heart with the “fired” magical mud. Putting us together as whole, coloring our surface with tender caressing love and light.

The holidays can be very stressful alone. Reach out and give compassion to those alone. Be the engobe  and gold that repairs hearts. Art reflects life- life reflects art.

I love you all.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meet My Artist Daughter-Margaret.

My daughter, Margaret is an incredible artist. TALK about art being born!! Hahahahah! This would be the ultimate art. Having a daughter who IS the ultimate artist.

She was born wanting to do art the hard way. I would try my best to persuade her to use photoshop and tweak photos and cut one element out and place into another and she would say: “No thanks mom, I want to do it all by hand.”

She is the epitome of Renaissance woman!! She grew up with a graphic designer and she fought my pleas for ages. Now she is in college doing ANIMATION magic!!! Oooooh I am so proud of her.

I long to learn to sculpt well enough to create a beautiful bust of her one day. She has radiant eyes, a slender long neck and a smile that will knock you off your feet. I am so proud of her.

When we talk I come alive! She understands the creative juices flowing in the water. She understands how we need water time to let the creations be birthed from the bubbles. She is “fluid” in her thought process and it transcends into her art. Margaret came from the original mermaid and is graceful and elegant as she grows into her fluid art.