Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meet My Artist Daughter-Margaret.

My daughter, Margaret is an incredible artist. TALK about art being born!! Hahahahah! This would be the ultimate art. Having a daughter who IS the ultimate artist.

She was born wanting to do art the hard way. I would try my best to persuade her to use photoshop and tweak photos and cut one element out and place into another and she would say: “No thanks mom, I want to do it all by hand.”

She is the epitome of Renaissance woman!! She grew up with a graphic designer and she fought my pleas for ages. Now she is in college doing ANIMATION magic!!! Oooooh I am so proud of her.

I long to learn to sculpt well enough to create a beautiful bust of her one day. She has radiant eyes, a slender long neck and a smile that will knock you off your feet. I am so proud of her.

When we talk I come alive! She understands the creative juices flowing in the water. She understands how we need water time to let the creations be birthed from the bubbles. She is “fluid” in her thought process and it transcends into her art. Margaret came from the original mermaid and is graceful and elegant as she grows into her fluid art.


  1. Margaret is very talented and beautiful like her Mum! She is lucky to have had you share your passion for art with her! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you both! :)