Sunday, October 13, 2013

Planting Seeds of Passion

Art reflects life-life reflects art.

I am immersed in mud these days. I sculpt in the mud- I am happy playing with mud…to be specific-clay. In all 3 classes I am sculpting my heart out. Two of the classes I use a water base clay, in the other class I use a oil base clay.
Just yesterday I was writing about the lotus needing the mud in order to grow. A friend complimented me, and I responded:
“I am the mud.”

At that moment I realized I WAS the mud. These days- that is all I am doing: creating art from mud (clay).
(Smiling sigh)
I let the energy of that statement settle.

I am sculpting a figure, and bringing the Book of Kells to life in 3 dimensional forms. I am learning the incredible anatomy of the body! I am soaring in my passion- swimming in it- growing it it!!! God knows I wish EVERYBODY would DO their passion!!! When you do what you love- you are grinning like a fool!
Just call me the woooohooooo wild woman! (grinning)

What an incredible world we would have- if everybody awakened HAPPY!

What seed of passion would you like to plant? Just think about it today.

GO ahead, look down into the place you hide away your passion. You keep it close to your chest, afraid to bring it out into the light. Go ahead and share your passion- what you have always wanted to do.
The only thing stopping you is fear.
I will take the fear away from you- and let you plant the seed here. In the mud- where it is safe- where you can get used to the idea of cultivating your love for this seed.
You are perfect.
We have started the process of you growing into your passion.
Oh!!! (grinning) I am excited for you!!!
I love you!


  1. Wonderful blog J...I love reading it every day! :)

  2. Oh JPP I am very glad to know the secrete of ur energy, creativity with passion , culture the seed of ur hidden passion , pour ur mind , heart and soul, Identify ur whole being with the passion, Great u r light to us .LOVE U.