Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kabuki Art

I have been gathering the energy to become stronger physically for a while. I love strong fit bodies! My daughter came home last summer and we hola hooped and laughed about becoming stronger. Then I heard about this spa in town here, Kabuki Spa. They have separate days for men to attend and women to attend so you can relax in your birthday suit.

What an incentive for becoming a stronger “younger” woman!! The idea of publicly having others see your body is terrifying. Though- really – it is time for me to step up my game- and regularly  work upon my muscles. No one is going to do it for me- but me.That is a huge realization!

I love the body. I adore people who keep up with their body- they treat it well- respect it- ask much of it- I am becoming sooooo aware of soooo much now!!!

Being an artist – the body REALLY is a temple! I sculpt it with reverence now. The process of art is sacred- the process of turning someone into a piece of art is INCREDIBLE!!!

Think about that…what would you want me to sculpt- if I came over to sculpt you.
Imagine your self fit- strong- not flabby. See it!!! NOW- THAT is the moment of change. Do you want to be a piece of art?! YOU are!!!! Oh how I long to sculpt you!!!

Come on now- first things first- the Kabuki Spa. Please- come with me.

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  1. Good blog...a work in progress at the moment! Time will tell! :)