Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 11-Trompe l'oeil pottery

Today it is about illusion, tricking the eye. Creating with clay an object that looks like something else. An optical illusion in clay.

I will be making a woman’s wallet, it is small and simple- and the detail will be in the texture upon the outside.

The wood here is glorious, it resembles driftwood. I have picked up many pieces of driftwood in my life and appreciate the thin layers and the grain of the wood. The cabbage is beautiful as well- though to be fair- one can imprint a leaf of cabbage into clay and learn the pattern easier.

Much classical art was painted to “trick the eye”. Search the word and take a look around. It is a wonderful facet of art to research.

Last night I gathered with many art students listening to the gallery owner perspective as well and the artist perspective. It was an interesting night to see both sides of the putting art in galleries. The bottom line was communicate with the gallery owner. There were no illusions.

Art is a passion. If you are a artist- you WILL create art. Nothing will stand in your way. If you are lucky, you will have tons of friends supporting and purchasing your work. And if you work hard you will be able to attend a magnificent college where you can create trompe l’oeil art work.

Art reflects life- life reflects art. Today I create an illusion. (smiling) I will let you know how it goes…
I love you all!

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