Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Yesterday I was talking with another artist about clay. And I realize I am falling in love with the clay body: “She”

She is the energy within the clay wanting to represent me. If you let those words settle. If you think of energy as a force to create- then LIFE moves to another realm.
The energy is the muse…and there is only one letter – the “t” that changes muse- to MUST.

That “t” is that cross roads where ART is born. IT can not help but be born!!! Art is energy- waiting for you to create- waiting for you to pour yourself into the moment.

I know it sound ridiculous, however, as I work with the clay, I am aware of the feminine aspect of creation. I am taking an embryo of an idea and nurturing it until it is born. The process of caressing and moving and shaping the clay it is as if I am caressing and stroking the face of my Love. My child is my art. My art is my LOVE.

The clay body- “She” wants to be made into art. “She” wants to be beautiful for me as I want her help bring the best of her to life.

I know- I know- You really think –“Jude has spent way way way tooo much time with that clay” (grinning) I have only just begun to create.

I get it now- when folks say : “become one with the moment”…I am!!!

This is all over the place…(smiling) I am all over the place! Ain’t it grand? LIFE is soooo AWESOME!!!

I love you all! Keep shining and soaring!!


  1. So loving your blog J. So happy you are living your art! :)

  2. Beautiful depth of soul speaks inside the clay of heart!