Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sculpting dancing back!!!

As I am sculpting the figure in clay, I am coming to life. My hands work in slow motion, smoothing, adding bits of wet clay and smoothing again.  As I pushed the clay upon the figure I push in the sand and grout- smoothing again and again until the surface is silky.

It takes patience. To make a cylinder perfect. No dimples, no cellulite thighs, a perfect composition delicately brought to life. It is a work of love, I am falling in love with the process, taking my time.

I go back to the studio when no one is around.

I know- you might think I am crazy when you read this, but- truth be told – I don’t want to share her (my art) with anyone else. I turn on my itunes and play music to get in the zone.

My hands take over, measuring with calipers and being exact- I build the art of me- and am savoring every little touch of  creating. As my hands are thinking of a strong back and I am whispering to myself, “God I love this back.” I want my back to be strong- like the back I am creating, I believe if I create it in clay that I might one day have that perfect back! (grin)

I will leave you now- with thoughts of strong backs. Please take care of your body, your back. It is the only one  we get…and you and I know how important it is to have a strong back to dance.

I am dancing with you, in my minds eye. My hand upon your strong back.

I love you all!

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