Friday, October 11, 2013

Finding your light voice!

Being an artist is about the light! (and the shadows) Without the contrast we would have a blah blah gray world.  The light is shimmering today! It’s a diamond sparkling-reflecting off the water. It is the sun rising and shining golden upon the great oaks in Covington. Louisiana. (see above photo)

Magic light- the way it shines in through the lace curtains- the way it dances and moves across my memories…The light dancing through the leaves- cascading upon dances with the greenery- happy with the wind- wanting to turn your reality into shimmering light!
Light is poetry in motion!

Hypnotic- the light puts a spell upon me.…Oooo..the spells we weave- the light we weave- the love we weave…The light inspires me. The light is passion. It burns away the negative issues and leaves the purest part of me.

Passion. I suppose- because I am writing here- this creative side of me- this voice is part of my passion. Soon I hope to have clay pieces fired that match my words and my voice. Writing and creating art call to me. I call to you!! What IS your passion- please tell me!!!!

I searched google: “Finding you voice” and Todd Henry’s blog “Creating” popped up.

His link:

Voice- From the Latin word; “vocare”- means “to call or invoke.” He discusses finding your voice through your vocation, while we do our work- while we are immersed in the doing- “our passion, is like a stalking lion, waiting for opportunity to pounce.”

To help you discover your voice, he gives 10 questions to consider. You can go to his page and read them all. The most poignant for me are:
“What have you mastered and what platform do you own” I combine these two into one because they are soul sisters, tied together like a 3 legged race.
Whatever skills that you can do without thinking, these skills are probably the platform you own. It is in this realm that you feel most comfortable and can speak confidently about.

The other questions is: “ What would blow your mind?” I loved this! Because I would love to do a katrillion things. Sky dive, surf,  meet all my facebook friends! For my art to flourish so well- that I would never have to worry about money again. (not that I worry now) Let yourself go- let yourself wish- and speak them out loud!
I am saying right now- what I just wrote! I do believe in speaking your wishes and using your voice!
Ask and it shall be given.

If you can see you dreams- then believe in them. If you “see” and call them to mind- your light will find away to burn bright. And you will have found your light- YOUR  light voice.
I love you all!


  1. Love the way you see, write and create...incredibly talented! :)

  2. Hey hey Judy's got a blog! It's all happening! I'm finding my voice too in a very literal sense. Trouble is I have many vices ooh err um voices.
    So happy to see you happy - well happi er coz your always happy :o)

    1. Thank you Sandra Bonney...Sorry it has taken me soooo long to respond...(grinning) Yes indeed we are growing!!! Wooohooooo!!! Love you Dearly!