Friday, December 30, 2016

Riding my dragon!

Original illustration by Judith Parsons
There is much magic to be had. It is right in front of you when you truly live the power of now. Sure, we have all read the book, heard all of this before, however, being totally present in the moment is what life IS ABOUT!

 Being completely aware of every savoring and satisfying moment truly blows away all of the fears and foggy static of nothingness. I am learning how to love life straight up, no drugs impeding my senses. It is the most honorable thing to do in life, live it without the blinders and fogginess of drugs.

I live most of my life alone. I have learned the ultimate lesson about life, whilst living alone. I can not blame my life on anybody else. What my life is, right now, here, in San Francisco is what I have created. If it is a mess, then it is mine that I have made. If it is good, it is also because I have worked on creating this space of positiveness.

I blamed other people for a lot of my life, for why it was the way it was. Then I decided to go out upon my own, and “OWN” it. Good or bad, what ever was out there for me to learn was going to be what I did.

Go live alone. Take yourself AWAY from every person out there. Make it on your own. THEN, and only then will you gain the self confidence to stand straight and tall upon the mountain of life and unfurl your wings and soar.

Sure, I get it. It is scary out there. Yep. And you might have to work 2 jobs to figure out how to make ends meet. But chances are, you WILL figure out how to pay the bills, live within your means and become the independent person you have always wanted to be. When you become YOU, all alone, with no one else to blame for your success and/or failure the your dragon will appear.

THEN, the real work begins. 

Right now I am blessed beyond measure, I am soaring beside a magnificent dragon of a wild woman. She totally blows me away with her ferociousness for life! She has shown me that other people are incredibly important, and while she is here…I need to ride her to infinity.

You see life is short. Live it without additives of foggy drugs. Live it wild friends, become untamed and howling mad. 


Friday, December 23, 2016

Reflecting infinity in Maggie

Original one-of-a-kind illustration by Judith Parsons 2016

I am back home, in Savannah for the Wise man season. Where the women proudly wear their momma’s pearls and their raggedy jeans. Yep, the gorgeous peaches know how to work it! 

Tonight my sister and her daughter sat at the kitchen table looking through old photographs…remembering who we were way back when. God knows I looked good! (grinning) We all did!

You see, I grew up thinking I was always fat. I didn’t have great self esteem. I learned that from my mom. Perhaps we all took upon us our moms attitude - without really “knowing” what we were doing. If she was social, we became that. If she was always hiding from the camera, we did that too. There certainly is much to learn from our mother’s behavior.

As we continued through the photo albums I found photos of my ex-husband. I stomped my foot in regret. I took photographs of a strong gardener, a happy man. It brought back floods of memories, like a storm to the desert. It reminded me of who I was- way back when.

My sister and her daughter know me inside and out. They have witnessed my crazy Jekyll and Hyde moments, my overly emotional cry baby moments and they have loved me through it all. My niece connects with me, mainly because her mom and I have ALWAYS talked. At least once a week if not more, for 35 years. 

Admittedly, I was not a great daughter when it came to calling my parents. My ex and I moved all over the place, and well, I didn’t have much to tell. NOW, I get the whole- “pick up the phone and just talk”- and say nothing..just connect. Who knows what silly conversations will arise?

Because today, I sat next to a mom with a 2 month old baby. My heart was thrilled to be next to such young WISE energy. I wished I had been more connected to my mom and dad. Then maybe- just maybe my babies would be more connected to me.

All too often we push our children out of the nest. We want them to unfurl their wings, and soar. Yes, yes, yes…we do. Then they do. And we have to figure out what to do with the next years.

The illustration started out as crazy wings…and look more like palm trees. (laughing) My southern beach Goddess showed up…

Do yourself a favor- call your mom, let your baby girl see you happy talking to your momma. One day, she will be me, wishing she had been a better role model.

Thank you Maggie and Lynn…Such WISE women!! Woooohoooooo!!