Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life is an Adventure

Original Art created especially for this blog.
Judith Parsons Art
It is amazing how the Universe or God gives us lessons. However you learn, in whatever capacity, the lesson will be given. If you read then it will come from a book, if you watch television or movies-then the lesson will come from that source. If you hang out on Facebook- then probably you will receive your next inspiration from here. Last night I got my lesson from a dream.

An old friend who was my marketing director was in my dream. His name was Steve Auld. We both used to work together at a real estate company in Virginia Beach, VA. It was a wonderful dream to see him again. I know that he has passed and is no longer in this realm. So it did my heart good to see him, we both hugged and beamed at one another! It was a glorious moment. Then it was time to get down to business. I couldn't tell you exactly what the business was- other than high high technology.

In my dream he trusted me explicitly to "do the magic"…We were working with a new clip board- that was clear and had wires running through it- which was a satellite and cloaking sort of device. I had to test the device in my dream- put it through its paces- to make sure it did what is was suppose to do.

It was a very "smart" dream. I awakened feeling better about myself- I had a purpose and I had a person who TOTALLY believed in me. It was such a great feeling!
On another note: I finally got past my level 305 in candy crush…whew! So I need help crossing the bridge! (smiling) Please assist!

I am organizing this weekend! Putting things in order in my room-- A piece of art is in my head- I will try and convey it on paper.
I am thinking about joining a church…or group of folks in San Francisco- to be a bit more social. Someone mentioned an over 50 year old art group…I need to research that!
I am very excited about the "Sacred geometry" class!!! Wooohoooo!!!

Life is an adventure!!!

Let us honor the adventure- with all we've got!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hurricane Katrina

Original art -created especially for this blog by
Hurricane Katrina happened on my fathers birthday, Aug 29th. I remember the darkness and the suffocating heat like it was yesterday. I didn't have to break out of my attic nor swim in waters where the spiders and ants covered your head, because they were trying to escape the same waters you were trying to escape. However, it flung me far into wild winds of change so that I was never the same again.

We had no elderly parent in a nursing home to rescue.  I cringe now at the atrocities that were done to the old and feeble. Without technology they were doomed. Nothing to keep them alive. The doctors did what they thought was humane.

My children were 10 and 12, they were trying to put on a brave face like the rest of us. The night was so black and heavy. It weighted upon us like a wet warm wool blanket. The only light in the whole wide world blinked from the top of an energy system radar tower. We couldn't open our eyes up wide enough. Certainly there had to be a flash of light, another soul out there like us-looking for the light. My daughter, son and I stared at the blinking light for hours waiting for the sun to rise.

The hurricane changed EVERYTHING. It took away my sailboat, my home and me. It ripped away and torn a rip in the fabric of me. It made me a nomad. I am still a nomad- trying to find my roots that the hurricane tore so effortlessly away.

I created this art-this ladder of hurricanes over a two day period. I let it be built slowly. The swirls are the symbol for both the hurricane and the age old powerful symbol of the dance. The swirling dervish is a dance that spins the dancer so he/she enters the divine enlightened transcendent realm. Any questions can be answered in this state.

The ladder in the illustration has steps which we climb in life. We go up 5 and back down 2 and we keep going up the steps of life. It is what we do. We move forward, we stumble, we fall and we keep moving forward. The opposite of movement is stagnating and algae. One can decide to move or not move. It is all about choices.

I have made many horrible choices since Katrina. I can not blame my bad choices upon a hurricane. I own those choices. I sigh- I look at those bad choices as lessons. And God willing I will learn from those bad choices. However, I have made a few GREAT choices. (smiling) And Thank the good Lord those choices will still be around and have a chance to grow some roots.

I raise my glass to hurricane Katrina. If you lived through it, like I did and you are still around to raise your glass then let us "CHEERS" to life! (clinking imaginary glasses together) If you lived through hurricane Katrina and are not around, then I pray for you and hope there is a party in heaven celebrating your life!

Live life like it is an adventure!!  Celebrate this holiday by grilling with a bar-b-que  and smile knowing that it is a choice to cook meat upon the grill…not something you HAVE to do- because you lost electricity and have to eat all the meat in the freezer.

I miss my Louisiana friends!! (group hug) I love you!! 

Louisiana friends- if you would like a print of the cool me:

Friday, August 29, 2014

What is the purpose

Original art created by Judith Parsons 2014
A friend and I were talking about "What is the purpose?"  (waving at Aida) It is an excellent place to be. When we are asking that question. When I can evaluate my life from that objective perspective - I might just be growing. (grinning)

Ooooooo shivers- I must shake it off. Muturing? Me? Growing? Good Lord I certainly hope not. (smiling)

Everything has lost its definition! I seem to have come back from Ireland with no sense of time or space. No sense of anything. THIS will be rambling at its best. As NOTHING makes any sense anymore.

I am okay with awakening hours before I have to- just to play in illustrator. I have become obsessed with perfecting my craft, when in reality we ALL know there is no such thing as perfection!!!

I am shaking my head at this quest. What indeed is the purpose? Why do we do what we do? Why do any of us get our of bed in the morning? Why am I rattling on here? Who cares? (shrugging my shoulders)

It is because I CAN NOT HELP myself!! I am struck with passion of the most crazy kind!! Dear Lord reach down and caress my brow and help me calm these wants to create non-stop!!!
No. Don't Lord. 
I do not have a clue who I am anymore. All the clothing that was conventional, all the old me lays in a heap upon the floor across the room.
I want to re-design myself into the art I am creating! I have no idea what the hell that means…maybe I am sleeping still and this is a crazy dream? Maybe.
I will ramble on just a wee bit more.

I need a tribe. I need to find other people like me. I need serious mental help.
(sighing grinning) It has been said- that is the first step in over coming a problem- recognizing that one exist.

However, maybe it isn't a problem to be witing my blog in the middle of the night!
Hells bells, I will post this mess. There is no point, all curves (and I HAVE curves) just plain ole art for arts sake….

What is the purpose?

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Original art by Judith Parsons-created a few minutes ago.
Last night I listened to a sermon about "Opportunity"… (smiling and shaking head) I can't believe I was watching Pastor Steve on my lap top either.(sighing) His words flowed over me, enlightening me on the subject.

There was one aspect of his lecture that was interesting, it was about not trying to do everything. Yep. I need to pull my reins in a wee bit. Not go full force all the time. I try to do a ka-zillion things. I am clearing my throat at my own admission of this.

I am telling myself- "J- do a few things really well." (Nodding head at self) It is a process, relax in the ups and down. Relax and know that it isn't always going to be a full tilt sort of life. Like waves rolling into shore, like the ebb and flow of tides, rest in the knowing that EVERYTHING is ALRIGHT.

Settle for a moment in that. Hold yourself. Actually wrap your arms around yourself and say. Everything is fine! Then grin from ear to ear that you are doing it. I am smiling just seeing you do that!!

Rest in that place of serene divinty. God is an amazing God. Life is an amazing life! The opportunities will present themselves. You WILL know! 

Note to self: People want to work beside happy people. Peeps do NOT want to sit around complainers. Keep smiling- keep singing- keep shining!! And rest too, be gentle with yourself. Pace yourself.

Wooohooooo!! Life is amazing!!!

Explanation of art: The colorful circles at either end of the stairs geometric stairs represent Opportunity. The stairs -are much like our paths in life- not always up. We go up 5 steps only to fall back 3 steps. The center trinity shapes touch in the center. It makes a sort of hour glass shape, which you all know as my abstract woman's shape. The TRINITY is WHAT I am about. 
The 3's in life: Mind- body and spirit/ Past, present and future/ Drama triangle/ Father, son and holy ghost....I can go on and on!!!

Art created by Judith Parsons 2014. Do not use without permission.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Margaret Parsons-Water wings

With the new school year starting up and having to make sure all my ducks are in a row, I admit to having anxiety. I keep telling myself I will get done all that needs to get done. I need to check all the financial loans- make sure everything is being paid- make sure I budget my life down to a very exact amount.

I have learned at this middle age it takes a while for energy to settle. Everything NEW is a bit unsettled. For me, it takes gathering up energy before a new event happens, I can see myself gathering energy- as if harvesting from a field of golden wheat. I keep gathering and cutting and placing the energy into a reservoir. In real life it translates to sleeping more, or catching a cold. 

My body, mind and spirit knows it will be in high gear next week, classes WILL begin and I will be fully present demanding much of myself. Putting my all into every class. THIS is no small event, returning to college at this age. THIS IS MY LIFE. I have left all that is familiar behind.I want validation at this stage in my life. I want to earn the A plus in every class. I am preparing mentally for working harder than I worked last year. I will practically be living at the school!

There is a imaginary warrior/priestess mask and robe that I slip into for that first day of class. This first year of school here in San Francisco has taught me much about myself- has revealed the "Art Priestess" in me. (grinning) She is filled with grace and serenity. She, knows how hard it is to create, prefect and refine art. And SHE is up for the challenge.

Art has given me wings. I am obsessed with wings an see myself having wings to fly into the safe nest of the sun, were I rest. I didn't always have wings, I ran along the surface of the earth, trudging through mud and swamps and stumbling over uneven ground.

I needed that time of falling. Again and again I fell and again and again I GOT UP. I kept looking to the sun, and to the sunsets and eventually I found myself sitting beside the beach. I had run out of land upon which I stumbled. I had come to the edge of me.

I will insert a conversation I had with my daughter, Margaret. I had asked her what she thought heaven was, and I will always remember her perspective on it. She felt when we died we went to the beach, to have a huge party with all of the loved ones we had ever known. We ate and danced and shared stories across a bon fire upon the beach. Then when all the stories have been told and the silence wraps around your like a warm hug it is time to go swimming.

The sun is shining and the water is a glorious rejuvenating swim. Swimming toward the horizon we continue until the sun starts setting and then we swim toward it. Then the arms become an automated movement and the golden sky slowly fades to purples and then the stars come out. We continue swimming. The muscles in our body become jelly. We swim and kick and breathe in a world where everything is black. The stars become the phosphorous particles and we are swimming in stars and the non gravitational water become the sky and we become one with everything.

When we die we go back to the great waters of nothing and everything. THIS is my daughter's magnificent perception of returning to God.

Thank you Margaret Parsons for your incredible "seeing" ability! (smiling hugs) I am blessed to have you as my daughter. I love the bones of you!! (grining)

We are all stumbling upon our path, and continue until we reach the waters edge. Then we swim and then we FLY! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unfurl your wings! SOAR!!!

I am in heaven! THIS truly is heaven on earth.

I have photoshop and illustrator working- I have my art from last year waiting to be played with. (smiling) I plugged in my old hard drive and found writings that surprised me.

I had put my life on hold. I was in the "waiting mode." I was waiting on someone - other than myself to save me.

I admit there were a few women who stood by me. You know who you are. (Waving) But generally finding ones path is something you must figure out on your own.

As much as I would love to tell you- do one, two, three or a,b,c...It isn't something anyone can tell you how to do.

You know you have found your passion when time moves at a different rate. When you are doing what you love to do, you loose yourself in it. I pray for each of you that you find what you love to do. I pray that you find yourself like me, looking up at the clock and exclaiming- "Holy moly- where did the time go?!"

For the longest time I thought every person had to walk his or her path. Yes, it is true we all travel toward our destination. However, we can fly and skip the woods. Or one can swim in the river of life. We all end up at the next transcending realm. How we get there is what makes life an interesting adventure.

I can remember meditating and climbing the cliff rock face of a mountain and a little voice inside my head said: "Unfurl our wings- soar!" And I did- I pushed myself away from the mountain and glided for a bit. Then I pumped my arms which felt like wings and I flew into the sun.

I want you to find your passion and soar or swim beside me. And if your prefer walking, then I will sit beside you at your camp fire and we can share adventure stories.

(smiling and hugging you tight) We are all more connected than you know.

Wooohoooooo!! Life is grand!! Keep singing!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Love is time.

I heard the Cathedral clock chiming last night. As it awakened me I wondered how many others it had awakened. For years and years back, the clock rang its bell, keeping track of Ms. Time.

I imagine the people sleeping when this town was run on horse power instead of automobiles.

The clock keeps singing and ringing for Ms. Time. She waltzes in and dances with the ringing dinging in the distance. She doesn't change, Ms. Time. She is forever  young and wistful, grinning and playful.

As the seasons change, as school gears up to accept the new scholars and nature disrobes another foliage dressing. Take some time and dance with her. Imagine holding her easily, smile and twirl around your kitchen. Let her cheek softly caress yours and know Love is time.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Woooohoooooo!!! Back in business!

Original illustration created by Judith Parsons Art 
I am grinning from ear to ear!!

My computer needed a transfusion! (grinning) Thanks to Anita (waving) and her computer geek skills she got my hard drive and ram resuscitated!

I played with illustrator all night- creating patterns- making swatches and generally having the time of my life! God knows I love playing with photoshop and illustrator!!

I am back in business!!!


If you need some help polishing up your logo...want some art created that say: "You are a styling Queen/King" - message me!!!

Satisfaction guaranteed. (Grinning) For a price!
I work all over the world! (laughing)

It is time to love love love! Love what you do! Love it soooo much that you will do for the sake of doing it! (Don't get me wrong- I do appreciate compensation for a job well done!)

Live your passion!

Anita- you really ought to work in a computer shop! Or start a side business helping white haired ladies get their computer systems all fixed up!

I am one happy little puppy!
Step right up!

You know you need a new look! Love you all! J

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome Home Oprah and Deepak

Google image photograph-
Day One- Meditation with Oprah and Deepak.

As I closed my eyes and went to the beach in my minds eye. I found myself walking and in the distance was a camp fire upon the beach. The wind was warm and the sun was setting!

I walked toward the golden flickering lights- the people sitting around the fire were all wearing white clothing. I saw 2 people stand and start walking toward me.

Seeing them made me smile. I couldn't help but grin as we walked toward one another. I had to resist running. I felt like a child meeting an old friend again. I wanted to feel every step- as my foot crunched into the white warm sand. I felt the energy strengthen as I walked toward them.

Oprah and Deepak were grinning from ear to ear and we all started laughing. We all opened our arms for a huge hug! It was a perfect hug! Oprah and Deepak both said at the same time: "We have been waiting for you!" I could feel their warm hands of energy against my back- I could feel their genuine love for me.

It was a glorious moment in my meditation. I do look forward to the reality of it. It will happen in its time.

Doing the 21 day meditation requires making time to love yourself. In the busy crazy world of constant connect it can be a challenge to carve time for yourself. This meditation is a great way to do that.

I have read you can not give to others what you -yourself- do not possess. With LOVE this is tricky. I have said to my BelovedL " Please love yourself -the way you love me." And she has reflected it back to me.
(sighing) It is not always easy.

I shall give it my best try. I love you sweet friends! You are all over the world!! In England- In Ireland- and all over the United States- You can and support me. God knows- I love you all!

I look forward to joining you all around the campfire of love!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Art is passion!!!

Incredible Photograph by Louis McNally 2014

The photo is art! A glorious photograph taken by Louis McNally.

His facebook page:

The rain drops splatter in slow motion cascading out from the stick. The rain drops EXQUISITE!

There is so much to be said for playing a sport with other passionate souls.  When they donned their helmets and shin guards, they were crazy young wild warriors!! Determined to give it their best shot!

There is a competitiveness which is glorious to watch. Teeth grinding and voices roaring with growls of determined wants. The passion takes over when the body wants to cave in. It is a divine energy to watch.

These women gave me a glimpse of myself. They make me want to grow STRONGER...we all grow older, but with these women, there is a sense of growing younger. An amazing group of wild warrior women who have inspired me to BE more!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Photograph by Judith Parsons
Yesterday I watched incredible older women playing Camogie, it is alot like hockey- with dangerous sticks. I thought playing soccer was intense. It is nothing compared to competitive Irish wild women whacking one another to get that leather ball into the goal.

The rain was coming down in sheets. I stood under a umbrella and they were running about in the rain. I was in awe at these women- they were gathering their team from 20 years back to play for a good cause.


I screamed and yelled and felt 25 years old. I could see the young woman inside the older woman, the younger woman's spirit had taken over the older woman's body. They were serious about playing and winning.  It gave me hope- made me want to start running again. They were little girls running their hearts out- swinging and whacking and smacking and slashing about in the mud and rain. It was heaven!!!

We need to play...Go! Call some friends- and gather- play a board game- or find a ball and go outside and play=play=play!!!
Go baby go!!!

Life is grand! It is too short to sit about! Go laugh- go play- Go!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Child of Prague

Photograph by Judith Parsons 2014
He sits in the window for good weather. His eyes wide open. In perpetual gazing outward. She taps his head twice and leaves him to guard the window. Sentinel he stood- quietly.

He sighed and stood forever silent. Waiting upon a ledge. Looking out upon the clouds, the wind, the rain and even the sun.

The spider visited, trying to weave her magical alphabet to entertain him. The spider would tell jokes and He laughed so hard He lost his head along the way.

The spider tried to weave a net to scoop up his head- to help him place his head back upon his shoulders. Alas, to no avail. He was now gazing at his feet all day. He used to complain that all he saw was the sky. How foolish he had been. Now he stares upon his feet. He didn't know how well he had it.

The dust  even felt sorry for him. The dust heard his cries and asked what it could do to help. He asked the dust to cover his eyes so he could rest.

He sat in the window forgotten, the dust covered his ostentatious robes. All his finery could not save his head.

What we have now- is what we need. Everything is as it should be.
Save your head- be grateful for what you have!