Thursday, August 28, 2014


Original art by Judith Parsons-created a few minutes ago.
Last night I listened to a sermon about "Opportunity"… (smiling and shaking head) I can't believe I was watching Pastor Steve on my lap top either.(sighing) His words flowed over me, enlightening me on the subject.

There was one aspect of his lecture that was interesting, it was about not trying to do everything. Yep. I need to pull my reins in a wee bit. Not go full force all the time. I try to do a ka-zillion things. I am clearing my throat at my own admission of this.

I am telling myself- "J- do a few things really well." (Nodding head at self) It is a process, relax in the ups and down. Relax and know that it isn't always going to be a full tilt sort of life. Like waves rolling into shore, like the ebb and flow of tides, rest in the knowing that EVERYTHING is ALRIGHT.

Settle for a moment in that. Hold yourself. Actually wrap your arms around yourself and say. Everything is fine! Then grin from ear to ear that you are doing it. I am smiling just seeing you do that!!

Rest in that place of serene divinty. God is an amazing God. Life is an amazing life! The opportunities will present themselves. You WILL know! 

Note to self: People want to work beside happy people. Peeps do NOT want to sit around complainers. Keep smiling- keep singing- keep shining!! And rest too, be gentle with yourself. Pace yourself.

Wooohooooo!! Life is amazing!!!

Explanation of art: The colorful circles at either end of the stairs geometric stairs represent Opportunity. The stairs -are much like our paths in life- not always up. We go up 5 steps only to fall back 3 steps. The center trinity shapes touch in the center. It makes a sort of hour glass shape, which you all know as my abstract woman's shape. The TRINITY is WHAT I am about. 
The 3's in life: Mind- body and spirit/ Past, present and future/ Drama triangle/ Father, son and holy ghost....I can go on and on!!!

Art created by Judith Parsons 2014. Do not use without permission.

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