Sunday, August 3, 2014


Photograph by Judith Parsons
Yesterday I watched incredible older women playing Camogie, it is alot like hockey- with dangerous sticks. I thought playing soccer was intense. It is nothing compared to competitive Irish wild women whacking one another to get that leather ball into the goal.

The rain was coming down in sheets. I stood under a umbrella and they were running about in the rain. I was in awe at these women- they were gathering their team from 20 years back to play for a good cause.


I screamed and yelled and felt 25 years old. I could see the young woman inside the older woman, the younger woman's spirit had taken over the older woman's body. They were serious about playing and winning.  It gave me hope- made me want to start running again. They were little girls running their hearts out- swinging and whacking and smacking and slashing about in the mud and rain. It was heaven!!!

We need to play...Go! Call some friends- and gather- play a board game- or find a ball and go outside and play=play=play!!!
Go baby go!!!

Life is grand! It is too short to sit about! Go laugh- go play- Go!!!

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