Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Child of Prague

Photograph by Judith Parsons 2014
He sits in the window for good weather. His eyes wide open. In perpetual gazing outward. She taps his head twice and leaves him to guard the window. Sentinel he stood- quietly.

He sighed and stood forever silent. Waiting upon a ledge. Looking out upon the clouds, the wind, the rain and even the sun.

The spider visited, trying to weave her magical alphabet to entertain him. The spider would tell jokes and He laughed so hard He lost his head along the way.

The spider tried to weave a net to scoop up his head- to help him place his head back upon his shoulders. Alas, to no avail. He was now gazing at his feet all day. He used to complain that all he saw was the sky. How foolish he had been. Now he stares upon his feet. He didn't know how well he had it.

The dust  even felt sorry for him. The dust heard his cries and asked what it could do to help. He asked the dust to cover his eyes so he could rest.

He sat in the window forgotten, the dust covered his ostentatious robes. All his finery could not save his head.

What we have now- is what we need. Everything is as it should be.
Save your head- be grateful for what you have!


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