Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eye 2 Eye

This art was created for new relationships!
Thank you Mr. M for the marvelous hug!
We are all more connected than we know!
Judith Parsons Art 2017
I got up early to be at the Kinko’s FedEx store when they opened at 7:30 am. The manager running the store was by himself. I know how Kinko’s is run, as I worked for one in Tampa. There is ALWAYS tons of work to be printed and tons of customers wanting and calling complaining.

The manager took my work and started to open the usb drive when a customer called about her package being stuck in custom because it didn’t have the correct form upon the package. The manager, Mr. M (I will call him) was trying his best to soothe and calm the customer. I heard his side of the phone conversation and the woman whose package was suppose to go to Italy wanted some rectification.

All-in-all, it was a long 15 minutes of Mr. M trying to placate the woman who had not signed her package. After he got off the telephone I asked for my usb drive back, so I could print it myself on their colored printer. As I was printing - I still had questions, so poor Mr. M yet again had to come over and assist me.

I was trying my best to leave him alone so he could do his work. But then the printer needed an ink cartridge. SO we started talking about politics, and people and borders. The world today with Facebook and other social media connects us more than ever. We have no borders on Facebook. We discovered we both had lived in New Orleans. We both had a fabulous faith in the Trinity and as we looked at one another, eye-to-eye we wanted more out of life.

You are right, so many people don’t connect like we did this morning! Your grand dad would be so proud of you! He is your guardian angel!

Mr. M- thank you for the fabulous hug. You ARE going to get your food truck business up and running!!! YOU are going to have more time with your wife and children! 
I am going to help create your logo and design promotional material! Maybe today was about doing what we love to do!

Yes!!! I have been a designer for 35 years. I have created graphic designs, logos, and sculpture and can truly say today. I am happy and fulfilled!!

Life truly is amazing!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Count down-2 days.

Art originally created for Acrylic base for Neon Sculpture.
It has transformed into this lovely bright graphic image.
Thank you Adobe Illustrator and photoshop for assisting me
Art by Judith Parsons
In two days I will present my thesis on my quest to become the Art Priestess. 

I have worked for four years taking classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have learned how to weld and forge metal, how perfect clay can be as a medium and how to create magic with digital laser technology.

Tomorrow morning I will take my newest art to be photographed. I hear he can work magic with neon acrylic, which is a bear to photograph. I have a shadow box which you friends, are loving and am excited to have photographs of it as well.

Just now, while I was showering, washing my hair, the thought to purchase a digital laser cutter to create massive art like David Best came to mind. If you haven’t seen his work yet, you are in for a treat. He created temple wooden structures for the burning man, and at the end, they were burned. It really must have been incredible to see the temples transformed by fire. 

Maybe that is my next big adventure! To create art for the burning man! Hmmmmm. All these thoughts are flying around my head. I like the idea. Maybe I do need to purchase that Epilogue laser digital cutter. Anybody want to donate $30,000 dollars to an artist?

Miracles can happen. Expect miracles!

I can’t help but grin at the week that is coming toward me. I have had an incredible 4 years creating art in San Francisco! I have learned how to get to an incredible spa, have learned the muni and bart system. Have found a fabulous place that sells lovely dresses and tops. I might even purchase a dress for graduation.

Holy moly. This is a week of transformation!

I will wear a leather yolk, that I am making for the coming out of the “Art Priestess”… Wednesday she will be adored with her own art. I will take a photograph with the instructors to document this magical magnificent day.

LIFE is amazing!! Always sing, shine, sashay those hips… and of course soar.

Love you all! Thank you for stopping by and reading.

Some examples of David Best's work

Saturday, April 8, 2017

J and J

Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2017.
Created using the shape J...repeating it, inverting the color,
turning down the opacity...just playing.

Today was a miracle day! 

A friend who has known me since before I had children tracked me down. We laughed and howled and stepped right back into our long old relationship. We  both married military men. She is still married to her husband. We moved and moved and moved.
It is what one does.
We became nomads. 
And we were thrilled when we happened to meet up again in the same town.

Our relationship started in Monterey, CA. They lived above us. I would sleep late and she would think I was not home and she would play her piano. I would lay in bed and smile. It was heaven being below her. I tried not to make any noise, so she would continue to play. As soon as she realized I was home- she would stop. She is an incredible talented woman. 

(Thank you Janet for connecting again.)

One of our favorite all time holiday memories is Thanksgiving 1989.  We decided to go camping,  and she had a wee little baby!! I will never forget how they bundled Angie up into a little pink eskimo ski onesie. I am laughing thinking about her arms stuck outside into a T position, because the thick padding made it impossible for her arms to move.

We camped at New Brighton Beach. We actually smoked a turkey and had an incredible feast! The sound of the beach was glorious. The company delightful!

As our families grew we would camp out together! Our first camping trips we slept in tents. It is exciting to sleep in a tent. One awakens as the sun rises and birds start chirping. They always brought their boat along and they would try their best to get us up on skies…rarely did we manage to ski.
As our finances improved we would rent a house instead of camping. I have old photographs with diamonds sparkling on the water.
We would take turns cooking for the group. Oh, what glorious vacations. It was the only annual vacation our family would take.

It was grand catching up with Janet today! (Waving and grinning) It is nice knowing someone who has known me forever. There is something to be said for old time memories. I miss looking into the fire and seeing a smiling face looking back at me. The faces golden from the warm light. The city is okay. However, having a fire in a pit, and being outside with the breeze and the sounds of the ocean is heaven upon earth.

God knows we made some incredible memories!!

Maybe I will tell you guys about the rain storm and having nothing on but a white button down shirt. Whew wee…it was a crazy time.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shaving me...Finally

One-of-a-kind art by one-of-a -kind artist,
Judith Parsons Art 2017
An artist understands colored pencil shavings. They are an intricate part of the creation that any other person would discard. Not an artist. The shavings from the colored pencils are the remnants which without there would be no creation.

These shaving you see here are from my daughter, Margaret. She is also an artist. There is nothing more exhilarating than opening a new box of colored pencils and a blank shining white piece of paper. She sketched and doodled while she visited. She sat upon my bed, propped up with my mountain of pillows and she placed her self upon her spiral sketch book.

It is what we do. We, as artist are always trying to step outside of ourselves and let the muse step in, getting out of the way, so-to-speak of ourselves. We are simple in that way, which might seem very complex to others. 

We are the pencil spinning inside of the pencil sharpener, trying to sharpen our points, trying to stay on point, trying to shed the old shell to get back to the core of our being.

As I was packing up the tin of colored pencils and pencil sharpener that I would need for an education event. I knew that the shaving of my daughter, HER shavings should be left pristine. We all know how fragile a shaving is. If I tried to place them into a plastic bag they would crumble and the nice swirling wooden shapes would be smashed, lost.

So here they are. I placed them upon a paper towel, put them in my window sill and prayed the wind wouldn’t kick up and blow them all away. I actually asked the wind to be patient with me while I took these photos. It complied. 

I took the photo into photoshop and played. I believe ART should BE MADE while PLAYING. I have been writing this blog "Art Being Born" since I began my art quest for my graduate degree. I believe this art should be placed into my final thesis presentation. It certainly conveys much about me, and how I create.

I swirled and smudged the shavings and created this for you, my special reader. Go purchase some colored pencils, doodle, and then sharpen yourself. 

Life is amazing!! Soaring, sharpening beside you!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Put a ring on your own finger.

Original one of a kind
Judith Parsons Art 2017

It is a fallacy to believe love is easy-that you don’t have to try. Love takes lots of work and lots of restraint. Holding the tongue, letting the energy settle and apologizing is a big piece of the heart shaped apple pie we call Love.

Having someone worry about you, and staying up, is another huge slice of that belly satisfying love. When we are away from our loves, we worry about them. I was talking with my sister and she said: “We are only as happy as our most unhappy child.”

It is true. Those feathery words floated from my sisters lips and became gorgeous pearls of wisdom. Love means we worry. Love means another person cares tremendously about us and wants to know that our love is tucked away safely in their bed.

Love can also become a ball and chain. The tethered love lines become uncomfortable. The once light weight connect becomes frozen with harsh words and angry emotions. The love line becomes a noose.

There are many variables within relationship equations. The quiet silent treatment, the “I will catch you tomorrow” text, the throw your hands up into the air and say; “I quit”. Then the walking away moments, the horrible “we will remain friends”…when in reality—ONE person always refuses to talk.

I have been given many relationships to learn from. I have seen the schizoid one, the bending over backwards to please another one, the please walk-your-talk one, the sex was great- but I am not ready to commit one, the spiritual one-however we are both set in our ways one.

The good news is this. I am ready to love myself first. I watched the TEDtalk yesterday about marrying oneself. She hit the nail upon the head. “Until we are happy with ourselves, we will not be happy with anyone outside of ourselves.” THIS!! really speaks to me.

I am going to make a list of things I need to do to be happy with me. Through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer…I know the things I need to work upon to love myself. Then the fears of the other person will not get under my skin. Then the other relationship is a bonus, an extra love to share.

For now. There is much work to be done.