Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eye 2 Eye

This art was created for new relationships!
Thank you Mr. M for the marvelous hug!
We are all more connected than we know!
Judith Parsons Art 2017
I got up early to be at the Kinko’s FedEx store when they opened at 7:30 am. The manager running the store was by himself. I know how Kinko’s is run, as I worked for one in Tampa. There is ALWAYS tons of work to be printed and tons of customers wanting and calling complaining.

The manager took my work and started to open the usb drive when a customer called about her package being stuck in custom because it didn’t have the correct form upon the package. The manager, Mr. M (I will call him) was trying his best to soothe and calm the customer. I heard his side of the phone conversation and the woman whose package was suppose to go to Italy wanted some rectification.

All-in-all, it was a long 15 minutes of Mr. M trying to placate the woman who had not signed her package. After he got off the telephone I asked for my usb drive back, so I could print it myself on their colored printer. As I was printing - I still had questions, so poor Mr. M yet again had to come over and assist me.

I was trying my best to leave him alone so he could do his work. But then the printer needed an ink cartridge. SO we started talking about politics, and people and borders. The world today with Facebook and other social media connects us more than ever. We have no borders on Facebook. We discovered we both had lived in New Orleans. We both had a fabulous faith in the Trinity and as we looked at one another, eye-to-eye we wanted more out of life.

You are right, so many people don’t connect like we did this morning! Your grand dad would be so proud of you! He is your guardian angel!

Mr. M- thank you for the fabulous hug. You ARE going to get your food truck business up and running!!! YOU are going to have more time with your wife and children! 
I am going to help create your logo and design promotional material! Maybe today was about doing what we love to do!

Yes!!! I have been a designer for 35 years. I have created graphic designs, logos, and sculpture and can truly say today. I am happy and fulfilled!!

Life truly is amazing!

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