Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Then you shall."

Anita Boyle, Reiki Master from Ireland

My supporter, my right arm, Anita Boyle (Waving) is an incredible person! (Grinning)
She supports me in EVERY way. She is constantly available to talk or skype. She heals me with her prayers. She totally believes in me.

If I say, I would like to do this. Then she says: “Then you shall.” I smile and laugh…and think to myself: “Wow! If she believes I can do it, then I shall.”

She has said those words to me soooo many times that now, I say them to others. (smiling sigh)

We all want and desire things. We need to trust in those dreams. And “KNOW” that God or what ever you believe in, the universe , is going to provide.

What you believe, you speak. What you speak – you manifest into reality- then shall be.

So far it has worked for me! Thank you Anita for your constant incredible support and love!!

I am constantly amazed, how you,  half way around the world can make such a big difference in my 

Wooohooooo!!! God is good! Life is incredible! Keep soaring!

P.S.- I hope you don't mind Anita- I was playing in photoshop- I wanted to make you appear angelic! (grinning) You are my spiritual soul sister- an angel to me! Thank you for your constant light and love!)

Below is the illustration I created for you.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


He Sparkles!

Yesterday was Lawrence Noble’s class. He is always a blast to learn from. He is philosophical about art and light, which makes him a king in my book! He had a special sparkle in his eye as we talked about the Thanksgiving holidays.

I wish I had taken notes on all that he said. Because he comes up with some magnificent words! He said his daughter was a fire cracker of  a woman, she was beautiful like her mom and smart as can be. She was going to be "Dr. " soon. and you could tell he was tickled pink.

When Lawrence said: “She is my Corona!”  The class laughed! What a fabulous way to sum up the feeling one has for another. He is going to gulp down the energy of love over the holidays! A drink that makes you smile! He is going to put his feet up and the hardest decision he is going to make is whether or not to put lime in his beer! 

You got to love that man!

I am blessed and very Thankful this holiday. No, I am not with family. And yes- I miss the hell out of them. But, being here- in San Francisco surrounded by cool professors and being able to create and glaze art and relax is fabulous.

I hope you have someone that makes you sparkle and shine!

I love you facebook friends.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Bitten by bright

There is no pain with this sort of bite. The kind of bruise that you see in the mirror and say: “Hmmmm- how did that happen?” It is so subtle and wonderfully magic that you are not even aware of how glorious it is  until it disappears.

The magnificent bite of life light!

There are certain lights that attach to you, they seep in without much noise, and then you notice your heart is a bit lighter brighter happier.

I have made friends on facebook that I haven’t met. One in New York writes his light and shares so openly. I love sitting beside his light, the fire of his heart radiating warmth. His hearth a comfy place to sit and stare into the flames of life.
Thank you Charlie, (waving) for your light!

It is a short sweet write this morning! I have ordered decal paper! So I will be making ornaments for Christmas- with the summer doodles. I am trying to get  doodle up on my web site- so you can order stationary for Christmas gifts. It will be a miracle if I can pull it off in the next few days.

How much would you spend on 10 notecards? I need a price- you think is fair.

Got much to do…Lots of art to be made!

Wooohoooo!!! Sit in the sun- and let me wrap my light arms around you- you can rest- lean back into me…we are all one Love!

Monday, November 25, 2013

To my children

I am writing this to my son and daughter- they are 22 and 20.  Part of the 21 day meditation is to write out things- you wish you had KNOWN when you were younger. Maybe you can write out things you wish you had known and share them some one special.

My children, I wish I had become "me" when I was your age. I wish I had accepted myself and loved myself as a whole person -standing confidently alone. Not wanting to be rescued.

I am just now accepting responsibility for me. It is a scary place- all alone! Just you making your dreams come true. But it isn't just you alone- You have me- right beside you- my helpful hand of energy warm against your lower back- pushing you forward when you are scared.

I realize now how totally complete and whole I am. It has taken a long long time to get to this point my sweet angels. My mom never did love her self. And bless her heart- she tried the best she could to be the best she could be. However- her lacking self esteem issues flowed over upon me. I never could be good enough. (laughing) Now...I can rest upon my journey- smile and know everything is absolutely the way it is suppose to be.

I have learned to not stick around negative people. Those negative people taught me lessons that I would not otherwise learn. However, that didn't mean I had to invite them into my heart- day in and day out... We do learn. Everything is a lesson- blessin!

I wish I had told myself to honor the work- at a younger age- I would slap it together and not pay attention to the details. NOW- Oh-lordy mercy- I am ALL ABOUT the details!

Find what you LOVE- and do it. Then you will be whistling and skipping down the road to your work!

Oh- LOVE is a 2 way street. YEP! Let others love you. You both pour your love into who and what you love...Let others pour it into you! Reciprocated Love IS GOOD! (Waving at Anita- thank you for teaching me this)

You are perfect! Yes- you are! You are whole!!! As we stand together- we each have a column of light shining upon us. That light is bright white blinding light. When you look up into it- you have to shield your eyes. THAT is your spirit! Bright and ALIVE! God cradles you in his arms. 
As we stand together- in a group hug- Your circle of light combines with mine- and we all become one huge blinding light of love!

USE your voice! If someone disrespects you- hurts you- SPEAK up. Tell them you will not tolerate it- and ask them to change their behavior. And if you have to- end the relationship.

Do not worry- just for the worries... It is a total waste of time worrying.

Do not be angry...another waste of emotion. If you must be angry- then let yourself have 17 seconds- then let it go…Do not dwell in negative angry thought.

Don’t move all over the place!!!- Set down roots into a community! Find a church and go sing!! Join a choir! Oh how I love Christmas carols!! I am soo looking forward to singing with y’all!

The biggest- one thing I wish I had known:
Treat people how you want to be treated. THEN I would still be with your dad. (sighing) I wish - I really wish I had loved myself better- that I could have loved your dad better.

I am sad that we went our separate ways. 17 seconds..that is all I will not let that sad thought linger.

I love you both sooo much! Mom

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Art Monk

Your art monk-Photo taken by my
Beloved Anita.
Musings of an Art Monk

Picture if you will a monk, on the outside - She portrays the quiet serene peaceful priest. Reverently quietly seeking peace. Disciplined she practices her craft, over  and over again she repeats the same chants of love.

Open the robe and you find a tie-dyed hippie loving wild child seeking the truth of art being born. (grinning)

This Monk is in love with discovering art. I have been working with my true love- Clay. Okay, I agree it might be a little strange to claim clay as a love, however, she requires much attention!

I am discovering her body type, a clay that can withstand the firing of the kiln with more particles of groug…then there is a clay body that is more porcelain and smooth. She is plastic silky feeling. Each clay is distinctive and different. I learn with practice how to shape the form. I practice my craft- learning to perfect the form. As I practice my art every day- I am learning discipline!

 Back full circle we have come, the monk has on a dye tied robe with paint splattered all over it. (grinning) I am at peace with this sacred reverent journey. I am in love with my life. This time is only for art being born. God knows, it is a glorious time to Soar!

You walk into the room
Grinning from ear to ear
Your robe is splattered with paint
You have become one with the splashes

Each color represents

The purple reverent Love
The blue ocean Love
The green heart Love
The red fire Love
The orange passion Love
The yellow sun soothing Love

The colors overlap
And move
The robe a canvas
For a video of Love

I am captivated
By your magical robe

Seeing myself
Emotions of Love

Knowing Love

You reach out to touch her robe
To touch yourself
Wide eyed in love
With Love


Wrapped in the fabric of Love