Friday, November 15, 2013

Perfect Love

This week has truly been all about learning from art. Everything truly is a lesson. Everything is something to learn from. It is unfortunate that we take for granted the good things and only pay attention when we are hurt, or when the negative makes us sigh and shake our heads.

I broke a piece of art while grinding it. The top of it- did not sit balanced. I wanted to grind a little off the bottom- and could not believe that I pushed too hard and broke it.
I still gulp back the tears of that lesson. Over and over again I am taught that lesson.
I will continue to be taught that lesson until I learn it.

It’s a tough one to learn…(laughing) As I seem to be all about breaking art these days.

My instructor came over and evaluated the art, she asked that I take off the bridal piece, that I remove the colored wire. I am happy to report- she felt it was a strong enough piece upon its own. It didn’t need anything added to it- to distract from its original form. THAT pleased me.

I use an image I drew over the summer. All summer long I doodled and some of you were nice enough to purchase the art. Thank you. I hope you don’t mind- I am going to reduce them and make some Christmas ornaments with them.

I walked home from school- talking to my Love and we discussed the lesson and how perfect everything thing is. If you will stop for a moment. Pause. Please and reflect upon this moment. As you read this. Your heart is beating- you are smiling (grin) and everything is fine.
You are perfect.
Yep. You are.

Please don’t push too hard. Relax and sigh. We will all get there in the end.
We will have a huge party and dance- and sing- and hoola hoop!

I love you. Thank you for taking the time to read.
I appreciate your love and support.

Go Soar sweet love!! Have a fabulous Friday!! Woohoooooo!!!

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