Monday, November 4, 2013

Butterfly Dream

Yesterday was a butterfly day for me! Beautiful happenings surfaced all around me.

I came across Ester Hicks yesterday, (Thank you Pete Shaw) she was a part of “The Secret.”  I stumbled into her, and now I am inspired by her words. “Clay  and vacation” words jumped out at me and I knew it was perfect timing to be listening to her words.

The first video clip I listened to Ester spoke about create, create, and create. She mentioned clay and molding our best life. I about fell out of my chair as I heard her words!!! 

As I NOW am working intensively in clay as my medium. For me- this was a signal to keep researching her work. I was thrilled with her passion for life!

I listened to 5 videos and I typed her words as she spoke. She has a fabulous perspective upon life. For example: She used the vacation as a way of seeing life.

When we plan a vacation we are sitting at our home and we want to be inspired so we plan to go someplace different, fun and exciting. The destination of the place is not the purpose of the trip- of the vacation. The journey is about being inspired and learning different things.

So it is with life. We want our experiences to be stimulating and exhilarating!!
We know that we will be coming back home eventually, but one does not cancel the trip because you know you will be coming back to where you began. When you come home you are changed by the experience. Life is changing- becoming and adjusting our wants and dreams. The wants and dreams can become bigger as we learn how to handle them.

We are forever the butterfly!! We are in a constant state of birth and transformation – of becoming and flying from our cocoon and then birthing ourselves again.

Life is all about practicing and perfecting ourselves. As we assess and evaluate where we want to be- as we dream our big dreams we work towards achieving the goals KNOWING WE WILL GET THERE!!!

We will! You- reading this!! YOU and I WILL GET THERE!!! You know why? Because we WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! (Key point- if it does NOT feel good- then LET IT GO. Period. You can bite your lip over this all day- but your emotions are telling YOU not to have it in your life. Period. YOU know above all else what is good for you. Bottom line. You can lie to yourself all day long about it- but you and I both know- what feels good you continue doing. What feels bad - LET GO!!)

Message me if you want- and we can discuss manifesting the butterfly in you- becoming what you desire!!! YOU CAN SOAR!!
Much Love sweet Peeps!!! Life is grand!! Woooohoooo!!! Soaring!


  1. Standing in the vortex with you J...only positive energy around us...let the fun begin! :)

  2. Thank you Sweet Anita!!! Wooohooooo!!! Soaring into incredible Dreams- Making them come true!!! Yes indeed!