Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Who am I?

The vision in my meditation:

When I heard todays questions- “Who am I”...My soul appeared. She is the best of me- more fit and young, she is a gossamer sort of figure in the beginning- I smile just now- thinking of her- she is grinning at me- she gives me a glimpse of how I feel for others when I walk in the room.
She does that for me- she makes me grin! My soul makes me shine!

She is nodding at me- happy I am recognizing her. She is smiling! When we started the meditation she comes to where I am laying, she places her hands all over my body- the muscles that were tired she placed warmth into. She soothed my chakras- and cared for me - like a mother would. She HEALS me.
She then asked me if I was ready? She pulled me from my laying position and walked to the edge of time.

She asked me to wrap my arms around her chest-I was standing behind her- she unfurled her wings and we lifted up- easily- gracefully- I asked if we could fly over the ocean- and we did. I was looking over her shoulder-warm with my heart pressed against her back. I was teary eyed at the beauty of flight—I saw my dreams-my future-the loves upon the beach…. I was in awe of her strength!!! I kissed her cheek- as I felt like I was my daughter- I was young- and as I flew holding upon the soul of me- the soul of me was trying to convey the love she has for me- like the love I have for my daughter!!!
It was a complete moment of realization.

Into the warm sun we flew- we were there- healing- letting the warmth of the sun burn away any old -non needed attachments- this was ME time- to the ultimate! (laughing) I was melting into my soul- I was  becoming one- becoming whole as all the loves I loved flew beside me and kissed me gently upon the cheek.

I was whole.
I am whole.
I am Love.
I am you.
We are one!

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  1. Its so nice J...that you have finally come home to yourself! :)